Find the engagement photo trend that is right for you!

Gorgeous rainy day city photo!

As engagement season begins to come to a close, many of you may start to think about what the next steps are. A lovely and fun way to jumpstart your wedding planning is with gorgeous engagement photos! Not only do engagement photos make for the most wonderful keepsakes, but it is also a fantastic way to test out and get to know your wedding photographer!

Once you decide a lot of the hard details about your engagement photos, like what you are going to wear and when you are going to do them, you will need to decide how to make the personality of you and your partner shine through in photographs!

We know you are bombarded with so many different ideas and engagement photo trends that it may be hard to decide which one is the right fit for you. Here are some of our favorite engagement photo trends and themes, that will hopefully help you find the right ones for you:

In the rain : Rainy day engagement photos are so sweet, because it brings you and your partner’s personality in adverse conditions, and shows that your love shines through even on the most dreary of days!

Fun and rainy engagement photos!

Allori Photography

Sweet rainy engagement photos in a boat!

Kellie Kano

Silly rainy engagement photo session!

Christan Parreira

In the snow: Snowy engagement photos are sweet for similar reasons that rainy day photos are, but there is an added component of coziness and love!

A snowy engagement photo is a fun trend!

Snowy engagement photos are the sweetest trend!

Stephanie Sunderland Photography

Sweet and snowy engagement photos!

KT Merry Photography

Snowy engagement photos!

Milton Photography

At the beach: There is nothing quite as romantic as a lovely and demure beach engagement session. Beach engagement photos are perfect for romantic and sweet couples that want a location that enhances the romantic aspect of their relationship.

Lovely beach engagement photos!

Gorgeous beach engagement photos!

Sawyer Baird

Beach engagement photos are the most romantic trend!

Sweet beachside engagement photo!

Whitney Heard

In the mountains: An engagement shoot in the mountains is perfect for an outdoorsy and rugged couple. It highlights you and your partner as the adventurous type, while also illustrating your love!

A mountain engagement photo is perfect for the rugged couple!

This mountain engagement photo is just too sweet!

lovely mountain engagement session!

Ryan Flynn Photography

Fun mountain engagement photo!

Adorable and sweet mountain engagement photos are a cute trend!

Julie Harmsen Photography

At home: We absolutely LOVE the trend of having your engagement photos in the home you share with your partner. It is a very personal and intimate venue that really allows who you are as a couple to shine through, because you are being photographed in a space you created together!

Engagement photos at home are the sweetest trend!

Engagement photos at home are the sweetest trend!

Stephanie Sunderland

Lovely and sweet engagement session at home!

Sweet engagement session at home!

Adorable engagement shoot at home!

Hazelwood Photo

Sweet home breakfast engagement shoot!

Adorable family photo engagement shoot at home!

Adrienne Gunde

Color and Paint Fight Photos: Color and paint fight photos is such a fun new trend perfect for the very silly and playful pair! This is a such a cute and fun choice for photos, although I do recommend taking a couple pre-paint pictures!

Holi paint war engagement photos!

Fun paint war engagement photos!Mike L. Photography

Absolutely sweet pain wair engagement photos! Priscila Valentina Photography

Adorable paint covered engagement session!

Benj Haisch

Paint covered engagement session!Hannah Elaine

Adorable paint covered engagement session!asnagpal

Including your furry best friend: Including your favorite furry friend is such a sweet engagement photo trend. It lets you show people that you are creating a family together, with more than just the two of you!

Adorable engagement photo with their dog!

Brooke Images

Including your furry friend is just too sweet of an engagement photo trend!Ali Harper Photography

Including your furry friend is just too sweet of an engagement photo trend!Tracey Buyce

Including your furry friend is just too sweet of an engagement photo trend!Jason + Gina

Including your furry friend is just too sweet of an engagement photo trend!The Studio B Photography

Themed engagement photos: Themed engagement photos are too sweet, and really allow the personality of you and your partner to show through! Whether it is travel, vintage, or movie themed it will really let people see your personality!

Lovely travel themed engagement photo!

 Lauren Fair Photography

Very cute vintage themed engagement photos!

Anokiart Photography

Up themed engagement photos!

Up themed engagement photos!

Wild Flowers Photos

Carnival themed engagement photos!

Fun and sweet carnival themed engagement!

Indigo Photography

Once you have your gorgeous engagement photos you may be at a loss at what to do with them. I mean you could use them as your save the dates (that is the obvious choice), but what else? Here is a lovely list of ways to use your engagement photos that you may not have thought of:

  1. Create a photo album keepsake for your parents. It will be a sweet thing that they can reflect on (and create one for yourself too)!
  2. Use your favorite photo for wedding favor labels!
  3. Use them as your main photo on your Wedding Party app & website backdrop!
  4. Create a photo album guest book for guests to sign!
  5. Place them in frames and set them around the venue
  6. Use them as the backdrop for your table numbers.
  7. Make them into lovely and personal thank you cards to mail to your guests.
  8. Print your favorites and hang them around the house.

So brides to be, what do you think? Are any of these gorgeous engagement photo ideas the ones you plan to use? I absolutely love all of them, and think they are too fun! Let us know what you love in the comments and be sure to pin all of your favorite images!

laurensintonbioLauren Sinton is a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a prolific poet and loves absolutely everything about writing and reading poetry. She has also been planning her own wedding since she was in the 2nd grade, which is now finally coming in handy since she is recently engaged.