All That Glitters: A Wedding Guide to Jewelry Metals


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Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but you need something to set that good stuff in gold. Or is it silver? Whether you’re a platinum or rose gold kind of gal, what jewelry metal you want to wear is completely up to you. But when you want to look your best and bling it up on your special day, why not take the opportunity to show off these luxe metals?

The Classic: Yellow Gold

Gold — the color of wealth, prosperity, and the symbol of royalty. Its rich hue sets off the clarity of diamonds perfectly, and it certainly gives you a feeling of luxury. Its bright color can clash with a stark-white gown, but it is a lovely choice for wedding dresses of a softer white. Because yellow gold is very soft, it can be easy to nick your jewelry by accident. Yellow gold is always timeless, so why not wear a timeless necklace at your wedding?


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Boats, Beaches and Bare Feet: Romantic Summer Honeymoon Destinations


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Summer isn’t just wedding season. It’s travel season. Which also means it’s time to start planning your summer honeymoon destinations. And for good reason. So today, we’re all about romantic honeymoon destinations! Take a look. The photos speak for themselves. We can’t stop looking at them and dreaming about where we might go on our honeymoon.

There’s just something about the summer season that sparks both wanderlust and romance. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure that comes with summer. Maybe it’s the promise of bronzed skin and glowing tans. Blame it on what you like, but the truth remains: summer was made for traveling. And now is your chance.

Marriage is the ultimate cause for celebration. It signifies a new beginning and marks the start of a beautiful, lifelong commitment between two people who love each other. And what better way to celebrate than with a romantic getaway?

Below, we have put together a list of some of favorite beautiful and romantic honeymoon destinations all across the globe. So what are you waiting for? Be prepared to fall in love and plan away!

Like, comment, and share to let us know what you think. We’d love to hear some of your honeymoon planning ideas!


Croatia is a relatively up and coming landmark on the European map. It boasts unparalleled views and stunning beaches, but is still less touristy than traditional honeymoon destinations like Hawaii or Jamaica.


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Anyone who has ever seen”Eat, Pray, Love” knows just how beautiful the island nation of Bali is. And if you haven’t see it, then these pictures are sure to take your breath away. A honeymoon in Bali is likely to be nothing short of beautiful, romantic and tranquil.


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U Me Us Studios


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U Me Us Studios


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Win a custom cake topper from Better Off Wed!


***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Rachel Sydow — you’ve got yourself $100 to Better Off Wed for a cake topper!***

We were totally charmed when we found Better Off Wed on Etsy! Tina, the shop owner, creates cute custom cake toppers that are perfect for your wedding cake, dessert table, table numbers, or even your bar. Whether you want a topper with your names, an fun wedding phrase, or just a heart with your initials, Better Off Wed can make it custom just for you! All lettering is made of your choice of laser-cut wood, and can be hand painted to perfectly fit your wedding day (though we have to say, the gold cake toppers are just too glam!). Each topper is completely handmade with a lot of time, love and attention, so you know you’ll have a one-of-a-kind product.

The best part? You can keep your cake topper afterwards and display it in a number of creatives ways. Just a few of Tina’s suggestions are to put it in a wooden frame, perch it on your mantle next to your wedding photos, or use as a holiday ornament. However, we’re sure all you crafty DIY ladies can think of even more ways to show it off!

The even better part? YOU could win $100 credit to Better Off Wed! Whether you’re eyeing Better Off Wed toppers for your cake, table numbers or reception chair signage, it could be yours if you’re the lucky winner of our giveaway! Ready to learn how to enter? Scroll on to see more of Tina’s pretty creations and to find out how the $100 credit to Better Off Wed could be yours!



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Irish Wedding Traditions: Five Fun Customs To Incorporate Into Your Special Day

Wedding of Cathy and Daíre on Valentia Island, Co Kerry. Ireland.

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As I write this, I’m sitting in the (fleeting) Irish sun, nursing a cup of coffee after a long night at an Irish wedding yesterday. When I married my Irishman in 2008, at a ceremony and reception at our college in central Maine, I had no idea how different Irish and American weddings can be. I had a glimpse – my husband insisted on a few inclusions, like speeches and an extended curfew. But after more than five years in Ireland and countless weddings here, I thought it would be fun to outline some differences for you today. Weddings today are more and more a mix of different cultures, so who knows, you might like the sound of these and want to tap into your Irish heritage on your wedding day!


One Fab Day

Irish Weddings Are Longer

Irish weddings can be more like marathons than sprints. They often start as early as 1pm and last for at least twelve hours. There is usually a generous gap between the ceremony and the reception, and then after dinner and dessert a band will often play before a DJ comes on for a late set. We attended a wedding a few months ago where the band was only taking a half-way break at 12:30am! The DJ was booked to start at 1am! And the bar at the venue was open until 5am. We were the first to leave at 1:30am – even before some of the children and older people! At our own wedding, my husband insisted that post-dinner dancing and drinks last until 1am, which was quite a bit later than most American weddings we have attended. By the end, we were exhausted but our Irish guests were still going strong!

(Pssst — want an all-nighter wedding? Read our tips on how to plan one here!)

Speeches / Betting on Speeches

Irish weddings don’t just have toasts from the wedding party, they have speeches. They can go on for minutes, but more often they go on for a lot longer. So long, that for the last few years there’s been a trend at Irish weddings for the guests to bet on how long the speeches will go on. And that trend has stuck around long enough that local betting companies have printable betting sheets couples can leave on each table to make it more official. I have to admit, I’ve never won, but if you do win you’re expected to buy a round of drinks for your table.

We introduced speeches into our wedding and I’m so glad we did. Instead of a quick toast, my husband, father, best man, father-in-law and maid of honor all gave the most beautiful speeches. I just got to sit back and enjoy! I can’t say exactly how long our wedding speeches ran, but I do know they were long enough for the Irish tables to work out their bets and for the Americans to decide they had to have them at their future weddings!

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