Wedding Party tutorial: how to organize wedding planning and communication


Tessa Barton

When you’re engaged and in the midst of figuring out how to organize wedding planning, you start to realize that communicating with everyone about wedding things — your vedors, family, bridesmaids, and partner — can be kind of a pain. Scratch that: it can be a REAL pain. While you have multiple ways to reach people, a myriad of conversations scattered across email, text messaging and Facebook isn’t exactly your perfect idea of staying organized. So what’s a bride-to-be to do?

Well friends, take a deep breath and prepare to relax, because we have a solution for you! And that solution is (you guessed it!) Wedding Party. With Wedding Party, you don’t just get an easy and convenient way to share wedding info and photos with your guests — you get the best communication tool to keep everyone in the loop about your wedding. How? Our new messaging feature offers a convenient, easy way to update everyone on your wedding developments, all in one place, so it’s truly your one-stop shop for all things wedding!

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25 gorgeous looks for the offbeat bride

Gorgeous blue wedding dress perfect for the offbeat bride!

Every bride wants their wedding to be unique and special, and more and more often brides are deciding to show their uniqueness in their wedding day attire! Many brides are wearing suits, colored gowns, printed dresses, sneakers and more.

We have found our 25 favorite looks for the offbeat bride! This includes looks for the more casual offbeat bride to the offbeat bride that still wants to look incredibly glamorous while still going against the traditional white wedding dress. Here you will also see that being offbeat and different doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo being bridal!

So read on to see our 25 favorite looks for the offbeat bride!

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Unique registry gift ideas for brides & grooms in 2015

Love these unique registry gift ideas. So fun for a unique couple!

Marisa Holmes

Part of getting married involves getting showered with gifts — whether you like it or not! Your guests not only are excited to celebrate with you, but they also want to get you something meaningful that you’ll be able to use in your marriage. In ye olde days, a wedding registry meant things for your home: stocking your kitchen with dish ware, appliances, and other home-making goods. But those days are past — and it’s time to embrace unique registry gift ideas.

That’s where modern registries come in! With services like Simple Registry or Zola coming into the mix, couples nowadays can register for anything. Honeymoon activities, down payments on houses — even date nights and experiences aren’t off limits! If you’re looking for something more offbeat and fun to include in your registry, make sure to check out these unique registry gift ideas!

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Wedding vendor contracts: 8 tips to decipher & understand wedding paperwork

Gorgeous romantic backdrop for this sweet wedding photo!

Priscila Valentina via Green Wedding Shoes

I have to admit, when I got married just over six years ago, I only signed one contract (with our venue), and unless I’m just blocking this part out of my memory, I never read a word of it. I was one of the lucky brides, who didn’t have to pay the price of not reading her wedding vendor contracts, but working in the wedding business for the last several years, I’ve heard too many stories of brides who did have to pay that price. And that’s not a fun memory to have of your wedding at all.

Now I’m on a mission to let couples know just how easy it is to know what’s in your wedding contracts so you are protected if anything should go wrong with your wedding vendors. Let’s break it down!

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