Our Favorite Summer Wedding Hairstyles


Lexia Frank Photography

Summer weddings mean summer wedding hairstyles. If you’re thinking, “wait, you mean there are different hairstyles for different seasons?”, then the answer is yes! Don’t worry if you’re feeling behind, or left out of the loop. Wedding Party is here to catch you up. By the end of this post, you should have a list of some of your favorite ideas for summer wedding hairstyles.

If you’re feeling uninspired, start with beachy waves or braids. They are among some the most popular styles for summer weddings. And the best part? These hairstyles work for anyone, whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or wedding guest.

Check out the list below for some of our favorite summer wedding hairstyles. Like, share and comment to let us know what you think brides!

1. Colorful Streaks

For our funkier brides, try adding a stripe or two of color. It’s a perfect summer trend, and if you’re too afraid to completely commit, test it out with hair chalk. It washes out in a couple of days.


Karen Buckle Photography


Karen Buckle Photography


Free People

2. Ribbons

Who said ribbons were only for kids? Add a touch of whimsy to your wedding day by threading colorful ribbons through your hair.


Jose Villa Photography


Lisa Michele Burns Photography


Erich McVey Photography

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Simple Wedding DIY: No-Sew Burlap Banner

Tattooed Martha - No-Sew Burlap Triangle Banner (12)

No-sew.. my favorite words in crafting! Even though I’m fairly decent at sewing (minus that one time I sewed straight through my middle finger.. whoops!) I still prefer a no-sew option when possible. This no-sew triangle banner is an easy way to add some personalized homemade charm to your wedding. I chose to make a simple banner to display across a suitcase that we’ll be using for wedding cards, but you can make your banner say anything. “CHEERS! THANK YOU! JUST MARRIED!” You get the idea. Whatever words you choose, your guests will be impressed with your crafty skills, but it can remain your little secret that it took less than an hour to put together! The best part? No sewing accidents!

Tattooed Martha - No-Sew Burlap Triangle Banner (1)


  • 1 yard of burlap
  • Triangle template*
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Letter stencils
  • Acrylic paint (lighter colors will show up best)
  • Small foam paint brush
  • Twine, yarn, or hemp
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

*You can just do a Google image search for a template. Save the image to your computer, resize it if you need to, and then print it out. Mine measured 4 ¼ inches by 5 ½ inches which fit a 2 ½ inch letter comfortably.

Start by printing out your triangle template and making sure it will be a good size for your letters. Place the triangle on top of your burlap and trace around the edges with chalk. Cut out triangle and repeat as needed.

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A Contemporary Cross-Cultural Wedding by Chaz Cruz Photography


Brides, it’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a challenge; however, how many of you are planning a wedding between cultures and traditions? My guess is that in today’s world, that’s becoming more and more common. While planning a wedding that honors the traditions of both you and your future spouses’ cultures might seem like an impossible task, this wedding today proves that it’s possible — and wonderful!

Neshani and Mathew were married in a gorgeous contemporary cross-cultural wedding in San Diego that crossed Indian, Colombian and Jewish cultures. Photographed by the incredibly talented Chaz Cruz, this special day is one of the most unique and exciting days we’ve featured yet! From the getting ready photos to the ceremony to the reception, this wedding is non-stop fun and romance. Read on for some words from the bride about the special day, and (of course) gorgeous photos!










Words about the special day from the bride:

When Mathew and I began planning our wedding, we were only sure of three things: we knew we wanted to have one fusion ceremony, we wanted to get married outdoors and we wanted the wedding to be fun and relaxed! We have a lot of cultures and religions between the two of us – Mathew’s father is Jewish and from New York, and his mother is Colombian. My parents are from India and were brought up in Hindu families, and Mathew and I were both born in the States. So planning a wedding to please everyone seemed daunting at first. Neither Mathew nor I are religious, but we did want our wedding to pay tribute to the cultures that we grew up with as well as our current style of life. Ultimately, we decided to combine the cultural and spiritual aspects of Hindu, Jewish and Colombian wedding customs and incorporate them into a wedding that represented us, our families and our future together.

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What’s trending in weddings, Vol. 7


Time for another update on this week in weddings. That’s right, it’s the weekend already, can you believe it? Of course, the biggest wedding news of the week (possibly of the year?) was the Kimye nuptials. But other things happened too! What were they? Well, read on to find out!

The Kimye wedding is all anyone’s talking about… and for good reason! With the price tag for the celebration pushing $2.8M, it was quite the extravagant affair. Though we’ve only seen a few photos from the Kardashian-West wedding, what we’ve seen so far we LOVE! (Much more tasteful than the Kardashian-Humphries wedding, that’s for sure). You can certainly scour the interwebs for all the weirdness that accompanied their wedding day (like Kanye’s toast or their photo booth), but we’ll just leave you with our favorite part. THAT. DRESS!

kimye dress

Think Kimye’s $2.8M wedding was crazy? Well, turns out the average American wedding is waaaaaay crazier. Just think about it – Kimye spent just around 5% of their net worth on their wedding, and will probably end up making a few more bucks than they spent, when all is said and done. BUT American weddings in 2014 will average around $30k — which is a way bigger chunk out of a normal person’s net worth! So…we might be the crazy ones? (via Esquire)

And just in case you didn’t get enough of celeb weddings this week, we found this handy guide to the hottest celeb engagements. Find out who’s getting married this year, who’s nuptials might never happen, and more! (via Glamour)

OOOPAH! One of the funniest and most underrated wedding movies like, EVER, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is getting a sequel! I thought I was excited, but this hilarious and adorable video shows one Greek momma who might be MBFGW’s biggest fan. (via Time)

Find your favorite reads on the blog from this week! Editors picks include these handy rules for planning (and sticking to) your wedding budget, unique wedding favors that’ll wow your guests, and 10 super cool ideas to try for the summer.

Photos via E! Online