How to Write Absolutely Bawl-Worthy Wedding Vows

wedding vows

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I’m pretty sure you’re super pumped up for your wedding, getting ready to marry the love of life. You grab your pen and paper, huddle at your glitter-and-ribbon covered desk, and get your brain geared up to write the best wedding vows the world has ever seen (and thank the Lord when the critics start singing praises about how it’s SO much more romantic than When Harry Met Sally and The Notebook combined).

But your brain shuts down before the ink even touches your paper. You bite nervously at the end of your pen thinking, What if my vows are just plain gawdawful… or even worse, lame? You begin to have a minor freak-out before abandoning your efforts in favor of a delicious slice of Nutella-slathered cake.

I get it. Writing your vows can be intimidating and scary. After all, how the hell do you fit in all you love about your future spouse in the span of a few minutes??? And to do it in a tastefully, witty, and original manner? Defeating Voldemort or preventing the Red Wedding seems to pale in difficulty compared to writing your wedding vows.

First step is, don’t worry. You will be fine. You can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

And onto the next step.

DON’T Approach Your Vows Like Mad Libs

wedding vows

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There is a boat load of templates for your vows out there, and it’s super easy to pick one really fancy-sounding template out and plunk in the words as needed. While I am of the opinion that you can certainly use templates and modify them to suit your own needs, there’s something that rings just a little lazy when you’re trying to play pick-and-choose with a word bank. Rather than consulting a thesaurus when finding a synonym for “generous” (EDIT: I just looked “generous” up in the thesaurus. There’s “magnanimous”, “munificent”, and “prodigal”… stick with the words you use in everyday conversation.), take a look at the template and the elements you liked about it, and try to write them in a way that sounds most natural to you.

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How to have an awesome July 4th wedding (without being corny)


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I have to admit, I think July 4th just might be my favorite holiday. As I get older, I find that the 4th keeps getting more fun, while the holiday season (sorry, kids) starts to lose a little magic every year. Which is why I think that everyone EVERYWHERE should celebrating the 4th. And you can’t just celebrate it any which way. (For example, if your Fourth of July doesn’t include cheap beer in cans or hotdogs, you’re doing it wrong.)

If you’re a true patriot and chose to have your wedding this weekend, congratulations. You’re officially one of the coolest couples in my book. And, you and your significant other are geniuses. Why? Because you don’t even have to PAY for fireworks to go off on your wedding day. You’re going to get the festiveness of fireworks and awesome wedding photos – all without having to worry about your groomsmen going AWOL on explosives.

BUT! Be warned. Holiday weddings are notoriously difficult to pull off (as you might have found out by now, if your wedding really is today or tomorrow), because…

  • People want to take their time off to go on vacation — and sometimes that vision doesn’t include your wedding
  • You’re kind of just stuck with a theme, and you have to figure out how to to make it chic and not corny

Now, there’s not that much I can do to help you with that first problem. If your college roomie wants to tan in Aruba instead of being at your backyard BBQ DIY wedding, that’s her prerogative. However, I can help you out with the second problem: having a holiday wedding come off as corny.

Sure, you might just go for the good ol’ red, white and blue color palette with stars and stripes as accents…but do you want to look like your wedding stepped out of a Hallmark card? Maybe not. Here’s how to have an awesome July 4th wedding that your guests will remember fondly for years to come…

1. Use limited theme colors in muted tones

There’s a way to do red, white and blue on your wedding day with elegance. I promise. In fact, this bride and groom did a beautiful job of it!

4th couple

4th table

4th flowers

Starfish Studios via Green Wedding Shoes

If you want to stick to a patriotic palette but want to keep things looking sophisticated, the first rule is to pick a few colors. Like white and blue, or white and red. Don’t try to do all three at once in equal proportions. In your decor, stick with a primarily 2-color theme, with small “pops” of the third color. Put your bridesmaids in white and blue, and maybe have small red boutonnieres on your groomsmen’s classic tuxes.

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How to Find the Bra That Will Support You Through Your Wedding No Matter What


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In our dreams, we could toss on anything we’d like, and we’d come out looking like supermodels. Unfortunately, this is reality, and reality means tucking in that armpit fat, sucking our tummies to fit into that Spanx, and, of course, finding support for the ladies. But I’m willing to bet that along the way of racer-backs, strapless, and padded bras, you ran into a dilemma of what bra goes best with what neckline.

Although it SEEMS like it’s common sense that strapless bras go with strapless dresses, what about dresses with the plunging V? Or what if you want to hop on the trend and dare to go bare with your back? Maybe common sense really is giving you a hard time, and you just can’t seem to find that perfect strapless bra that you -gasp- DON’T need to readjust constantly. While it’s hard to resist the call of pretty bits of lace and ribbons that we call lingerie, sometimes we just need to get through the day without worrying about nip-slips. This guide is here to give you the good and the bad of all those endless necklines, as well as teach you how to transform from tug-and-tucker to majestic-goddess-king-of-the-world.

Also, another tip. There might be a pretty good chance that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Whether or not this is a result of just buying from one intimates store all your life (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret) or not getting your bust properly measured, it’s useful to know what your true bra size is because not only will there be more support and comfort, but your bras can actually last longer and will fit your clothes better as well. You can measure your bra size using this awesome-blossom guide, courtesy of A Bra That Fits Reddit, or just get your bust measured professionally to ensure accuracy!


…is the strapless dress. Why? Only God knows.

I say this because chances are, 7 out of 10 times you see a wedding dress, they’re of the strapless variation. And while strapless dresses are very beautiful in concept, we underestimate how a tight strapless bodice can sometimes make our torso look like overstuffed sausages.  There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into wearing a strapless dress, but if you think the effort is worth it, then you’re sure to look ah-mazing.

Strapless dresses can either have a straight-across neckline or a sweetheart neckline. Straight-across necklines are generally perceived as more mature and elegant, and sweetheart necklines appear more youthful and romantic. Thus, it’s important to find a strapless bra that is able to give you enough support and padding to fill out the bust of your dress nicely without compromising your shape (AKA flatten you out or give you the dreaded uniboob). Always (this goes for all bras) hook your bra to its tightest point and find the balance between sufficient padding and padding that actually weighs your bra down. If you find that your strapless bra is still sliding on, your band size is too large and you need to buy a bra with a smaller band size.

Strapless bras don’t sound fun to you? Yeah, they aren’t. That’s why you should consider getting cups sewn into your dress. If you are getting your dress tailored by a professional, they should be able to offer you options as to what kind of cups you want. That way, you can go commando up there and still enjoy the perks of being fully covered and exempt from nip-slips. Additionally, you can also look into bustiers or corsets if you really want to be secure while wearing a strapless gown. Those are probably the lingerie products that require the most time and effort to find, but they may be quite worth it for the quality and guaranteed support. You will find that strapless bras can be useful for off-the-shoulder and illusion neckline dresses as well.


Calvin Klein Push-up Bra, BUY | Jaimee Morse Photography


Lauren Ross Photography


Vivienne Gown at BHLDN, BUY


Want a dress with a classic silhouette AND some sass? Go with the one-shoulder dress.

I like to think of the one-shoulder dress the coy cousin of the strapless dress. Imagine after festivities, you and your lover are kicking back at the wedding suite. One of your shoulders is already elegantly bared, and it only takes one caress to slip the strap off your shoulder and well… the rest is history.

ANYWHO, the best part about one-shoulder gowns is that you don’t have to worry about hiding your bra straps! Well, one of them at least. While some argue that you can use a strapless bra, why would you want to forgo the promise of extra support and safety from wardrobe malfunction? Get yourself a convertible bra. Seriously. You can make so many combinations with the straps (criss-cross apple sauce, halter neck, normal), and you can even take one off to match your wedding dress!


Playtex Secrets 7-Way Multiway Underwire Bra, BUY | Jenny Packham


Brumley & Wells


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5 of the Absolute Coolest Hotels for Honeymoons


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So you’ve spent months and months agonizing over every last detail of your wedding planning. Well, you’ve done it. Congratulations! Now it’s time for the real fun to begin. That’s right. I’m talking about honeymoons. Honeymoons are your chance to get away, relax, and celebrate the brand new union you’ve just formed between husband and wife. Just the two of you.

And Wedding Party is here to help you plan one of the most epic and amazing honeymoons of all time. Check out this list we’ve created of the absolute coolest hotels for honeymoons from all around the world. So where in the world do you want to go? Mexico? Greece? Tanzania? Wherever you choose to go, with these hotels you’ll never want to come home. From candle lit dinners to private cottages to picturesque panoramic views, paradise is closer than you think. And now, easier than ever to find.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy looking at all of the pretty pictures. Trust us, they’re really pretty. And luxurious enough to make you feel like the Bachelorette.

Check out this list of the absolute coolest hotels for honeymoons and let us know what you think! Which are your favorites? We’d love to hear from you, beautiful brides! And grooms too. Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for even more wedding planning tips, tricks and ideas.


Rent a private cottage at Klein’s Camp and enjoy a lantern-lit dinner for two, a safari, and stunning panoramic views of the Serengeti National Park. If you’re looking for adventure, look no further. Just check out the pictures below. Who wouldn’t want to honeymoon here?


Klein’s Camp


Aaron Von Hagen Photography


And Beyond Safaris Africa


And Beyond Safaris Africa


And Beyond Safaris Africa


And Beyond Safaris Africa


With gorgeous sunset views and private terraces, you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


Capella Hotels

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