10 Types of Wedding Photos That Make Great Canvas Prints

There’s no denying the lasting power of a good photo, especially on your monumental wedding day. Your wedding photographer will capture all the classic moments but candid photos capture all the emotions a staged photo might not and help you remember all the small details and memories from your big day long after it’s over.

And the best part is that your wedding guests can snap some of the most memorable photos of your wedding that you’ll want to enjoy as canvas prints at home or just scroll back through after the big day because the best photos aren’t always the ones taken by a photographer (even though those photos are pretty great). Whether you’re going to a wedding as a guest or getting married yourself, be sure to check out these 10 types of photos that make great canvas prints!

 1.  The silly wedding party
Is there anything better than a funny picture with the people you love most? Absolutely not.
Photo Credit:  Micah Bowerbank Photography

 2. The wild cousins
Because you have to admit—they’re definitely the life of the party. And they’ll give you lots of chances to take a hilarious and candid photo as they show off all their moves on the dance floor.
Photo Credit: Jason Hudson Photography

 3. The happy grandparents letting loose
Grandparents add a little flair everywhere they go. Make sure someone snaps a good pic of the most adorable guests while the night is young!
Photo Credit: Jonathan David Photography

 4. The one with your pet
Let’s be honest–pets make everything better, even wedding photos.
Photo Credit: Stacey Lee Photography

5. A photo of the beautiful flowers
Don’t forget to get a photo of the bride’s beautiful bouquet. They’re works of art worth remembering!
Photo Credit: Rylee Hitchner

6. One with the playful backdrop
Your ceremony backdrop is the place where you became a spouse! The moment you got married is the perfect one to turn into a canvas print to hang up at home.
Photo Credit: Erin Trimble

7. A cute pic of the tiniest wedding guests
File this photo in the “things that make you go ‘awwww’” category.
Photo Credit: Dark Roux Photography

8. A sentimental photo with family
Do you really need an explanation for this? It’s one of those photos you’ll love to look at over and over again. And hint hint–it also makes an amazing canvas prints gift idea for family members!
Photo Credit: Brandy Angel Photography

9. One with a chalkboard sign
Photos of you and your new spouse holding a chalkboard sign are trendy for a reason. They’re a great opportunity to get a jump start on your thank you notes or holiday cards, too!

10. The amazing getaway
Let’s not forget the moment they happy couple drives off into the sunset. It marks the end of the night but the beginning of a many more adventures together!
Photo Credit: Onelove Photography