5 pin-worthy wedding Instagram accounts to follow now for major wedding inspiration!

Gorgeous bride in an illusion neckline wedding dress with her bridesmaids

Ryan Ray via Southern Weddings

Well it’s no secret that Pinterest is filled to the brim with amazing wedding inspiration. But every once in a while you have to break out of the Pinterest mold and look elsewhere for wedding prettiness to incorporate into your own day. Well luckily, Instagram is here to help. Here are some of our favorite wedding Instagram accounts to follow. Check them out to stay updated on the latest — you won’t be sorry!

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Online wedding dress shopping: tips to consider before selecting “order”

Gorgeous wedding dresses just ready to be tried on! Love this!

The Dress Theory via Instagram

Let’s face it – times they are a changin’ and long gone are the days of making a big trip to the local mall to partake in some retail therapy. I venture to say that a majority of us – myself included – much prefer to shop online from the comfort of our own home. What’s not to love? Coupons land in our inboxes daily, there is a larger selection of items to choose from, and it’s convenient and hassle-free.

With that in mind, why should shopping for a wedding dress be any different?

It’s true that not all brides dream of going to a boutique to shop for their wedding gown or cry tears of happiness when they find “the one,” all the while surrounded by their closest family and friends. Some brides are simply overwhelmed by the whole concept of trying on multiple dresses in front of an audience and would rather take their time and surf the Web to explore the endless online wedding dress shopping options available.

And, guess what? That’s okay! Besides eliminating the nervousness of being in the spotlight for a few hours, buying a wedding dress online can be a huge budget-saver for some brides.

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Not your run of the mill wedding presents: unique gifts your favorite bride and groom will actually be excited over!

adorable excited bride wedding photo

 Colin Cowie

So, your (insert loved one here — sister, brother, best friend, favorite cousin, etc) is getting hitched. Doesn’t it feel a little…lackluster to be wrapping up a blender to send them off into wedded bliss? I mean, nothing says “I love you” like a completely impersonal, overpriced Crock Pot from Bed Bath and Beyond, right? I remember attending my first wedding shower as a guest, a smile plastered on my face as I joined the chorus of other women, cooing, “oooh, goodness! A Cuisinart!”

But my heart sinks a little every time I order another set of champagne flutes, table linens, or anything branded with KitchenAid. I know, I know. The bride and groom need those things for their new home (and really, I do love a good food processor). But those who give from the heart will know what I’m talking about.

You want to give them something awesome. Something personal. Whether it’s for the bachelor or bachelorette party, a wedding shower, engagement party, or the actual wedding present itself, it should be something they’ll look at 15 years from now with love. (Fine. It can be in addition to the blender, if you must.)

With that in mind, we brainstormed, searched, and scoured high and low for the best non-traditional gifts that will last a lifetime.

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Winter bridesmaid dress and outfit ideas for a seriously stylish winter wedding

Winter bridesmaid dresses with a fur shrug and sequins

Jeff Sampson Photography

With a winter wedding there are no rules about what color, length or style your bridesmaid dresses should be, but it’s a good idea to think about balance. If you love a short dress, think about choosing a winter bridesmaid dress with sleeves. If long is more your style it’s OK to show a little more skin on top. A tulle skirt and cozy sweater is unconventional, but can really make your wedding party stand out.

Regardless of the dress(es) you choose, a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to really make a statement with accessories. No one wants a group of shivering, goose-bumped bridesmaids in their photos so think about how you can add layers to their dresses!

Although I will be a spring bride, after looking at all these beautiful options for winter weddings, I’m almost wishing I was a winter bride! From pashminas and shrugs to jackets and even boots here are 15 weddings that accessorized their bridal party perfectly.

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