Five Tips for Styling Wedding Tables

Old Irish Estate Wedding Photo Inspiration

Brosnan Photographic

Last year, I spent the day observing internationally acclaimed stylists Pearl & Godiva set up for a beautiful wedding in an old Irish estate (in that gorgeous image above!). I arrived earlier on the morning of the wedding and lent a hand while everything for the wedding tables was being unpacked and unwrapped. Just that phase felt like it took forever! And it did, in part because it was a large wedding with lots of tables to set, but also because the stylists at Pearl & Godiva are masters of their craft. It was such a treat to watch them work and I tried to pick up as many tips for styling wedding tables as I could throughout the day.

As you’re planning your wedding, you’re probably scanning photo after photo of beautiful tables, like the ones in this post. But you might be finding it difficult to figure out exactly why a table’s style works so well. Well, I’ve broken down five tips for styling wedding tables that will make your planning process a little simpler. Let’s look at what makes the most beautiful wedding tables so you’ll know what to look for in yours!

5 tips for styling wedding tables

Brosnan Photographic

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5 things every bride must know about choosing wedding colors


Kimberly Chau Photography

Picking your wedding colors is never an easy task. After all, the colors you pick are going to be the ones that appear and reappear throughout your wedding day, so you’ve got to love them! But how is a bride to decide, with all the pretty hues out there? And how will you know which colors to pick and pair together? Here are some of our tips:

  • What does your venue look like? Are you having an outdoor ceremony or an indoor ceremony? There might be some colors in the venue’s natural scenery that might inspire you — think dark plums for a vineyard wedding, or blues for the beach.
  • What season will you be married in? Warm, muted autumn colors might look strange in a springtime ceremony, and those springtime pastels might be out of place in your fall wedding.
  • Think about your bridesmaids. What colors do you see them in? Many brides actually choose their wedding colors after picking out their bridesmaids dresses.
  • Look for inspiration everywhere. I’ve seen weddings whose colors have been inspired by the smallest things — the colors in a favorite patterned blazer, or the hues of a bouquet.
  • Create an inspiration board on Pinterest — however, be very picky with what you Pin. Pinning indiscriminately is fun, but at the end of the day you’ll have a board without a cohesive look or feel. Choose a Pin that you absolutely love, and build a board around the colors, textures, and lighting in that one photo.

One of our favorite looks is sunshine yellow paired with dusty, elegant gray. This color combination is bright and cheery without coming off too bold, as the gray gives the look a more muted feel. Perfect for the springtime throughout the summer, yellow and gray works well with nearly every venue. However, we particularly love the look for weddings taking place in country clubs, backyards, and modern, white reception spaces.

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A Chic Outdoor DIY Wedding by Cottonwood Road Photography


There’s always something wonderful about a bride and groom who have killer smiles — everything about their wedding photos seem to light up more and come to life. Today’s couple, Katy and Ian, not only have amazing smiles, but they also have a VERY chic outdoor DIY wedding that we’re totally in love with. From the handmade paper flower decor to Katy’s gorgeous updo, we’re just smitten with all the special touches to the happy couple’s special day.

And can we talk about those gorgeous wedding photographs taken perfectly at magic hour by Cottonwood Road Photography? Well, let’s just say they don’t call it magic hour for nothing. Read on for more wedding gorgeousness — you’ll want to catch every last detail!






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4 ways to personalize your wedding day decor


Natalie Franke Photography

Have you ever attended a wedding that was beautiful, had great food, a killer DJ, but zero personal touches? As in, the wedding could have been anyone’s wedding. Nothing stood out. Ever had that happen? It’s kind-of sad. The best part about planning a wedding is sharing what makes you unique with your friends and family. If you’re taking the time to read a wedding blog, my guess is you want your wedding day decor to be awesome and reflect you and your fiancé’s personalities. At my wedding, I want people to walk in and go, “this is totally Matt and Gina.”

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go into some elaborate step-by-step DIY project. You don’t have to be a DIY maven to find ways to add personal touches to your wedding day. And I don’t care if you have a wedding planner or are doing everything yourself, you need to think about this stuff. Here are a couple tips on how to let your personality shine on your big day.

1. Add Stuff You Like.

I always get complimented on the décor at my house, which is funny to me because it’s literally just full of stuff I like (plus a lot of Matt’s college sh**). There’s no organized look, but what makes it work is the mix of complementary colors, a variety of textures, and things that mean something to us. Keep this in mind when it comes to your wedding. If you feel confined by a theme or set of colors, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to let your personality shine. So what do you like? Photos, flowers, antique vases, art prints, typography, books, Americana, stripes, wine corks? Figure out what you like and then find a way to incorporate that stuff.



Cluster picture frames together (hint: it’s better if they don’t match), grab memorable items from your house to have on display, or make a collage of things you’ve done together as a couple (saved concert tickets, postcards, photo booth strips…you get the idea). At our wedding, the “stuff we like” includes: wine bottles we’ve saved over the years that have been cut into flower vases; engagement photos; large “M” and “G” letters, some wine boxes including one we got the day of our engagement; and we’re having people sign wine corks we’ve collected over the years instead of a guest book.

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