A glam Tuscan-inspired wedding by Brumley and Wells

0600_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

What is more romantic than love in Tuscany? Well… that’s pretty much as good as it gets, which is why today’s couple, Joel and Kyle, wanted to import the romance of Italy into their own special day! The couple’s glam Tuscan-inspired wedding day in Kansas City was a grand affair with hundreds of guests — but Joel and Kyle’s love (and their impeccable glam style!) kept all eyes on them. They incorporated tons of natural earthy touches and details to their beautiful reception at their country club venue to make the destination wedding feel truly European.

Captured by Brumley and Wells, there’s just so much of this stunning wedding day to love! Read on for more inspiration and photos from Kyle and Joel’s big day!

From Brumley and Wells…

With the creative talent and vision of Jessica Sloane, Kyle and Joel’s wedding was perfectly executed with the class and style of a Tuscan-inspired wedding. The entire day was gorgeous, and the natural landscape that’s so abundant around Kansas City and the Country Club was a perfect accompaniment to the stylistic elements from the day. The day was most clearly defined, however, by the obvious and abundant love shared between Kyle and Joel and their wedding guests and friends. It was such an honor to be there and to witness their celebration.”

0002_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0004_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0006_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0013_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0020_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0075_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0081_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0087_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0090_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0089_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0134_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0139_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0144_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0148_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0207_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0274_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0307_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0308_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0420_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0496_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0513_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0547_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0562_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0648_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0609_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0618_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0028_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0046_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0026_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0055_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0679_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0779_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

0771_Joel+Kyle_Fine_Art_Film_Photographer_Kansas City_Destination

How stunning does Kyle look in her beautiful beaded dress? She and Joel are truly a vision, and their wedding day is one we can never forget! Congrats to the couple, and thanks to Brumley and Wells for sharing!


Photography: Brumley And Wells | Videography: Henke Cinema | Backdrops: shopbackdrop |  Event Design: Jessica Sloane | Event Planning: Lisa Forbes | Floral Design: Branches & Twigs | Cake: Rebekah Foster Cake Artist | Ceremony Venue: Country Club United Methodist | Reception Venue: Kansas City Country Club | Hair & Makeup: addwigs | Lighting: Lander’s Visions | Band: Musivo Live | Men’s Attire: N Valentino | Transportation: Horizon Limo | Painting: Heirloom Live Painting