Don’t Break Your Feet!: A Wedding Guide on How to Break in Heels

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You’ve found it. Some would describe it as a moment of divine coincidence, that it was fate that you would inevitably run into it at some point in your life… some would even say it was like casting your gaze on the Holy Grail, seeing it propped upon a pedestal in all its glory.

Or you could just say that you found your perfect pair of wedding heels.

But wait! The adage, “The cuter the heel, the more painful it is to wear“, definitely rings a little too true for us as we begin to wonder how much these heels are going to kill our feet.

And something that is constantly a pet peeve of mine is when I see girls wobbling around in heels like newborn colts, because it 1) indicates that their heel height is too high and 2) they aren’t accustomed to walking in heels that tall, so what are they even doing with them in the first place?!? I get it — sometimes, a pair of shoes is just too damn cute to resist. But before you wear them out, get blisters all over your feet, and inevitably regret buying  those devilishly cute heels, take the time to follow these tips and break in your heels with tender, loving care. It could take a while, but the fact that you will be able to wear these shoes as a long-term investment should definitely have you jumping for joy.


To know whether or not you can walk in the heels of your dreams comfortably and confidently, you must first learn how to walk in heels in the first place. A lot of ladies might roll their eyes, thinking that they already know how to wear heels — if you do, kudos to you! If you feel more like a baby giraffe than a lady about to stomp on hearts with her heel, then just follow these guidelines:

  • If you’re beginning to wear heels for the first time, ALWAYS start off small first. Start with kitten heels or 1-2 inches, and then slowly work your way up. No reason to trip and fall and break your neck in a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, no matter how fabulous they might be. Plus, the arch of your feet might not be accustomed to 3 or 4 inches of extra height, so get your feet slowly used to wearing heels.
  • When in doubt for sizes, I find that erring on the side of small is better than going large. When you go small, it’s true that you risk getting all sorts of nasty, pinched areas and whatnot. However, that can be rectified by proper breaking in and stretching of the shoe. When you go large, it’s a lot harder to shrink your shoes and your feet will end up sliding all over the place.
  • Straighten your back and then walk heel-to-toe. Otherwise, you’ll look like a stomping baby dinosaur (why am I using so many animal similes?), and it won’t be a fun trip for you OR your heels. Sand the bottom of your heels if you feel like you need some extra grip and don’t want to go face-planting on the marble floor.

Good? Feeling like you can nail these down? Good! Moving on to how you can really break in your heels.

Wear Socks with Your Heels

break in heels

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Thought this trend was just a Clueless throwback? Nope! Socks can actually help you break in heels better because it’ll protect your feet from rubbing and developing blisters, allowing you to walk a lot longer. Just be sure to wear socks that aren’t too thin (otherwise your shoes won’t stretch at all) or too thick (otherwise they might stretch too much!). This is more of a gradual, slower method, so be sure to start early if you want ample time to break in your heels before the big day!

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The Only Wedding Registry List You’ll Ever Need for Your Kitchen



We’re guessing that by now you’ve probably figured out that planning for a wedding isn’t all fun and games. Sure, there’s the wedding dress shopping. And the bridal showers. And the cake tastings. And the honeymoon planning. But there’s also all the logistics. Like the wedding registry. Ah yes, the wedding registry. It may seem like a glorified shopping spree without all the hassle of doing any of the actual shopping, but without proper planning, you’ll end up with three gravy boats, an espresso machine and no utensils. Now, I don’t know about you, but gravy and coffee don’t sound like an appetizing combination.

That’s where Wedding Party comes in. If you’ve been following our blog, then you know that we try to do everything we can to make your wedding planning just a little bit easier and give you some awesome ideas along the way. This time around, we’ve devised a special wedding registry list. The only wedding registry list you’ll ever need. Why, you ask, is it the only wedding registry list you’ll ever need? Well, because it has the essentials for building a home as newlyweds, and some fun stuff too. Because everyone could use some fun stuff.

Where should you register? These days, you can create a wedding registry practically anywhere. Williams-Sonoma. Target. Amazon (it really does have everything). Macy’s. Nordstrom. Bed Bath and Beyond. The options are endless, and the choice is yours. Have fun with it!

Below is a list of some of the essentials you will most likely be needing to establish your new home. Mix and match, and let us know what you think!


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If you’re finally moving into a new home together, you’re going to need some household goodies to entertain and serve your house guests! Make sure you’re fully stocked with these clutch utensils at your next dinner party:

  • Large serving platter
  • Small serving platter
  • Large serving bowl
  • Small serving bowl
  • Salad tongs
  • Serving spoon
  • Serving fork
  • Glass pitcher
  • Cake stand


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Win 100 custom temporary tattoos by Pepper Ink for your wedding favors!


***This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Lindsay Johnson!***

I’ve always loved temporary tattoos, and am so glad that they’ve not only 1) come back in style, but 2) are perfectly acceptable for grown-ups to wear! Some of my favorite finds to ooh and aah over on Etsy are adorable temporary tattoos in all sorts of unique, vintage, and indie designs. Temp tats have also especially made a comeback in the events & parties scene, where custom tats add a fun and whimsical touch to the celebration. Well, I can’t think of a better occasion to rock the temporary tattoos than at the ultimate party: your wedding day!

Luckily for you all, we’ve teamed up with the ace team at Pepper Ink to give one lucky bride and groom a DIY pack of 100 custom temporary tattoos for their special day! We absolutely love their vintage and  contemporary temporary tattoo designs, and their custom tats can be designed to fit the theme and feel of your special day. Whether you’re having a garden chic wedding, a rustic beer-themed celebration, or a reception filled with bright colors and geometrics, they can create amazing tattoos that you and your guests will be absolutely giddy over!

Their custom packs come with all the components you’ll need to DIY up a cute packet of temp tattoos, with washi tape, the tattoos, cute index cards and (of course) instructions. How neat is that?

We know by now you ALL want to enter our giveaway and win this awesome prize…so read on to learn how!

sarah_favor contents



Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow Wedding Party on Pinterest here: Wedding Party

2. Comment on this post & tell us why you’d like custom temp tattoos for your big day!

3. That’s it — you’re entered!



Excited to win yet? This is one prize that I know a lot of you are excited about…so better enter now rather than later! Our giveaway only lasts until next Wednesday, July 16th at 12pm PST. Just one week — eek! We’ll announce the winner on the 16th right here on this blog post, so make sure you check back to see if you’re the lucky almost-newlywed!

A huge thanks to Pepper Ink — we’re excited to be working with them on this awesome giveaway, and are so grateful for the chance to share their wonderful custom temporary tattoo DIY packets! Make sure to see more of their great designs and temporary tattoo options on their website here.

See our giveaway terms here.

Wedding Etiquette: Am I supposed to bring a gift to an engagement party?


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QUESTION: Am I supposed to bring a gift to an engagement party?

GINA’S ANSWER: Absolutely not. A card is a nice gesture and a perfectly acceptable way to congratulate the newly-engaged couple, in addition to attending their celebration of course. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pick out a gift for the couples’ shower and/or wedding. As a bride, I would have felt really weird if someone brought me a gift just for getting engaged – celebrating with my loved ones is gift enough!

JESS’ ANSWER: No, unless there were formal invitations sent out that list a registry. If it’s a casual celebration at say, a bar, then no gift is necessary. However, you should bring a card! If you’re still not sure, a good compromise is a nice bottle of champagne!

ASHLEY’S ANSWER: Typically yes, though I think there is some wiggle room with this rule. Depending on the couple and your relationship to them, you can judge the appreciation and the appropriateness of a gift. If you hardly know the couple or as of recent are friends, then I think that a small gift or nice card is acceptable. However, if you are family or long time friends, this is a big occasion and a gift is very appropriate. One way to sneakily address this is to ask ahead of the party if there is a registry somewhere online you may peek at. Scope out their wish lists and see what their style is. Some couples will not have a registry that far in advance though!

Need more wedding etiquette, advice and tips? See previous etiquette posts here.

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