A Romantic Handmade Wedding by Lara Hotz Photography


Well, Lara Hotz has done it again! You might remember the lovely eclectic barn wedding we featured just a few weeks ago by Ms. Hotz, which was such a delight to share that we had to share another! Today’s romantic handmade wedding in Sydney has so many lovely DIY details that showcase the bride and groom’s personalities perfectly. From the first moment we see Electra’s handmade (yes ladies, it’s custom) blush and polka-dotted dress to the incredible reception (just wait till you see it!), this is one wedding we are going to remember and cherish for a LONG time.

Electra and James, the bride and groom, have an incredible story to share on top of it all. Originally high school sweethearts (they started dating at 15 years old), James and Electra were together for 12 years before they got engaged. And as for the proposal story…well, you’ll have to read on yourself to find out how James asked! Ready to see more of this amazing couple’s love story?








Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the wedding?

James proposed in 2011 on a small island in Indonesia, he did the whole down on one knee thing…Electra laughed thinking he was kidding. Once she realized he wasn’t and his leg started to cramp she then gave him the following three conditions for acceptance: 1) No shared bank accounts until he finished medical school, 2) they still had to keep their roommate, and 3) nothing changes. Since then, apart from losing their roommate, nothing has changed. The lead up to the wedding was fantastic; the bride and groom were not stressed and were constantly surrounded by family and friends. Despite organizing so much of the wedding themselves they really enjoyed the week leading into the big day



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Win adorable throw pillow covers for you & your sweetheart from Zana Products!


One of the most exciting parts of getting married is building a home for you and your new spouse to begin your new life! Whether you’ve lived together previously or are just moving in, after you get married you’ll find that investing in your home is a special way to start the journey. While you might be able to partially furnish your home through wedding gifts, there’s just something so delightful about one-of-a-kind, fun pieces for the home that you just can’t find on a registry. If you’re looking for unique decor to help build your new (or current) home, then you’ll love our giveaway today!

Zana Products on Etsy specializes in adorable throw pillow covers and textiles for the home — whether you’re looking for modern patterns or a fun touch, Zana Products is our new go-to for plush and pretty pillow covers! Their selection of his & hers pillow covers are the perfect touch for a newlywed’s home, and come in a variety of sweet sayings. Their most popular pair of his & hers pillow covers (pictured below!) is our favorite! AND, one of you lucky brides can win this pair of pillow covers for your home!

Want to learn how to win?


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Dancing in the Rain: How to Prepare for a Rainy Day Wedding


Carla Ten Eyck via Style Me Pretty

As some of you might recall, I am a big fan of inclement weather. No sun? No problem! A Tennessee winter is relatively mild, yes, but I am still planning for low temperatures and some form of precipitation. That said, rain, sleet, or snow can cause some major issues for your upcoming wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you plan your wedding day weather-contingency plan!


Photo Pink

For the bride: Think waterproof makeup and a no-panic approach to what you cannot control. You can hope for the best but prepare for what you can. If you’re worried about rain, make sure you bring your favorite water-repellent outerwear.

If you’re worried about snow, grab a cozy knit sweater or your favorite pea coat. Either way, I’d recommend sporting waterproof cosmetics. A spontaneous photoshoot + rain + mascara + your gorgeous white dress could quickly become a less than photogenic affair.


Katherine Birkbeck Photography

For the wedding party: Help prepare them for the upcoming inclement exposure with rainboots and umbrellas. If you have the funds, you might consider supplying your nearest and dearest with individual articles of brightly colored rain gear. You can purchase umbrellas for less than $3 apiece at Amazon.com or IKEA.

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Totally unique getting ready attire that you and your bridesmaids will love

getting ready attire for brides and bridesmaids: robes, monograms, rompers, and more!

Jill Thomas Photography via Style Me Pretty

The mimosas will be flowing and you’ll be surrounded by your best friends. These girls have been by your side through the best times and it makes sense that your most exciting moment leading up to the aisle will be with them by your side. Part of the wedding morning most brides leave until the last few weeks is what they’ll wear when they are getting ready. Not only can beautiful and unique attire make for some stunning photos, but it’s another way to bring cohesion into your wedding day. The key to any getting ready attire is to make sure the hair that you’ve just had done doesn’t get messed up! So what are your options?!

1. Let’s talk robes!

One of the best gifts to yourself and bridesmaids is a robe that can be worn again after your wedding. I’ve been in two weddings as a bridesmaid and the bride gifted all the girls a robe to fit our personality! So even though the robes were different, there was still a uniform look that brought us all together. From Plum Pretty Sugar to Etsy shops – you’re sure to find some great deals!

getting ready attire for brides and bridesmaids: robes, monograms, rompers, and more!
Plum Pretty Sugar
via Green Wedding Shoes

getting ready attire for brides and bridesmaids: robes, monograms, rompers, and more!

Hello Studio via Ruffled

getting ready attire for brides and bridesmaids: robes, monograms, rompers, and more!

Plum Pretty Sugar

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