7 gorgeous eye makeup looks for the glam bride

glam makeup cover

Andria Lindquist

It goes without saying that on the big day, you’re going to want to look your best — and your bridal makeup is going to play a key role in making you the glammest gal in town. Of course, your eyes have to be particuarly amazing because you’re going to be staring adoringly into your better half’s eyes all day long! So picking the particular look is very important.

If you’re stumped and you’re not sure which look you want to go for, don’t fear! I’ve compiled seven totally gorgeous and glamorous looks that are going to amaze you. From luxe lashes to smoky eyes, pick the pretty peepers that work best for you!

The natural bride


KT Merry Photography

Long, luxe lashes


Liraz Charhi

The sultry smokey eyes


Ashley Olsen

Retro and winged


Lauren Conrad

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The 10 things you need to know about getting engaged over the holidays


Brooke Schultz Photography

It’s the holidays, and that means that we’re all going to be surrounded by family and loved ones for the next few weeks. That also means that some very lucky girls are going to get very sparkly engagement rings very soon. For all you future brides to be, that means that engagement and wedding etiquette starts…NOW! Announcing your engagement and balancing family and  navigating sticky social situations can be trying, so here are some DOs and DON’Ts* to help you get through holiday season with minimal etiquette offenses.

DO bring holiday cheer to your family gathering and announce that you’re engaged for the group (keeping in mind the caveat below).

DON’T make a big announcement if anyone in attendance may be sensitive to the issue of engagement, like an older sister who’s been dying to get engaged herself or a recently divorced cousin. (Tell people in private in that case.)

DON’T share your news online until you’ve told your family at the holiday gathering. And if you’ll see your best buds for New Year’s, why not wait ‘til you can tell them in person?

DO think about when (approximately) you’d like to get married. That question will definitely come up at family holiday gatherings.

DON’T feel bad if the Christmas or Hanukkah gift you got your boyfriend doesn’t match up with the engagement ring he bought you. He knows you wouldn’t have gotten him socks if you knew an engagement ring was coming!

DO get your guy a nice engagement gift once your budget’s recovered from holiday present-buying.

DON’T expect an additional holiday gift from your now-fiance. Engagement rings are expensive!

DON’T throw an engagement party before the New Year (if you want people to show). Your friends already have a billion holiday parties they’ve agreed to attend, and they’ll need more notice than a few days.

DON’T take it personally if your friends don’t text you back after you tell them your news on Christmas Eve or Christmas. This may be the one time of year they’re not glued to their phones–or they’d rather get in touch when they’re on their own turf instead of at Aunt Mary’s holiday dinner.

DO look your best for any potential proposal outing if you care about how those first engagement photos come out.  And if you don’t get engaged, at least you’ll look hot!

*Disclaimer: These DOs and DON’Ts originally appeared on Glamour. We loved them so much we wanted to share them with you lovely brides!

Breathtaking and runway-worthy Jenny Packham dresses on real brides!

I don’t know about you lovely brides, but I’m nuts over Jenny Packham. “Love” isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about her gorgeous gowns. They’re chic, classic and modern; no cupcakey bridal style here. Jenny Packham dresses are truly works of art to be envied, and I’m always excited when I see a bride wearing her gorgeous couture style.

So it makes sense that on a recent bout of obsession, I looked for as many real brides wearing JP’s designs as possible. So here they are, all the real brides I could find wearing Jenny Packham dresses; and believe me, there are a lot of them! All totally beautiful, of course. I’m especially a fan of the gowns with delicate sleeves and beading. Which are your favorites?


Jonas Peterson


Mango Studios


Scott Clark Photo


Gary Ashley of The Wedding Artists Collective


Braedon Flynn

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4 tips for choosing bridesmaids dresses you and your ladies will love


Erich McVey Photography

Choosing bridesmaids dresses is one of the first planning decisions you’ll make as a bride, and one of the most stressful for some. Finding a style that is flattering to all your bridesmaids is a task that forces you balance your bridesmaids needs and wants with your personal wedding vision, and can set the precedent of how you and your bridesmaids will interact during the engagement period. If there’s total drama over the dresses, it may turn off you and your bridesmaids from wedding activities right off the bat. A great experience can get everyone excited for spending the next 6 months to a year together.

Since most brides have never had to choose bridesmaids dresses before, it’s hard to know the DOs and DON’Ts for the process. Here are some pointers for choosing amazing dresses that your bridesmaids will love, and you’ll be excited about.

1. Don’t just leave it up to your ‘maids

color palette

Delbar Moradi

It’s tempting to want to be the cool bride and let your bridesmaids do whatever they want. However, your bridesmaids aren’t going to know what your vision for the wedding is, and definitely don’t want to be responsible for messing it all up. This can cause a weird standoff between the bride, who might be too nice to mandate dresses for their maids, and the bridesmaids, who might not know how to start suggesting ideas. Since your bridesmaids are your friends and family, they probably won’t be offended or stifled by a little direction from you.

2. But, keep your bridesmaids in mind

teal bridesmaids

Laura Goldenberger Photography

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