An Intimate Shipwrecked Elopement By Kristen Booth Photography

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With the weather being so cold and rainy lately and Christmas right around the corner, it is so much fun to dream about a lovely beach wedding! Marissa and Brian’s small shipwrecked beach elopement is definitely one for the books! It has so many gorgeous rustic shipwrecked details, and the small easy going feeling of the elopement will definitely make you wish for a small wedding!

From Kristen Booth, the photographer: “This wedding was the ultimate of intimate weddings. I loved the vision behind it. Marissa and Brian wanted to feel carefree on their wedding day. They didn’t want to worry about schedules and how much time they could spend with their guests. They just wanted a beautiful landscape to say “I do” and a fun celebration with those closest to them, and they definitely got their wish! Their elopement was shipwrecked themed and took place in La Jolla. I fell in love with Brian and Marissa in the short time I got to know them. They are a perfect pair and it didn’t take long to see that. Their love story started, when they began dating and Brian told Marissa, ‘I don’t want to waste my time, or yours, and I want to date to find the woman to spend the rest of my life with. If you think that can be you, stick around.’  This romance turned into a 4 year relationship 3 of which were spent long distance, but they made it work. Marissa says this is because they define love as a choice. She went on to tell me this: ‘We know not every day is going to be like the honeymoon, but we understand we have to make each other fall in love again every single day. After spending 3 out of our 4 years together in a long distance relationship, we have had to learn that first hand. We know love isn’t 50-50, because if one person isn’t giving their all then the relationship is not 100% met. We both have to give 100% everyday, especially in long distance.’ I love that, I love how they love each other. I love how this day was the perfect celebration of exactly that, true, deep, and unconditional love.”

This lovely elopement is definitely a real life fairy tale, making Kristen Booth the perfect photographer for this event! Check out more of this stunning fairy tale shipwrecked elopement, I am sure it will have you wishing for an intimate affair just like it!

Gorgeous rustic beach ceremony backdrop

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Rustic beach wedding ceremony backdrop. Check out the post for more gorgeous photos from this wedding!

Groom watching his bride walk down the aisle at this lovely beach elopement

Bride and father walking down the aisle

Lovely moment between a bride and her father before she gets married

Gorgeous small beach wedding ceremony. More lovely photos from this wedding in the post!

Bride and groom holding hands while they get married on the beach!

A smooch booth on the beach is such a cute ceremony backdrop! For more of this low key wedding check out the post!

Bride and groom with their family!

bride and bridesmaid at a small low key beach wedding!

Bride and groom with their family at their small low key wedding!

A newly married bride walking down the beach with her parents!

A bride and groom and their bridal party at their small low key wedding!

Friends with a newly married bride and groom at a small stunning beach wedding!

Lovely reflective wedding photo

lovely all white clad bridal party with bride

Bride and groom using their ceremony smooch booth backdrop for some adorable photos

Bride and groom enjoying the beach as newlyweds!

Bride and groom newly married!

lovely photo of a newly married bride and groom as the walk down the beach!

A bride and grooms intimate moment as newlyweds!

A reflective bride and groom stare out at the ocean! Lovely photo

A stunning adorable bride poses by the ocean at her beach wedding!

An adorable bride and groom have a tender moment at their beach wedding.

bride and groom share a tender moment!

Adorable moment between a newly married bride and groom!

Tacos make for a fun low key wedding meal!

Lovely low key beach reception!

Gorgeous rustic decor for a low key beach reception!

Adorable Mr & Mrs sign at a lovely rustic beach reception!

Stunning low key beach reception for a low key wedding!

Beautiful beach reception!

Fun beach reception!

Beautiful rustic Mr & Mrs sign for a rustic beach reception!

Popsicles make for a fun treat at a low key rustic beach wedding reception!

How much fun was Marissa and Brian’s sweet intimate shipwrecked elopement? I just love the relaxed low key feel of the whole day, it was so stunning and calm! What was your favorite part of this shipwrecked elopement? Please let us know in the comments, and pin your favorite images!

Thank you to Kristen Booth for sharing these fabulous images, and congratulations to Marissa and Brian on your marriage!

Vendors: Design- Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals | Hair and Makeup- Blow Pop La Jolla |Video- Lucid Wedding Videography| Food- Not So Fast! Food Truck | Dress- Macy’s