30 fabulous fall wedding tablescapes to inspire your Thanksgiving table decor

Let fall wedding tablescapes inspire your Thanksgiving table decor! Love this rustic look with candles, wood, and pine.

Jacque Lynn Photography

How is Thanksgiving already around the corner? If you’re anything like me, this festive holiday has snuck up quite quickly this fall season…and it’s time to get ready for that delicious dinner! While we can’t help you with preparing and cooking the perfect meal, we can help you find the perfect look for your Thanksgiving table decor! How, you ask? By borrowing the most gorgeous ideas from this season’s prime crop of fall wedding tablescapes!

That’s right — just because these pretty fall table decor ideas are featured on wedding blogs, doesn’t mean you can’t borrow inspiration from them for your own home during the holidays. Best of all, weddings are such meticulously designed and planned occasions, that there are tons of pretty & chic ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor that don’t include cornucopias and pumpkins. Hooray!

Whether you’re looking for a fresh, minimalistic look or a more colorful and dramatic Thanksgiving tablescape, the ideas below will definitely get your creative mind working to borrow the best elements to create the perfect holiday atmosphere!

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Solange Knowles’ wedding: See her dress and steal her indie wedding day style!


Wait one hot second — did you know that Solange Knowles got married this weekend? It’s been quite the year for the Knowles family (The Jay & Solange elevator incident, Jay & Bey’s On the Run Tour, and The Carters’ marriage controversy, to name a few), but here’s one very happy event that we think they’ll remember for a loooooong time.

Solange and her now-husband, Alan Ferguson, were married in New Orleans in a special day that is SO Solange. Indie, unique, and casual, we’re basically obsessed with Solange Knowles’ wedding. First of all, Solange and Alan rode to their ceremony on bicycles. Talk about the most low key and sweet entrance ever!

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How to track wedding RSVP cards and gifts, and get those thank you cards In the mail on time

This is definitely the best system to organize wedding rsvp cards that I've ever seen!

hooray creative via Minted

Despite living in the digital age, most couples opt to send traditional paper wedding invitations, including an RSVP card that guests are required to send back to note whether they will be in attendance or not. Similarly, most couples’ wedding registries are made available online to guests, who then have the option to ship a gift directly to the couple prior to their wedding day.

Although nothing compares to the feeling of receiving a handful of RSVP cards each day in the mail and boxes of gifts, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. RSVP cards could potentially get lost in the mail, or guests could forget to write their name on the card before sending it back, and gift tags and notes that correspond to each gift can get mixed up in the shuffle.

Well brides-to-be, there is a simple solution to organizing the chaos – Microsoft Excel and note cards! Here’s how to set up a system to track wedding RSVP cards, and for all your other wedding needs, too!

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Wedding disaster? Redo your wedding day with Las Vegas #IDoRedo!


A wedding disaster. It’s something no one wants on their big day, but let’s face it: life happens and sometimes things aren’t going to go as planned, even on your wedding day. However, after all that time spent planning and worrying about your wedding, a wedding disaster can just feel…unfair.

Maybe you feel like you want to do your wedding all over again? Well, the good news is, now you can! Brides and grooms, get ready to redo your wedding in the most perfect way: in Las Vegas!

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