8 unique wedding theme ideas from real weddings

teme wedding

Gideon Photography

Themed weddings are growing in popularity and for good reason – it’s the ultimate opportunity for the bride and groom to showcase their personalities and love for something special to them, whether it be pop culture, travel, music and so on. Divulging in interests that are unique to the bride and groom and planning a wedding day around a specific theme typically leads to an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests. (Case in point: this adorable red tandem-bike themed wedding!)

If you want to have a specific and unique wedding theme for your big day, you’re probably wondering where to even begin – hosting a wedding is tricky enough before diving into revolving the décor, food and music around a specific vision! Ultimately, remember that a themed wedding still needs to include all the aspects of a traditional wedding. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • To choose your theme, think of something meaningful to you and your significant other – what are your hobbies? Are you more of a fun or serious couple? Do you prefer things to be more elegant or edgy? The sky is really the limit when choosing a theme.
  • Consider your theme when choosing a location for the wedding – think a large estate or mansion for a fairy tale theme, an outdoor stage for a music festival theme, etc.
  • Introduce the theme through your save the dates, invitations, décor and favors.
  • The food and music also should reflect your theme – perhaps there’s even an era-specific dance that you and your spouse want to perform or get the entire crowd involved with!

Looking to get theme inspired? The creativity of the following couples from these real weddings are bound to get you in the mood to either host your own or attend a themed party.

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How to repurpose wedding flowers from the ceremony to reception decor


Kate Crean Photography via Style Me Pretty

I have to admit that more than once, I’ve been that crazy guest running around at the dinner asking waiters to bring vases for the wedding bouquets. Too often, those gorgeous (and sometimes expensive!) bouquets end up slumped on tables with broken buds after just a few hours of being used. What a tragedy! I’m usually the one who can’t cope with seeing those flowers go to waste, so I try to save their lives with a few vases of cold water. My husband can usually be found as far away from me as possible, nursing a drink and rolling his eyes.

That little embarrassing story leads us nicely into our topic for today: how to repurpose wedding flowers from your ceremony to your reception. We love when any of your wedding decor can do double duty and flowers are the easiest to make work for you. We’ll start with that one that so many brides forget – making sure there’s a place for your bouquets!

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22 jaw-dropping celebrity engagement rings

Iggy Azalea Engagement Ring

Iggy Azalea on Instagram

Iggy Azalea just joined the ranks of engaged celebrities sporting serious bling when (now-fiancé) Nick Young proposed earlier this week with a $500,000 yellow diamond ring. Yes, you read that right — her sparkling stunner is a half million dollars. Catch a video of the proposal here!

We decided that with Iggy’s jaw-dropping bling, it was high time to take a look back on some of our favorite celebrity engagement rings. From multi-carat icebergs to colored gemstones and tasteful silhouettes, these celeb engagement rings really run the gamut in terms of style, but every single one is simply swoon-worthy. We know who’s sporting our favorite sparkly rings… but which ones will you love?

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An elegant San Francisco engagement by Majesta Patterson

Amy and Bryan 0049

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding planning process is taking your engagement photos — you’ll spend a few special hours giggling with your future spouse, get to know your photographer and get some amazing photos out of it to boot! It goes without saying that Bryan and Amy, the couple from today’s shoot, had a simply gorgeous, elegant San Francisco engagement session with Majesta Patterson.

With the rustic, rolling hills of California as the backdrop, this is one engagement shoot you won’t want to miss. Plus, how cute is Amy’s white tulle skirt? Read on for more!

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