5 must-have items to add to your wedding registry


When registering for wedding gifts, it’s hard to know where to start. What do you need? What’s practical, what’s trivial (but fun!) and how many of each should you put on your wedding registry? The experts from Zola, the all-in-one, flexible registry, are here to tell you what you just can’t forget to register for.

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10 things that you don’t expect (but will happen!) while wedding planning

What you don't expect, but will happen, while wedding planning

Judy Pak Photography via Style Me Pretty

In the following weeks of your engagement, people will often express their envy about the fact that you are wedding planning and continually say that “this is the most fun and exciting time in your life!”

While that may often be true throughout the wedding planning process, there also may be times of stress and thinking these people were crazy for telling you that wedding planning was all fun and games.

You may have close friends or family members that recently got married warning you of certain obstacles ahead, but there are certain situations that nobody can prepare you for.

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Will you be my groomsman ideas: 10 Manly Ways to “POP” the question to your Groomsman

10 Manly ways to "Pop" the question to the groomsmen

Hey Wedding Party readers, it’s Jen from Something Turquoise and today we are talking about groomsmen! I love the trend of the “ask gift”. Your groomsmen (and bridesmaids!) end up doing so much for you during your wedding planning journey, that the least you can do is give them a unique gift and ask them to be in your bridal party in a way that shows how much you care. From buying outfits, attending multiple events, possibly taking days off work, making speeches, getting along with the rest of your friends and maybe even having to dance with Aunt Sally – seriously your bridal party deserves this and more.

Alcohol. Cigars. Beef Jerky. Beers. Lighters. Nuts. Handkerchiefs. Socks. All very manly things, but for some reason guys aren’t into “popping” the question to their besties quite like we are. You would think that any dude would be fired up to receive a box packed full of guy-stuff like this, so why don’t they do it more? Maybe groom’s across the country are a tad embarrassed to give a fully styled gift to all the guys in his life? Obviously some guys would be totally into it, but from what I’ve heard (and experienced) it can be like pulling teeth to get them to commit and deliver. Maybe we just have to show our guys how rad a “Will You Be My Groomsman” gift can be?

I’ve rounded-up my favorite 10 will you be my groomsman ideas for this trend, some are DIY, some you can buy and some include a little of both – hopefully you will find and idea here that will tickle your grooms fancy!

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5 ways to save money on your wedding venue

Gorgeous redwood forest wedding venue

Dylan & Sara Photography

When planning a wedding, one of the first pieces of the puzzle that you’ll tackle is your venue. Choosing your venue first can help many other parts of the wedding planning process fall into place, from the wedding date to the overall look and feel of your big day. However, it’s also going to be one of the most expensive invoices you’ll receive as well! Venues can run anywhere from $3k in a small town to over $10k in a big city, and prices can also vary based on what type of venue it is, the time of year, etc.

If the cost of wedding venues in your area is giving you sticker shock (and it probably will), don’t despair — you don’t have to blow your budget on a wedding venue. Though you might, however, have to get creative.

Not to worry though, brides We’ll be sharing a few helpful tips to save money on your wedding venue. Ready to take notes?

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