Designer Feature | Tawny of Armour sans Anguish


I sucked in my breath. A large wooden gate stood before me as I stood in front of the warehouse with my photographer friend. This was the domain of Armour sans Anguish (AsA), a very popular eco-friendly bridal line. I had talked to the owner, Tawny, several times before, but it was on a whim of intoxicating courage that I impulsively asked whether or not I could feature her here on WP.

Let me give you a little info on Tawny and AsA. Tawny is an insanely talented designer and heads Armour sans Anguish, which has both a bridal line and a ready-to-wear line. Both lines share one thing in common: they both use completely recycled materials in all of their wonderfully bohemian and romantic creations. That means every beautiful piece of apparel you see on AsA’s Etsy shop or online shop has been sourced, is custom-made, and wholly unique to any other piece of clothing.

So, you can imagine that when I requested to do an in-person feature of Tawny and AsA, I couldn’t help but feel nervous that I was going to meet her in person.

But as Tawny welcomed me and my companion into her stunning studio, I was instantly blown away by two things:

  1. Her warm demeanor. She has a way of putting someone to ease, probably due to her countless hours of engaging with clients.  That, and the fact that Tawny is the spitting image of a gorgeous bohemian free-spirit if I ever saw one. Like one of those girls in the Free People ads… but BETTER.
  2. The sheer quantity of vintage fabrics in her studio. Boxes upon crates upon shelves were packed with gorgeous fabrics that were embellished, beaded, colorful, impossibly silky, and more. Lace and chiffon adorned the tables in graceful swathes, and vintage heaven was just hanging off the racks that surrounded her studio.





We sat down at one of the large tables. Me on a stool, Tawny on a beautifully engraved chair. In this studio full of natural lighting and color, the designer looked completely relaxed in her surroundings.

Some time along our conversation, she began showing us the creations she has worked on and how she goes about the process of making a dress from scratch. I’ve seen this girl up close. She’s the real deal. Every movement Tawny makes is graceful and efficient, wasting no energy in getting the job done. She’s been working at her trade for over 10 years, ever since she got a sewing machine for a Christmas present.

I got to ask her some questions about her — what she loves so much about vintage, designing custom dresses for clients, and AsA itself! What I got in return were some pretty a-mazing answers.

You really incorporate eco-friendly and ethical practices into your designs, so how did you get exposed to those practices in the first place?

Well, I was raised by a really thrifty mom, so she would always take us thrift-store shopping. So to me, making things out of things I found secondhand was sort of the way I just started doing it, it all came very naturally to me. I didn’t realize there was an eco-bridal world, so when all of these eco-friendly boutiques started contacting me, it came to me that being eco-friendly was a THING. It existed. And it started to really emerge while I was making things.

I’ve always been drawn to older fabrics, they seem more beautiful to me. I couldn’t really imagine using new materials. It came from a really personal place, and it just became part of this broader movement.

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I Spy… 50+ Hidden Costs That Can Tank Your Wedding Budget

hidden costs

 Nirav Patel

Do you ever have that moment when you’re in a restaurant and a waiter asks you whether or not you want tea or miso soup, and you say yes without realizing you’ve just added an extra 3 bucks to your tab?

Yeah. I have those moments all the time. That’s why my wallet currently hates me.

And I’m pretty sure you, at some point during planning your wedding, have figured out that there are all these really annoying hidden costs associated with everything, from your venue tacking on really useless fees to cake-cutting fees (really? Really?? To just cut cake??). You initially planned out your budget to be around 5-20k, and would conveniently section off your budget to your wedding dress, food, venue… but did you anticipate adding 20-30 more percent of your overall budget to your actual costs? I didn’t think so.

I’m going to play a little game and rattle every (legitimate) hidden cost I can think of and tally them up at the end. Here’s hoping that I break 50!

hidden costs


hidden costs

Brushfire Photography

  • Mandatory gratuity on ALL costs. I heard it can go up as high as 32.5%. That was not a typo, and if that doesn’t give you an aneurysm, I don’t know what will.
  • Licenses to get married on the beach and other areas. That’s an actual thing.
  • Using other areas that have not been explicitly rented out (eg. kitchen, fireplace, etc.).
  • Increase in overall price due to seasonal demand.
  • The cost of setting up equipment as well as renting out equipment in the first place (eg. tents, tables, linens,
  • lights, sound equipment, whatever you need)
    • Tents themselves aren’t that expensive to rent, but the floor will definitely cost you some ice.
  • Overtime charges — this applies not just to extending your wedding past the end of your reservation, but to the rest of the vendors who are still present at your wedding such as your DJ, band, servers, etc.
  • Fees for the service. This includes the waiters, bartender, people in charge of setting up, someone in charge of coat check, and even more. You might have to pay either a flat fee or an hourly wage.
  • Cleaning fee. This is a big one and can range from $100-$500.

So how do you get around these costs? Unfortunately, some of these costs will be unavoidable, so you’ll have to make sure to factor them into your budget. However, to make sure that the costs are minimized as much as possible, make sure you read EVERYTHING that they give you regarding reservation information, whether or not that’s the information packet or the contract itself. Make sure that before you put ink on that paper to make sure that all charges are laid out so you get an accurate guess of what costs are going to be like.

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Fun and Easy DIY Wedding Decorations


D. Lillian Photography

If you’re an avid Pinterest user or self-proclaimed DIY-er, then this post may just be for you. Now, it goes without saying that there are some things in your wedding that you can DIY and some things that you should never ever DIY. In case you’re having trouble remembering which is which, we have a post for that too! But, lucky for you, decorations ARE one thing that you can DIY, if you feel up for the challenge. And if that’s the case then do we have some DIY wedding decorations for you!

If you do choose to DIY some or all of your wedding decorations, it might be best to keep a few things in mind. For starters, think about the venue. A DIY wedding is probably better suited for a smaller, more intimate ceremony and reception (think small backyard wedding) rather than a grand ballroom wedding with 200+ guests. Do you really want to spend your wedding planning time making paper garlands to decorate an entire ballroom? My guess is no.

Think about seasons. Continuing with the paper garland idea, paper garlands are probably better suited for spring and summer weddings rather than winter weddings. Especially if you have an outdoor wedding. The last thing you’d want is for the rain to wash away all your hard work.

Remember to plan ahead and take your time. Don’t expect to be able to create all of your decorations in one night. Don’t leave them until the week before the wedding! Test and evaluate your project before you commit to the final product.

So, if you’re still up for a DIY wedding (or semi DIY wedding), then check out this list of DIY wedding decorations for ideas and inspiration!



Marianne Wilson Photography


Giuli & Giordi Photography


Green Wedding Shoes


Michelle Gardella Photography

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Win a Hand-Carved Stamp from Stamps by Sachi!


If you knew me (like, knew me to the point of my questionable morning beauty routine), you’d know that I have an obsession with rustic aesthetics and crafts. I have twine from my mom’s herbs & spice rack, craft paper from the Dollar Store (the cheaper, the more quaint I always say),  and put flowers in old pasta jars for crying out loud — how can I not love being all rustic and cutesy in my home?!? When I imagine my wedding, I think what gets me really excited is the thought of being able to design my invitations from scratch. But I also know that when I want thicker cotton-grade paper, the costs are going to go up — which means that I need to cut back on some parts of my dream invitations.

The answer to getting that aesthetic without sacrificing quality?

A: Stamps

The possibilities are limitless with stamps and your wedding paper, and you now have the opportunity to win a custom hand-carved couple portrait stamp of your very own from Stamps by Sachi! Sachi is a super cool gal who used to be an art teacher in Japan, so you know her stamps are the real deal just by looking at the attention and care that’s put into her work.

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