A glam Malibu wedding by Pie Shoppe

Totally glam bride and groom. They're so happy!

There’s nothing quite like a glamorous wedding to get your heart pit-pattering when it comes to weddings. For the right bride and groom, an ultra-luxe wedding day is the perfect fit… and we love being able to take a peek at their big day and share it with you brides!

Today’s bride and groom, Daphnee and Grady, had a gorgeously glam Malibu wedding look out at the gorgeous California coast. Though the ceremony was simple, their reception was filled with luxe touches like sweet bistro lights and clean white and purple decor. And can we mention how drop-dead gorgeous Daphnee is? That woman is seriously rocking her mermaid wedding dress, which fits perfectly with her classic updo. Her husband, Grady, can’t keep his eyes off of her!

Read on for more gorgeous shots of this special day, captured beautifully by our friends at Pie Shoppe. Enjoy!

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Unique save the dates that don’t suck

picture-perfect-engagementJeremy Harwell

So you have gotten engaged, had your engagement party, booked most of the vendors for your wedding and you find yourself asking what next? Well now it is time for you to start working on creating amazing and unique save the dates the don’t suck! It may seem like a tall order to create awesome and unique save the dates, but we have found 12 of the best save the date ideas for you! Hopefully these fun and unique save the dates will inspire you.

Just in case you aren’t entirely sure what you should be putting on your save the date here are a few etiquette pointers:

  1. Send the save the dates out 6 months before the wedding (especially if you have a large portion of out of town guests).
  2. Save the dates are a must have for a destination wedding.
  3. Consider your audience before creating a very silly save the date.
  4. Be sure to include the location on the save the date.
  5. Include “formal invitation to follow” so your guests know they will be receiving them.
  6. Let guests know about plus ones on the save the date, so they can plan accordingly.
  7. Include your Wedding Party information on your save the date, so your guests know where to look for more details!
  8. Have fun and come up with something cute!

Read on to see the 12 most unique save the date ideas that don’t suck!

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The 5 best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2015

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Cassandra Eldridge Photography

You’ve set the date, booked the venue, found the dress…now what? Perhaps one of the trickiest to-do’s of all, is finding dresses to suit each of your maids. With so many overwhelming options, we decided to take this one to an expert–so we sat down with Kate Lerman, Owner and Planner of Chicago Vintage Weddings, to discuss the year’s biggest bridesmaid dress ideas and trends, and which ones are right for your big day.

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How to save money on your wedding cake: 12 tips to sweeten the cake cost

Gorgeous floral wedding cake with a sweet topper


Ah, the cake. Having a gorgeous and sweet treat to celebrate your wedding day is one of those quintessential things that most brides and grooms are excited about. That is, until they figure out how much a wedding cake actually costs.

I’m not going to be around the bush here: a traditional wedding cake is expensive. For a multi-tiered cake from a professional wedding cake baker, you’re looking at prices being $2000 and up. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s kind of a crazy amount of money to pay for cake (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cake).

Well brides and grooms, if you’re with me in thinking that $2k is too much to spend on a wedding cake, it’s time to get smart and find those tiny hacks and secrets to cut costs. Today, I’m going to walk you through how to save money on your wedding cake with these 12 awesome tips. Ready for more budget-friendly knowledge? Read on!

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