The 411 On Buying an Awesome Wedding Band

wedding band

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I guess I must be pretty clueless because for the longest time, I didn’t realize there was actually a separate wedding band involved in the whole wedding . I just assumed that the groom put the original engagement ring on the bride, and the bride put a ring on the groom because it would be totally unfair if he didn’t get one too! Maybe I was so blinded and bedazzled by the carats of diamonds that I failed to notice its less-blinged out counterpart.

However, the wedding band is of considerable significance to your wedding ceremony. Not only is it a sort of pledge of everlasting love, but is anyone really going to complain about the aesthetics or ceremonial pomp and celebration behind putting a ring on it? Nope, zilch, nada. Here’s my run-down on the nitty-gritty of wedding bands.

Keep it Simple

wedding band

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The point of a wedding band (besides to signify your everlasting love for your spouse) is to complement your engagement ring, not clash with it. As such, depending on how dazzling your stone is, you’ll want to match your wedding band to look like an extension of your engagement ring.

Sometimes, brides have unusually shaped stones (with twists or large solitaire jewels). If that’s the case, it might be worth looking into getting a band custom-made to fit your engagement ring. However, retailers such as Kay Jewelers and Blue Nile should have an extensive collection of wedding bands styles. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, than try out Etsy or your local jeweler — you never know what great pieces you’ll find.

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7 Clever Ways to Mix Up Your Wedding Bar

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This is a gust post by our friend Brett Konen of the Twine Living blog.

Let’s be honest: The first question a lot of people ask upon opening a wedding invitation is, “Will there be an open bar?” The bar is epicentral to the reception revelry, melting away awkwardness and helping fill up the dance floor. As such, it makes sense to put a little extra effort into it!

In my opinion, it’s worth saving the well rum and cokes for any other Friday night and giving your wedding bar a unique style and selection. That doesn’t mean blowing your budget on top-shelf liquors or agonizing for weeks over cocktail development – it simply means using a little creativity! Below are seven fun and simple tips for mixing up your wedding bar.

1.Eschew the everyday.

You spend months planning out a memorable wedding, so your cocktails should be memorable too. Nix the vodka-crans and try something unconventional. This summer’s hottest trends? Boozy popsicles, sorbet-champagne floats and barrel-aged cocktails.

1 - Popsicles

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2. Go local.

For instance, is your wedding in the Pacific Northwest? Highlight local flavors like gourmet apple cider and Douglas Fir Liqueur. This is especially fun when you’re hosting out-of-town guests, who may not get these ingredients in their area. And if you and your spouse are from different regions, develop a signature cocktail that marries flavors from both!


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3. Watch out for stains.

Before mixing up a big batch of red wine sangria, think ahead to how this could affect your wedding dress – or guests’ teeth in photos. Both are things you’re going to want to keep forever, so choose a drink that won’t jeopardize them. Whatever libation you choose, it’s not a bad idea to keep Wine Wipes or a couple Tide To-Go pens nearby.

3 - Dress

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9 Last Minute Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget

last minute wedding details

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In the hustle and bustle of all the day-of excitement, it’s very easy for even the most detail-oriented bride to forget to take care of some last minute wedding details, whether it be to make sure Aunt Vicky’s all-vegan, gluten-free dish with the special heirloom tomatoes is accounted for or to pop a couple of breath mints before the big kiss.  Heck, I know I would DEFINITELY forget something on my wedding day, if not multiple things.

Hence, I’ve made this list of what I think is most important of the last minute wedding details that threaten to ruin your big day (so sorry I can’t find an embroidered velvet pillow for Uncle Harry’s Shih Tzu). Here goes!

Remember to get your marriage license

last minute wedding details

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Without the license, you can’t get married. And your officiant can’t provide it for you, so you and your spouse are going to have to hop on over to city hall to apply to get married. This should take place approximately a week before your wedding. So, this task will be during one of the most stressful weeks of your life, but make sure it’s your top priority until you get it safely out of the way.

Bring snacks and refreshments!

last minute wedding details

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I feel like this is a huge minor detail that people often overlook, but just because it’s your big wedding day and you feel like you can take on the world doesn’t mean that your biological systems can (no offense). In short, don’t let you or your wedding party become hangry!

When you’re getting ready with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, make sure that there are finger foods and refreshments to snack on. No sense in making a huge mess while getting ready, but there’s no sense in allowing your stomach to go empty, especially since bridal parties start getting ready in the late morning or early afternoon.

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I’ve done my fair share of oohing and aahing over wedding trends (I mean, come on — it’s my job!), there is one particular jewelry piece that withstands the test of time for brides and bridesmaids, every time. The understated but elegant initial necklace! Classy and custom, this type of necklace is perfect for a wedding in many ways: brides can show off their new wedding initials, gift these pretty necklaces to their bridesmaids, or wear it for the rehearsal dinner, to name a few.

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