A guide to wedding veil lengths: choose your perfect style with these pros & cons!

Long Wedding Veil

Ellie Asher via Hey Wedding Lady

For some brides wearing a veil on their wedding day is a no-brainer, but for others it’s more of a process. Any bride considering wearing a veil on her big day will be answering questions like, “Does the length of the veil match with the venue where I’m getting married?”“Does the wedding veil length match the style of my dress?” and most importantly: “Am I going to be wearing the veil all night, or will I take it off after the ceremony?”. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what category you fit into, because this post will guide you into the direction of the right wedding veil length for you!

bridal veil graphic

From the wedding infographic above, it’s clear to see there are a variety of different veils to choose from. Today, I’m going to be delving into the five most common veil varieties and do what any bride does: go through a list of pros of each! That way you can obviously make the most informed decision without breaking a sweat. The best (and probably most cost effective) place to search for these types of veils is on Etsy, so I’ll share the best Etsy retailers to buy your wedding veils from without breaking the bank!




The birdcage veil is understated and doesn’t compete with you or your prom dress. You can easily take the veil off after you’ve taken some pictures or the after ceremony, and it fits perfectly with a vintage themed wedding! Just be careful when choosing this veil — since it sits very close to your eyes it can make it hard to blink, especially while wearing false lashes!

Birdcage Veil

Helen Russell Photography via Intimate Weddings

Birdcage Veil

Powder Blue Bijoux

Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil above already comes with a crystal brooch to add the sparkle for your wedding day look.


finger tip length wedding veil

Stephanie Smith Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

You get beautiful flow from a fingertip veil, so it will undoubtedly look gorgeous in your pictures and while walking down the aisle. Keep in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll be keeping this on all night, since the length will interfere with hugging friends and family, and most importantly, dancing with your new spouse!

finger tip length wedding veil

Anita Martin Photography via Bridal Musings

finger tip length wedding veil

Couture Bridal Boutique

finger tip length wedding veil

OWD Jewelry


Elbow Length Wedding Veil

Smitten Photography via Style Me Pretty

The elbow length veil is the most flattering and goes universally with all wedding dresses. It’s easy to wearing this veil for extended periods of time and you can even add layers to have a blusher for the ceremony, which you can later pull back to add volume for the reception. To me, there really aren’t any cons with this length because of versatile this veil is! Whether you wear your hair up or down, you’ll feel elegant and beautiful!

Elbow Length Wedding Veil

Noble Photography via Bridal Detective

Elbow Length Wedding Veil

Twigs & Honey

Elbow Length Veil

Blue Sky Horizon


Ballet Length Wedding Veil

Priscila Valentina via Style Me Pretty

With a waltz veil, you get the elegance of a cathedral length veil without the danger of someone stepping on your veil! The waltz veil definitely adds a touch of drama, and it also isn’t as commonly worn as the other lengths which makes it a bit unique! This length falls right below the knee but above your ankle, so you can keep it on for your first dance (which is why it’s called the “waltz” length!). The only con? Given that this length is a little more rare, it can be hard to find!

Ballet Length Veil

Jennifer Fujikawa Photography via Le Magnifique 

Ballet Length Veil

Sacred Veil Bridal

Ballet Length Veil

Veiled Beauty


Cathedral Length Veil

Daily Mail UK

The mother of them all is the cathedral length veil! The visual impact and drama of walking down the aisle in a cathedral length veil is like none other, and the pictures are sure to be breathtaking. You might even be able to wrap your groom around your veil! Sadly, this veil does not lend itself well to being worn after the ceremony. This means if budget is an issue, you might want to steer clear of spending too much on this type of veil.

Cathedral Length Veil

Carlie Statsky via Wedding Chicks

hair weave

The Wright Veil

Cathedral Length Veil

Alisa Brides

As a former bride, I realize how scary it is to purchase things that will be worn for your wedding online. I took to Etsy myself for my own veil, and couldn’t have been happier with the service that I got. Here’s a tip — before purchasing your veil from the retailer, ask for a swatch of the fabric so that you can confirm it’s a perfect match to your dress!

Now that you’ve seen the veils, what would your choice be? If you’re already married, did you keep your veil on the entire time, or did you take it off after the ceremony? Let us know in the comments!


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