2014′s Biggest Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends

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Choosing your wedding dress is easily one of the biggest decisions you will make and one of the most important parts of planning your wedding. But what about your hair and makeup? It’s easy to forget about them, which is why here at Wedding Party we’ve put together a list of 2014′s biggest hair and makeup trends so that you can be the most beautiful and radiant bride on your big day.

Take a look below for some wedding day bridal inspiration and pick out your favorites!

1. Beautiful Braids

Long popular on the runway, braids are making their way down the wedding the aisle in 2014. Braids are feminine and romantic and can be worn as one long braid down the back, or several smaller ones woven into a crown and worn atop the head.


Ali Mitton Photography


Style Me Pretty


NBarrett Photography




Pepper and Lace

2. Retro Cat Eye

The cat-eye style is a fun, retro blast from the past and has remained a staple in the cosmetics world since 2013. It lends a classic, vintage look to wedding day photographs and complements nearly all wedding gowns and styles.


Caroline Tran Photography

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A relaxed and romantic cafe engagement by Ivan & Diana Photography


What happens when you take an adorable couple, give them an afternoon in their favorite cafe, and add in magical photographers? Well, this relaxed yet romantic engagement session is your answer! When Ivan & Diana Photography showed us their e-sesh with Andrijana and Bojan (taken in the bride’s home town of Uzice, Serbia), we knew we had to share it with you brides.

I love how moody yet romantic the photos turned out. The bride and groom are clearly in their element, and so in love! The photographers, Ivan & Diana, did a wonderful job capturing the day, saying “We basically all had fun shooting while drinking coffee, and having shots of rakija (Serbian brandy) in the bar”. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, we say. Read on to see more of this unique engagement session!






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Wedding advice: 4 tips for choosing your wedding cake from a real bride

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Charlie Juliet

A little throwback story as an example for your amusement: When I worked at Olive Garden (known as the OG to those in my waitstaff crew), the Spanish speaking staff thought my name was Kake, not Kate. Somehow, the moniker stuck and I still freak out when I hear Rihanna singing my namesake song: “Kake, Kake, Kake!”.

And it rings true. “Hi everyone. My name is Kake and I heart desserts”. No dessert is too big or too small or too chocolatey to catch my eye… although my eye has been laying off them so my stomach can fit in my wedding dress.

Thus, you can imagine how important cake is to me given my propensity for desserty-nicknames and deliciousness. However, my boo and I decided against the traditional wedding cake. Our general experience has been that they are pretty yet yucky. In our opinion, layers of decorative fondant belong in a window display, and not on an edible item. But what about… sighhh… cupcakes?

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Christie Pham Photography

As cupcakes were the trend in Chicago a lil’ while back, there are still multitudes of cupcake meccas bolstering the city’s sweet teeth. So how did we narrow down our options? Weeeell, here’s a few things I learned about taking the cake without breaking the bank! This can apply to your pie, candy or doughnut choices too… mmmmm doughnuts. Ok enough drooling.

1. Eye Spy

You will probably (hopefully) have a ton of options: some of which are wedding vendors only, some of which are bakers who are just damn good at weddings. Google and Yelp can be your front line of defense to get some ideas about the quality of what is being peddled. Wedding Wire, The Knot and other specialized sites can give you some cues too.

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Wedding Advice: Do I need to bring a gift to a destination wedding?


Elizabeth Messina

QUESTION: Do I need to bring a gift if I’m going to a far-away destination wedding?

ALLISON’S ANSWER: Most of the time if you are going to a destination wedding the couple will explicitly say “no gifts”. If not, honestly your best course of action is to ask. You are already spending a lot on their wedding and often times even if the couple forgets to say it, they aren’t expecting gifts. But to make sure the couple doesn’t get upset that you never gave them a gift (that happens) you’re better off asking!

ASHLEY’S ANSWER: The short answer, it is never expected that you bring a gift to a destination wedding. Gifts are always appreciated. However, if you are asking your guests to travel from afar to attend your wedding, it should be in the bride and grooms best wishes that they would rather have you in attendance than have a gift. They understand that you are traveling and most likely making arrangements out of your daily life to attend.

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Allison Silber is the founder of the wedding publication, Engaged & Inspired as well as a wedding planner/designer serving the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves Carmel Valley, drinks too much coffee, and styles everything she can get her hands on!

Ashley Smith is the wedding planner for Buzzworthy SF. She believes that purpose, craft, design, and strategy are all cohesive elements to produce a successful event. Ashley is available for weddings in California and worldwide. Her expertise is in the Bay Area, but her heart is in Mexico, where she is certified by the board of tourism to plan and work. If she is not in San Francisco planning weddings and being social, you’ll find her on the beach at Playa Azul, Papaya Playa, or exploring the coast lines in Central America via bicycle.