Five ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor into your big day

Fruit Wedding Decor

Cat Mayer Studio via West Slope Events

Tis the season for fresh fruit — you eat it, but have you ever thought to incorporate it into your wedding? Maybe you have if your last name is Lime (my best friend had a wonderful lime theme), or maybe peaches are your thing because you’re getting married in Georgia! Either way, this unique wedding decor ideas is sure to make a statement!

I promise that after you finish seeing all these fun ways to incorporate fruit wedding decor in to your big day, you’ll stop thinking of them as a food group and start thinking of fruit as a way to bring a fun new twist to your wedding decor!

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Bridal party advice: how to win bridesmaids and influence people

pink bridesmaids

Braedon Photography and Redmond Digital Media

Even for the most relaxo bride, weddings can be stressful. The pressure of planning an event that is attached to emotions, add some family quirks and spending a chunk of change, can unknowingly, and for some surprisingly, reveal cracks in friendships and create unnecessary dramas. To put it simply, we can go a little mental, act in ways that we probably wouldn’t in ‘real life’ especially when it comes to our nearest and dearest…. those who have been there with you through highs and lows…those who forgive you when you say something that you will later regret…I’m talking about bridesmaids. We’re here to give you a little bridal party advice to keep all those friendships attached when all is said and done!

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A Provence-inspired lavender country wedding by a guy + a girl photography


Here’s a silly question — who wouldn’t want to get married in the south of France? The gorgeous lavender, rustic details and sophisticated atmosphere of Provence is enough to make even the most unflappable engaged couples swoon! Well, if you can’t get married in Provence, why not have it come to you? That’s what today’s couple, Debbie and Beau, did with their lavender country wedding at Ahmanson Ranch in Santa Monica!

You’ll be wowed by the rustic, rolling hills and majestic oaks of California as the backdrop for this wedding, which was decorated with lavender, wheat and more special touches like the groom’s family crest! The couple’s heritage was represented in their wedding in a way that made it so unique — but you’ll have to read on to see what I mean!

Captured by a guy + a girl photography, this is one day you don’t want to miss!

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Fun summer wedding ideas to keep guests happy

Sarah Morris Photography

Sarah Morris Photography via Wedding Ideas Mag

Everybody loves attending a summer wedding; however, guests may feel the need to bring with them more than usual to keep themselves happy and relaxed throughout the day – think a bottle of water, sunscreen, bug repellent and so on.

So, why not put your guests at the forefront of your wedding day and provide them all the summer supplies that they may need?! Not only will these fun summer wedding ideas make for happy guests, it also will make for a happy bride and groom since everybody in attendance will be taken care of and ready to help celebrate the day!

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