6 decor tips for newlyweds: how to decorate your first home together

How to decorate and build your first home

Davin G. Photography via Fab You Bliss

You’re finally married (yippee!), and now it’s time to take the ultimate plunge – moving in together! Although this is supposed to be one of the more fun parts of marriage, it also can be frustrating when you two realize that your style and taste in décor couldn’t be more different. I’m fortunate enough that my husband and I pretty much agree on 95% of the interior decorating visions and choices that we have for our home, but I know that’s not the case for everybody. At any point in time, I can guarantee that you and your spouse won’t see eye-to-eye on something, and that’s where compromise plays a large role in every design decision and purchase.

Especially for women who have a natural tendency to “nest,” it can be difficult to keep the feminine touches to a minimum throughout the home. Your guy may not be a big fan of ruffled throw pillows and pink, rose-scented candles. Nonetheless, it is possible to achieve a happy medium and keep your newlywed décor from being too girly or too manly. Just like anything and everything in marriage, it takes teamwork!

Read on to learn our 6 decor tips for newlyweds in their first home!

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3 unique honeymoon destinations you haven’t thought of & tips to plan your own trip


Tessa Barton Photography

With my wedding less than two months away I could not be more excited for the big day. With all the stress that goes into getting ready for the wedding though, what I am really looking forward to is a relaxing week on the beach with my new husband! For my fiance and I picking a honeymoon destination was pretty simple. We knew we wanted a tropical locale, a short flight to maximize our time on the beach and it had to be a spot neither of us had visited before. The Bahamas checked all these boxes and we cannot wait to celebrate our new “married” status island style.

There is a lot to consider when planning a honeymoon so here are a few tips on help you get started, plus three unique honeymoon destinations you haven’t thought of!

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Unique bridesmaid style ideas to make your bridal party stand out on your big day

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses in shades of pink and neutral

Catherine Guidry

My sister is in the midst of planning her wedding – a Valentine’s Day engagement and an August 2015 wedding! She’s brave for taking on such a short engagement, but she does have a wedding writer as a maid of honor! So it’s with a real wedding on my mind that I take on the topic of bridesmaids and how to make sure they are as beautiful as you are on your wedding day.

Now, we’ve all heard the horror stories of bridezillas who want their bridesmaids to look terrible so they look better in comparison. I think it’s safe to say our lovely Wedding Party readers aren’t the type to pull that type of shenanigan, and let’s be honest… It won’t work anyway! The no-fail way to look amazing on your wedding day? Make sure everyone in your bridal party looks their best. Polished, happy bridesmaids will make you look good!

We’ve rounded up the best unique bridesmaid style ideas and looks to help your bridal party look amazing on the wedding day.

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A rustic white and gold wedding by Jenny Storment Photography

Gorgeous sunlit wedding photo of the bride and groom!

We love the stories of high school sweethearts — to us it’s some of the most heartfelt wedding days, when two young people who have been together for so long decide to commit to forever. Danielle and Simon are one such couple, and their wedding day was a filled with sweet white and gold wedding details, the love of friends and family and beautiful moments captured by Jenny Storment Photography! Some words form the photographer:

Danielle and Simon have known each other since 1st grade and have been a couple since 9th grade. After over 11 years together, this day that Danielle envisioned came out beautifully! The colors were gold, cream and champagne which worked perfectly with the late fall day. We had rain all day until it was time for pictures then the sun came out and it was perfect.

Read on to see more of Danielle’s gorgeous lace dress, their intimate ceremony and overall stunning wedding day!

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