A Romantic California Ranch Wedding by Lauren Scotti Photographer

romantic california ranch wedding

Imagine the most breathtaking California day: palm trees, sunshine, the works — and now think of the most romantic wedding you’ve ever seen. That’s exactly what the wedding we’re featuring today is like — so you know it’s going to be good! Sarah and Colin got married at The Ranch at Brady Canyon, which is an beautiful venue; but what really makes this special day amazing is the love that Sarah and Colin have for each other. The way they look at each other throughout the day truly shows you that they’re meant to be!

Aside from breathtakingly gorgeous photographs by Lauren Scotti Photographer, this special day is filled with all sorts of pretty details. From the bridesmaids’ peach dresses to the beautiful DIY ceremony arch to the sweet photos of the bride and groom’s first dance, there’s something to love in every moment of this romantic California ranch wedding. Read on for more guaranteed gorgeousness!

romantic california ranch wedding

romantic california ranch wedding

View More: http://laurenscottiphotographer.pass.us/wedding-party

View More: http://laurenscottiphotographer.pass.us/wedding-party

romantic california ranch wedding

romantic california ranch wedding

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Wedding toast advice: 9 rules for an unforgettable toast

wedding toast advice

Emily Blake

 If you’ve been asked to give a wedding toast don’t panic — no, seriously don’t panic. It’s not going to be nearly as scary as you think! Giving a toast at a friend or family member’s wedding is an amazing honor, and it’s your chance to share what you truly love about this person in your life. How many chance do you get to do that?

However, if you’re still getting sweaty palms just thinking about standing up with the mic, don’t worry. We’ve put together this wedding toast advice for you — 9 rules in fact, for delivering a toast that’ll leave them laughing, teary-eyed, and all-around amazed. Ready for the secret sauce?

wedding toast advice

So what do you think brides, wedding guests and potential toast-givers? Are these tips going to help alleviate some of the pressure of delivering a toast, or do you need more? Well, we’ve got you covered with more wedding toast advice if you need it, but we’re confident you’re ready for the big moment. And remember, while you’re giving the toast…it’s not like you’re getting married or anything! :)

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Unique Ideas for Fun Wedding Day Activities for Kids


Brushfire Photography

Weddings, while fun and joyous occasions for the adults in your life, tend to be long and tiring for the youngsters. And the last thing you want at your wedding is a group of crying, cranky kiddos. So, how do you make your special day fun for the little ones in attendance? If you have the right fun wedding day activities for kids, it can be a piece of cake. By the time the reception rolls around, the boredom can start to set in. But, with some carefully planned kid-friendly festivities, you can turn that frown upside down!

Take a look below for some fun tips and tricks that will keep the little ones amped up all day:

1. Scavenger Hunts

The best way to prevent boredom is to give kids something active to do. Create an I-Spy scavenger hunt that features a wedding-themed checklist: a white dress, a delicious dessert, a bouquet of flowers, etc. For added fun, include an inexpensive disposable camera in the mix to bring out the little photographer within. You might be surprised by the result!


Wedding Chicks


A Paper Proposal



2. Kids’ Packs

An easy way to keep kids entertained is with kid-friendly wedding favors placed at each child’s seat during the reception. These can include bubbles, glow sticks, coloring books, crayons, chalk, puzzles, snacks and more.




Festival Brides

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5 ways to save a piece of your wedding for years to come!

unique wedding keepsakes

Tec Petaja Photography

I’m a very visual and sentimental person, I like physical reminders of events that will bring back memories. When our wedding day was over, I knew I wanted to find ways to remember as many details of our celebration as possible. I used a big gallery wall to incorporate a few wedding memories into our home, framing song lyrics from my first dance with my father, hanging a framed invitation we were given, and even finding a use for a leftover piece of lace from my dress. Every time I walk past our gallery wall I get to remember our wedding day and it’s such a sweet way to continue the memory of such a big celebration.

emily wedding lace

I’m sure many brides are equally sentimental about preserving the memories of their wedding day, so I’ve rounded up a few super ways you can save a piece of your wedding for years to come.

We’ve all heard of the tradition of saving the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first wedding anniversary, but there are a whole bunch of pieces of your wedding that could be turned into mementos that won’t be reduced to crumbs after just a short time. So let’s talk about your invitations, flowers and even wedding lace and what you can do with them.

Have Your Wedding Lace Turned into Jewelry

green grass gifts 2

Green Grass Gifts

The dress is one of the biggest choices of your whole wedding process, so it’s no surprise that brides get quite attached to their gown! My grandmother actually made my dress, so I was lucky enough to have a little of the lace leftover. Five years after our wedding, I’m thinking of sending a little bit off to be made into one of these gorgeous resin pendants. They’re waterproof and scratch proof, and you could even include beads or pearls or ribbon to be included. It’s such a sweet idea that comes with an added bonus – your friends will probably ask about your jewelry and you’ll get to talk about your wedding all over again!

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