The 5 Hippest Wedding-Themed Music Videos EVER

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I’m going to start this post off with one disclaimer. I. Love. Music. And I especially love music videos! Yes, we all know Beyonce’s touching “Best I Ever Had” music video, and who on Earth could forget John Legend’s “All of Me”? Heavens know I can’t. I’ve been in love with the man since 6th grade. Wedding-themed music videos in the recent years have been an ode to romance of The Notebook-esque levels. Touching. Sentimental. Requiring that you have a minimum of 2 tissue boxes on you at all times.

But I think we need a change of pace here. It’s summer — which means the beats are bumping, and we all know that it’s just way more awesome to be romantic and crazy… and hip while doing it.

Jealous (I Ain’t With It) by Chromeo


If I could just roll all my favorite things about synths, dancey beats, electro-pop, and 80s house & funkiness into one ball of sweetness, it would come in the form of Chromeo. Sure, you might look at Dave 1 and think he’s just a weird Jewish kid with a penchant for falsetto or that P-Thugg is in the background being all stoic, but these Canadian characters are immensely talented and in all the right ways. Jealous (I Ain’t With It) captures the stereotypical gaudiness of shotgun weddings at a Las Vegas chapel, but also reminds us that the feelings that accompany the whole shotgun approach are sort of the fun part of any romance. After all, don’t we all want a little spontaneity, adventure, and elaborate dance number in our love lives?

Plus, the hottest androgynous couple ever gets wed in it.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake


Okay, I admit it. I teared up when watching this video for the first time. I kept hearing this song on the radio and blew it off as one of Justin’s typical R&B jams until I got around to watching the music video, and I was just blown. Although it doesn’t feature an ACTUAL wedding (but a wedding dress DOES make an appearance!), I felt that the storyline made it worth putting on this list because it did a great job of portraying the ups and downs of a relationship in a very universal sense.You don’t need crazy chemistry or attraction (although it certainly doesn’t hurt if you’re as attractive as Justin), but the fact that there’s someone out there who just gets you despite whatever happens is a reassuring thought all in its own. And, Justin’s a pretty sweet guy — I really appreciate the fact that he dedicated this music video to his grandparents.

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A romantic and stylish manor wedding by Cottonwood Studios


Let’s start off this Monday with some wedding prettiness, shall we? Today’s romantic and stylish manor wedding by Cottonwood Studios is a gorgeous celebration that’s classic and chic in every way. Kristy and Carson were married in the First Methodist Church of Magnolia, Arkansas surrounded by family and friends.

Special touches to their big day include the bride’s gorgeous wedding dress, homemade cookies, and a truly spectacular sparkler sendoff. And let’s talk about the bride’s amazing modeling skills, shall we? Seriously, this couple is killing it in the style department! Read on to see more of Kristy and Caron’s gorgeous special day!













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3 unique ways to use Wedding Party to plan and share your big day


Sure, you might think you know how to use Wedding Party right — you’ve set up your app and website, invited guests, shared your account with your fiancé, and even started putting in important event and accommodation info. But are you really getting the most you can out of this awesome wedding planning & sharing tool? The answer, my friends, is no!

We’re constantly floored by the incredibly creative and fun ways our own brides and grooms are using Wedding Party to plan their special day and communicate with guests, and we know some of these ideas will be helpful for you, too! Take a peek and three unique ways to use Wedding Party, and see for yourself!

1. Use Wedding Party to plan with your bridesmaids

While many people see Wedding Party as a week/day of tool for their wedding, it’s actually a great tool to use throughout the planning process! One great way to utilize Wedding Party is making it communication central for you and your bridesmaids. Instead of long, confusing email threads about outfits and events, you can easily organize everything easily into your Wedding Party account.


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Invite your bridesmaids and have them fill out their individual profiles so they can get to know one another better. Encourage them to upload photos from previous engagements, ideas on what their mix-and-match bridesmaid dress will look like, and keep track of important upcoming bridesmaid-related events in one place. It’s a great way to stay in touch and keep communicating in a visual, fun, and easy-to-use way!

2. Use Wedding Party to entertain your guests when they get into town

You might be too busy running around with last-minute prep on the days before your wedding to entertain guests. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make sure they have fun! One great way to make sure out-of-town guests feel welcome is with pre-planned events and meetups around town. Even if you don’t attend, guests will know those opportunities will be fun gatherings where they can get to know your other friends and family before the big day.


Lydia Jane Photography

Wedding Party can help you communicate these pre-wedding celebrations to your guests with ease! All you have to do is enter in the details on the “Events” page of Wedding Party. Guests can then check up on these fun celebrations while they’re on-the-go, without having to dig around in their luggage for their wedding invite.

Best of all, you can see how the event is going in real-time when your guests upload photos to Wedding Party of these special welcoming events, so you can know that everyone’s having a blast without sacrificing your precious planning time.

3. Use Wedding Party to crowdsource the photos you want

Yes, your photographer is a professional and you know they’re going to do a perfect job of capturing your wedding day exactly the way you want. However, your guests are going to be snapping photos right and left throughout the day anyway — why not make sure they stay entertained and get you the photos that you really want to see?


The First Snow via Etsy

An I-Spy game is a great way to not only keep guests entertained, but it’s also a sneaky way to get them sharing the photos you want to see! During your reception, place printed I-Spy game cards on the tables, letting them know about Wedding Party and challenging them to capture as many photos as possible on the cards. Everything from the toasts to funny guest dance moves to the bouquet toss is fair game, and fun for guests to capture! When they upload it to Wedding Party, you’ll be able to see the photos you missed in real time. How cool is that?

Well, brides and grooms — any lightbulbs go off for you yet? There’s a myriad other ways you can utilize our service to help fill your wedding planning needs. Let us know what your own unique ideas are in the comments!

Important wedding DOs & DONTs from real brides for the bride-to-be, vol 2


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One of the hardest things to predict as a bride is which little details are going to matter (or not matter!) the most to your special day. Of course you want it to be perfect, but knowing exactly what to do or what not to do remains a mystery to many brides. And you know what they say – hindsight is 20/20.

Well, you can’t predict the future, but you certainly get the wise input of other brides who’ll tell you what their biggest wedding day tips or regrets are! We’ve compiled some of our favorite wedding DOs and DON’Ts from real brides, so you can get the scoop even before your wedding day! Read on for more must-know advice…

Katie & Yohannes Tilahun, married September ’12

Wedding do multicultural wedding

Steph Grant Photography

Katie Hintz-Zambrano & Horacio Zambrano, married September ’09

Wedding dont lace dress

Samantha Smith Arroyo

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