Win gorgeous bridal accessories for your wedding day style from Jill’s Boutique!



***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Sara Studebaker!***

We’re so excited to have a very special giveaway for all you brides today! Remember Jill, our resident bridal accessories expert and Wedding Party Blogger? Not only is she an accessories expert, she’s also the owner of Jill’s Boutique, a unique Etsy shop filled with her very own handmade bridal headpieces, belts, and more! Since they are all handmade by Jill and her mother, the items in Jill’s Boutique are truly one-of-a-kind accessories embellished with vintage components and jewels.

Whether you’re looking for a statement hairpiece or the perfect way to accentuate your waist, Jill’s gorgeous accessories are surefire ways to up the pretty factor. Even if you’re not a bride, these stylish pieces work well for all sorts of formal events and occasions where you’re looking to turn heads. You can see more accessories by Jill’s Boutique by browsing our favorites below, or you can see how real brides have worn pieces from Jill’s Boutique on her blog, With Love From Jill. OH, and did we mention that this is a giveaway? Yep, you can win one of Jill’s pretty accessories for yourself. Scroll down to learn more…

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DIY Round-up: Wedding Day Emergency Kit Ideas


Liberty in Love

I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but something WILL go wrong on your wedding day. It’s natural. No special event can go off without even the littlest hitch, so prepare yourself the best you can by building your very own Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

Below is my list of the necessities, but make sure to add your own items to this preventative case! You might want to add a pair of contacts, an extra copy of your vows, or maybe even a spare set of wedding rings. Beyond what actually needs to be in your kit, there are many options on how to put them together and display them. So I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas for you today: from a mini-suitcase and pink tackle box, to a mason jar and hand painted box (the internet is just so clever)!

Keep in mind the ingredients in the ‘ultimate’ wedding day emergency kit could cost you upwards of $75, depending where you buy your supplies. I’ve also provided you with DIY difficulty, cost and time pointers below for each project. In case you don’t want to DIY your kit, I share a few options for purchasing them as well.

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A DIY autumn boutonniere perfect for your groom and groomsmen

DIY autumn boutonniere

It’s officially autumn, so there’s no better time to bring out a very autumn-themed DIY project. Today we’re making a super simple DIY autumn boutonniere. If you’re looking for an entry-level DIY you can do for your wedding, boutonnieres are a great option. They can be made the day ahead as long as you use flowers that will hold up, they’re simple to master quickly, and they’ll save you a few bucks!

After you practice one, you’ll find each boutonniere will take you approximately ten minutes to put together. Once you choose and source the flowers, you might spend under an hour on this little DIY project! Considering a boutonniere can cost $12-$15 each, these are a pretty affordable option even when you include your time in the equation. Depending on the flowers you choose, these will cost roughly $3-$5 each!

Here are just a few tips to get started. First, choose flowers or greenery that will hold up for at least 24 hours – we’ve chosen eucalyptus, rose hips, strawflowers and sunflowers. And the only one of those four you need to put in water is the sunflower! Strawflowers survive really well out of water and they can even be dried so you don’t have to worry about them wilting at all.

Second, choose flowers that won’t suffer too much if your groom is doing a lot of hugging. The last thing you want is your groom to hug his mother before walking her down the aisle and his boutonniere gets all squashed!

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

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DIY Do’s and Don’t’s for A Perfectly Balanced Wedding Day


Jordan Weiland Photography via Wedding Chicks

First of all, let us just squeal for a minute because we are so excited to collaborate with Wedding Party as a guest blogger! Wedding Party is such an amazing resource for couples and their guests to capture and remember their precious wedding moments; if only we had known about it for our wedding 3 1/2 years ago…

We are Carlen + David, owners, designers, and makers at host & toast, an online wedding decor shop for creative brides. Each one of our products is designed and produced in our Denver, Colorado studio by combining laser-cut, handmade, and hand-finished methods. Our intention at host & toast is to help couples with some of the many distracting details so they can focus on each other and their future together.

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