An elegant San Francisco engagement by Majesta Patterson

Amy and Bryan 0049

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding planning process is taking your engagement photos — you’ll spend a few special hours giggling with your future spouse, get to know your photographer and get some amazing photos out of it to boot! It goes without saying that Bryan and Amy, the couple from today’s shoot, had a simply gorgeous, elegant San Francisco engagement session with Majesta Patterson.

With the rustic, rolling hills of California as the backdrop, this is one engagement shoot you won’t want to miss. Plus, how cute is Amy’s white tulle skirt? Read on for more!

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The modern wedding shot list: get the photos you REALLY want from your big day

wedding family photo

Tessa Barton Photography

When all is said and done, your wedding day is going to be an unforgettable event that you’re sure to remember forever. However, no matter how unforgettable the big day is, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got some gorgeous photos that capture all the special moments! That’s where your wedding photographer comes in — you’ve hired an amazing professional to document your day, from the earliest getting-ready moments to the final send-off. Chances are, your wedding photographer is working off some kind of wedding shot list to ensure that you get all the most important photos — think family portraits, the first look, your first dance, etc — so you don’t have to worry about building a specific shot list for them. After all, you hired them because you love their work and artistry — if they’ve done this before, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll take care of getting the must-have wedding shots!

However, there will need to be some degree of collaboration between you and your photographer so you can make sure that any special details personal to your big day (think family heirlooms, a photo with a relative who’s played a special role in your life, etc) aren’t missed. In addition to that, you’ll need to think about the family portraits — there are going to be a lot of different combinations for family pictures on both sides that will need to be taken; to preserve both sanity and time on the day of, it’s better to plan for those combinations beforehand.

As an expert, your photographer is going to have a good idea of the types of family combinations to capture, how to corral your family members together and how long the whole process will take — so make sure to ask their advice and what resources they’ll need from you in order to make that critical part of your big day successful!

Below, we’ve outlined a few tips on how to prepare a short and sweet modern wedding shot list for your photographer.

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A whimsical boho barn wedding by Connie Whitlock Photography


Every once in a while, we find a stunning wedding that’s so gorgeous, just seems like there’s a little halo of light around every part of the big day. I bet you can guess why I’m bringing that up… because today’s beautiful wedding is pretty much perfect! Heidi and Paul were married in a whimsical, boho barn wedding at The Barn At Evergreen Memorial Park in Colorado. Surrounded by their friends, family, blush and mint details, and their adorable pup, every single moment of their lovely day was captured flawlessly by Connie Whitlock Photography.

The high points of Heidi and Paul’s wedding day? Well, the bride’s Anna Campbell wedding dress is truly one of a kind, the whimsical lighting and decor of the barn reception is breathtaking and the way that Heidi and Paul look at each other… well that’s truly special Read on to see more of this boho wedding day!

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Fun wedding thank-you card ideas for after the big day

thank you wedding day

Caught the Light

Congratulations! You’re a newlywed! Now that you’re back from the honeymoon and you’ve opened all your gifts the next big thing to do is start writing those wedding thank-you cards. Technically you have 2 weeks post-shower and 3 months post-wedding date to get these out, but there is nothing worse than knowing you have a long list of thank you’s hanging over your head. As a newlywed myself, I’m here to help with tips for how to make this tedious little task a little less painful, plus some really great cards that will set the tone for your note.

1. Keep track of things

To help lessen the burden when you return from your honeymoon, write any notes for gifts you receive before the wedding as you receive these. If you know the guest will be attending the wedding, make sure to include a note that you look forward to seeing them on the big day.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate

Split the task up! You fiancé/husband may try and claim his handwriting isn’t the greatest (mine did), but it’s not fair to you to have to write all the notes. Especially when the gifts where meant for both of you. Divide the list evenly or by family/friend sets. Regardless how you do it, make sure you both sign each card.

3. Make it personal

With each note, personalize it to the person who sent the gift. Make sure to mention the item specifically and how you plan to use it. If the gift is cash, you do not have to mention the specific amount, but do note how you’ll be using the cash (We’re saving for a house and your generous gift gets us one step closer to a down payment!)

4. Plan ahead

For the design of your thank you there are so many options! You can match the design of your invitation suite, opt for a simple card with “thank you” or “thanks” on the front or personalize it with a photo from your wedding. This is a very popular right now and the ideas are endless (see below for a few of my favorites!). If you go this option though, keep in mind how long it will take to get your photos back from your photographer and how long it will take to receive your order and then write those thank you’s.

5. Thank your vendors, too!

In addition to thanking your guests and anyone who sent you a gift, don’t forget to thank your vendors. If they went above and beyond to make your day perfect, a handwritten note goes a long way. I also sent a quick text to all my guests and bridal party the day after our wedding thanking them for coming and letting them know how much it meant to my husband and I to have them there. I of course followed up with a handwritten note, but I was filled with so much gratitude for the people in our lives who made the trip to be at our wedding, I wanted to let them know right away how much it meant to us to have them there.

Without further ado, let us share some of our favorite ways to thank your guests…

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