Fresh Fall Wedding Bouquets for the Romantic Bride

unique & romantic fall wedding bouquet

Zipporah Photography

Ladies and gents, autumn is upon us! With the changing weather and changing leaves come a change in seasonal florals, and subsequently, wedding bouquets. Typically, when I imagine fall wedding bouquets, I imagine some combination of the usual suspects: orange or purple calla lillies, warm-hued roses, wide-faced sunflowers, and gerbera daisies.

These arrangements can be lovely, but in the last few years I have noticed a significant influx of  nearly homogenous floral designs. Of course, the best way to make an arrangement uniquely your own is to use a combination of your own favorite seasonal blooms. In the meantime, here are a few components to add to put a fresh twist on your fall bridal bouquet!


Use the colors of the season! No other season has such a vibrant natural palette. Crimson, eggplant, marigold, sage – the colors that fill the trees and line sidewalks are yours for the taking! Combine them to make an entirely warm palette (pomegranate, tangerine, and marigold) or mix and match pastels with rich winter colors (burgundy, mauve, fig).

unique & romantic fall wedding bouquet

Sami Jo Photography

unique & romantic fall wedding bouquet

The Seasonal Bouquet Project

2. ADD SHRUBS (or other non-flowering vegetation):

Shrubs and non-flowering plants add texture and depth to your arrangements. Use succulents, cones, seed pods, or herbs to make a statement or just to mix up an otherwise classic design. Moreover, shrubs add seasonal flavor! (Disclaimer: I am not well-versed in botany and plant classification. If a plant below is technically considered a bloom, please share your knowledge in the comments below!)

unique & romantic fall wedding bouquet

Heather Wiley

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Giveaway: Win over $2000 in wedding goodies for you + your bridesmaids!

coolest bride ever sweepstakes

Brett Heidebrecht

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Your engagement is an amazing time in your life — not only are you planning for your most major life event, but you also are spending tons of time with the people you love most: family, friends, and of course, your fiancé(e). Your bridal party will be there to support you through this process, and it’s only natural that as a bride and a friend, you’ll want to share your appreciation with them! Well, we’re here to help you make your bridesmaids smile, and make you the coolest bride ever in their eyes!

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coolest bride ever sweepstakes

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coolest bride ever sweepstakes

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coolest bride ever sweepstakes

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coolest bride ever sweepstakes

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Of course, don’t forget to visit Weddington Way, Wedding Paper Divas and POPSUGAR to learn more about their amazing products for bridesmaids and bridesmaids. Good luck!

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A Romantic Wedding at the Biltmore by Lime Green Photography

Romantic lace wedding dress and dapper groom

There are so many ways to describe today’s wedding photographed by Megan Gielow of Lime Green Photography. Romantic and gorgeous just doesn’t seem to cut it. From the first moment I saw the bride’s dress, to the gorgeous dramatic veil, to the gorgeous and intimate ceremony that only The Biltmore could provide, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every. Single. Glimpse.

The bride and groom, Mandy and Josh, had a completely gorgeous day that was 1) not without unique flair (love those sombreros at the reception!), and 2) wasn’t totally perfect, but was perfect in its imperfections. Photographer Megan describes little snags here and there — from the bride’s veil catching as she walked down the aisle, to various other glitches. But you know what? Those are the things that makes a wedding memorable, coupled with all the things that DID go right, like the beautiful weather and the amazing love between Mandy and Josh. Read on to see more amazing photography and prepare to get inspired!

romantic wedding photo

sparkly silver wedding shoes

pearl wedding jewelry for the bride

stunning lace one shoulder wedding dress

stunning lace one shoulder wedding dress

stunning lace one shoulder wedding dress

The bride getting ready -- sweet photo!

Bride doing her wedding day makeup. Sweet!

stunning lace one shoulder wedding dress

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Our Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Pick for 2014: Puerto Vallarta

Ah, summer. The sunny skies, sparkling sands, and clear blue ocean that surround you as you’re lounging on the beach is the quintessential summer experience. Even though summer is officially over (thanks a lot, Labor Day), that doesn’t mean you can’t find eternal summer in other hidden gems around the globe. If you were hoping to get married in the summer, but are opting for a fall date, then a destination wedding in such a place is the perfect solution. Our choice? Puerto Vallarta, of course!

PV popular -town during the day

Think about it. Mexico isn’t a far flight from the States, but its pristine beaches and year-round summery weather make it a perfect and popular destination wedding spot. Puerto Vallarta in particular is special: nestled between the Pacific ocean and the majestic beauty of the Sierra Madre mountains, weddings held in Puerto Vallarta get the best of everything Mexico has to offer newlyweds. I personally love how it feels so local and authentic, and escapes the tourist-trappy feel of other popular Mexican Destinations like Cabo. It’s great for couples looking for a low key celebration that not only celebrates their love, but the beauty and culture of the country they’ve chosen to be married in.

PV Romance -Couple at beach

Can’t make it to Mexico for your wedding day celebration? Well, that my friends is what a honeymoon is for. If Puerto Vallarta isn’t a possibility for your wedding day, a honeymoon in this pristine Mexican town will be the perfect way to unwind from your wedding day whirlwind. With tons of luxurious all-inclusive resorts and many of exciting adventures to be had, Puerto Vallarta is the best place to go to start the beginning of your marriage.


Now that you’re fantasizing about the sandy beaches and romantic shores of Puerto Vallarta, we’ve got great news for you. You and your favorite person could win a 4 day/3 night stay to Puerto Vallarta! Everything is covered, from airfare to the all-inclusive stay at one of the town’s most luxurious resorts. The entire vacation package is completed with an awesome excursion activity with Vallarta Adventures and a dolphin experience from Dolphin Discovery. You have the wonderful sponsors, Hilton Puerto Vallarta and Cafe des Artistes to thank for such an amazing vacay opportunity. How’s that for paradise?

***This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.***