A Mint and Blush Winery Wedding by Izo Wedding Photography


You know that giddy feeling you get when you see a completely gorgeous wedding? When all the colors, themes, and the venue is just right? We know it all too well! Katie and Allan’s special day is one such wedding, and you do NOT want to miss out on it!

Photographed by Izo Photography, Katie and Allan’s wedding took place in a breathtaking church filled with light and love. Their reception afterwards at the Darlington Estate Winery had gorgeous shades of mint and blush decor, lovely lighting, and tons of laughter. And let’s talk about Katie’s dress for a second — that mermaid gown is AMAZE! See for yourself and enjoy taking in the details of this very special day!







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The wedding day timeline: everything you ever needed to know

wedding day timeline

Joseba Sandoval

Everyone always says that something will go wrong on your wedding day. No matter how much you plan, something will go awry and you should just be prepared for it. So I was ready. I resigned myself to the fact that my wedding would not be a seamless social event and even practiced my most gracious, nonchalant facial expressions for the moment I would need to say something like, “oh, the florist forgot my bouquet? No worries, I’ll just grab some of these wildflowers over here and call it good.”

But the florist didn’t forget my bouquet. In fact, nothing went wrong. No one was late, no one forgot anything, we didn’t get off schedule and the DJ played exactly what we wanted to hear. And to what do I attribute this? A wedding timeline. Now I’m not going to sit here in my comfy chair with my almond milk latte and tell you that a wedding day timeline will make your wedding perfect, but what it will do is guarantee that you’ve communicated with all parties involved and taken every precaution to ensure that your day (or entire wedding weekend) is as smooth as this latte.

If you’re sitting there saying, “but I’m such a laid back person, I don’t have time for this bulls***.” I get it. Think of it this way though: If you have a timeline and everyone is on the same page, your wedding day will run itself and you can continue on with your breezy, laissez faire attitude. Also, having planned several events for my job, I can tell you that no good event is pulled off without the proper organization and scheduling. EVERY event needs a run of show. So even if you think you don’t need one, take a couple hours and get ‘er done. Then watch it all unfold effortlessly around you on your wedding day.

wedding day timeline

Danielle Poff

There are many ways to create a timeline – you can make up your own or download a template like the ones available over at A Practical Wedding. I created a simple document in Google Docs, which is free and allows you to create a live document that others can view, comment on, edit (if you want to give them the power) and print. It’s a live document which means that anytime someone visits it, they’re seeing the most up-to-date version (read: NO emailing multiple versions back and forth). The other bonus is that it’s viewable on a smart phone – no hard copies needed!

Whatever medium you use (Word, Excel, Google, a binder, a stone tablet), here’s how to organize it:

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A Fantastic Mr. Fox Themed Wedding by Laura Izumikawa Photography


I’m always stunned by how creative brides and grooms are about their wedding day. There are times when I think I’ve seen it all…then another wedding comes across my desk that proves totally, completely 100% wrong. In a good way, of course!

Today’s wedding is one of those unique celebrations that I couldn’t have dreamed up myself in a million years. But once you see it,  you’ll be slapping your forehead, wondering why someone hasn’t had a wedding just like it before! Matthew and Cassandra had — get this — a Fantastic Mr. Fox themed wedding. YES! Filled with whimsical woodland details (adorable fox masks for the photo booth are SO on point) while also being sophisticated and stylish, Matthew and Cassandra had a truly one of a kind celebration.

Captured expertly by Laura Izumikawa, this has to be one of the most unique but sweet weddings we’ve featured in a while. Cozy up and have yourself a cup of tea — you’ll want to stick around for this wedding day!













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How to take an engagement ring selfie: 10 simple rules for the perfect shot

lauren conrad ring selfie

Lauren Conrad

So he or she got down on one knee, you said yes, hugs and kisses were had, and now you’ve got a new ring. Sounds like a pretty awesome sequence of events, right? But now that you’ve become engaged, how will you tell the world? For close friends and family you might immediately spend the next three hours making calls and sharing squeals of excitement, but for everyone else you’re connected to, there’s one simple answer to quickly sharing the engagement news — a ring selfie.

I don’t think there’s doubt in anyone’s mind that the engagement ring selfie is yet another new ritual introduced to the engagement process by technology. And come on now — it’s awesome. What’s better than flipping through Instagram and seeing oodles of pretty new engagement ring pictures? However, you can’t just snap any old photo and call it a day. Nope — this is THE picture that will let everyone know you’re engaged while also showing off how absolutely gorgeous and perfect your ring is. The bar is high, my friends.

We can’t take the perfect engagement ring selfie for you (sorry!), but we certainly can give you pointers on how to approach taking this momentous Instagram pic so it looks amazing. With your ring as the star of the show and these ring selfie rules, we guarantee you’ll get a photo that’ll make their jaws drop.

1. Look for bright, natural lighting



Being outside or near a well-lit window works best. Avoid being indoors under fluorescent lamps — you’ll get dark and/or yellowy photos. NOT what you want!

2. Make sure your nails are done (duh)

Nuff said.


Ben Simon Diamonds


Dana Rebecca Designs

3. Choose a clutter-free background

The main point of focus in this photo is your new bling, so choose something simple for your photo background. Something too busy can clutter the photo and detract from the beauty of your new bauble.


Natalie Deayala

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