25 keyhole wedding dress ideas for a subtle & sexy bridal look

Beaded jenny packham keyhole wedding dress style

lavish and light

There’s been a lot of hype about some of 2015’s newest bridal styles, from crop top dresses to plunging backs and other daring wedding dress looks. These trends are perfect for some brides who are looking to add a little more drama and style to their wedding day. However, there’s one open back wedding dress look that’s quietly becoming more popular and is perfect for a timeless bride who wants her wedding day look to combine classic style with today’s trends: the keyhole wedding dress!

Keyhole wedding dresses feature a look that’s classic in front, but exposes just a little bit of the bride’s back for a sexy yet elegant look. From delicate lace to vintage beading, the keyhole wedding dress style is totally versatile, and brides who are shopping for their dresses will probably be able to find the style in a range of looks. We’ve rounded up our 25 favorite real brides who sported this feminine and subtle look for their wedding day. Get ready to fall in love with this wedding dress style!

Elegant lace open back wedding dress

KT Merry

Feminine girly keyhole back wedding dress

Sally Eagle

Beaded jenny packham keyhole wedding dress style

Benj Haisch

Vintage keyhole wedding dress back

Aniko London

Lovely romantic open back wedding dress look

Jen Wojcik

Glam beaded open back wedding dress — so pretty!

T&S Hughes

Subtle vintage gatsby style open back wedding dress


Gorgeous sheer keyhole back wedding dress

Le Secret D’Audrey

Lace open back wedding dress look

Jason Tey Photography

Pretty lace wedding dress

Dani Stephenson

Gorgeous lace wedding dress back


Pretty vintage BHLDN wedding dress with an open back

Bellamint Photography

Sequined open back wedding dress. So offbeat!

Janneke Storm

Stunning sequined wedding dress open back

Laura Goldenberger Photography

Gorgeous open back lace wedding dress

Katie Stoops Photography

Sheer subtle keyhole wedding dress back

Dylan and Sara

Gorgeous beaded open back Jenny Packham wedding dress

Jenny Packham

Lace open back wedding dress with beading, so pretty!

Kayla Johnson Photography

Gorgeous beaded jenny packham keyhole wedding dress look

First Mate Photo Co.

Pretty open back lace keyhole wedding dress style

Paige Jones

Lace keyhole back wedding dress look

Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography

Gorgeous delicate lace open back wedding dress

Mireia Cordomí

Sparkly lace open back wedding dress, so pretty!

Patrick Pike Studios

Stunning beaded open keyhole wedding dress by Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham

Which is your favorite look, bride? I know I’m always a fan of Jenny Packham’s wedding dresses, but some of those lace keyhole wedding dresses are complete dreams! Don’t forget to Pin your favorite look…