Update the wedding guest book with these unique ideas!


Kelly Benton via Ruffled

The wedding guest book. It’s been done the same way over and over again. But in the last decade, couples have started using more unique wedding guest book ideas, which are much more fun for guests and a whole lot more fun for you when you look through your guests’ messages years later or when you hang a new piece of meaningful artwork on your wall for years to come.

Here are nine of the coolest wedding guest books you’re going to love for your wedding.

1. Messages in Bottles

message in a bottle

Lisa Hessel Photography

We love this idea for guests to write notes to the couple and pop them into bottles labeled with the years they will open them on their anniversaries. It’s a great example of wedding guest books that keep on giving for years to come, in some instances long after your guests have passed on.

2. Cosy Guest Book Quilt

guest book quilt

The Plunge Project

If you or your family has any sewing skills at all, this would be a sweet and cosy guest book idea. It requires a little more DIY effort because you have to hang up the quilt on a frame so guests can write onto it, but when you’re snuggled up on your couch it will be worth the work!

3. Guest Book Jar

guest book jar


This might be the cutest versin of a Mason jar I’ve ever seen! A balsa wood jar with an acrylic cover to drop little signed, wooden hearts into. Thank goodness for clever Etsy makers!

4. Guest Book Puzzle

guest book puzzle


Here’s another clever Etsy guest book option – a guest book puzzle! Perfect for the playful couple.

5. Personalized Cover

floral wedding guest book


If you’re leaning toward a more traditional guest book, this is a beautiful version you’ll love having on your coffee table. A personalized guest book with a sweet floral pattern is a great traditional option.

6. Fingerprint Peacocks, Dandelions and People

peacock guest book


What a sweet way to reinvent the finger print guest book that’s been around for the last few years. You’ve likely seen the tree version, but the peacock is a little extra glam!

dandelion guest book


Or how about a dandelion, which is doubly meaningful because of the tradition of blowing off the dandelion seeds and making a wish! Now you get lots of sweet wishes from your guests!

thumb print people guest book

Pearls Events

If your guests are even the least bit creative, they could make these little thumbprint people with ink pads and pens. How adorable!

7. Typewriter Guest Book

typewriter guest book

Chandelier Events

This guest book takes vintage to a new and literal level – a typewriter guest book your guests can tap away. It might take a little practice for your guests to get the hang of it, but you’ll likely have a guest or two who remembers typing on a typewriter and can school your younger guests!

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