Wedding etiquette: How much should I spend on a wedding gift?


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QUESTION: How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

GINA’S ANSWER: I don’t put a price tag on my guests’ heads and would rather they attend my wedding, gift or no gift. Everyone’s financial situation varies and you should spend what you feel is appropriate and can afford.

I’ve had instances where I only gave a card because I was cash-strapped and/or spent a lot of money to travel to the wedding, and other times I’ve given a gift worth up to $100. Do consider your financial situation and your relationship with the bride and groom, be thoughtful, and stay within your means.

JESS’ ANSWER: To the bride and groom, it shouldn’t matter how much you spend on your gift. The couple should have registered for a variety of items at different price ranges. They know not everyone can afford to buy them Waterford crystal!

Find something on the registry at a price point you’re comfortable spending. If not, a great option is to always go in on a “big” present with a few friends.

ASHLEY’S ANSWER: You should always spend what you feel comfortable spending and spend within your means. There is no need to break the bank on a gift!

Many couples put their registries and honeymoon registries on their wedding websites. This is a great tool for both parties, as you can select items you as you wish and the couple is getting items they actually want.

Honeymoon registries are especially fantastic because you can choose an amount to contribute to their desired honeymoon, whether it be a $50 dinner out or a $1200 plane ticket to a remote island. This is a wonderful opportunity to express your excitement for the couple, and to help them in the ways they would most appreciate.

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Boho Wedding Inspiration for the Blushing Bride


Jenna Bechtholt Photography

Summer is wedding season, and nothing says summer quite like a boho wedding. If you’re looking for something a little less traditional than a black tie wedding, boho may just be the way to go. It’s fun, flirty and ethereal and will make you feel like a woodland princess.

To help get you started on your boho wedding planning journey, we started a list of boho wedding inspired hairstyles, shoes, and dresses–the three wedding day essentials for any blushing bride. Boho weddings tend to incorporate flowers, lace, and billowy fabrics, so keep that in mind when shopping for your special day.

Check out our list of boho wedding inspired style ideas for all your boho wedding planning needs. Take a look below to get inspired and then like, comment and share to let us know what you think.



Love Is a Big Deal


Nessa K Photography


Sarah Gawler Photography


Priscila Valentina Photography


Priscila Valentina Photography


Priscila Valentina Photography

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How to Handle Your Tailor: Preventing a Wedding Dress Disaster


Katy Lunsford Photography

You know the drill. Go to a bridal-salon/vintage-consignment-store/trunk-show/whatever, find the dress of your dreams, and kickstart a plan to shape your body to fit the mold of your wedding dress perfectly. As such, buying a wedding dress comes with a few caveats — namely, wedding dresses are expensive as all hell to alter and it’s a lot harder than it should be to find a tailor capable of  producing your even more perfect version of your already perfect dress.

Hence, this guide here is to instruct you on how to narrow down your selection of tailors to a few, VERY excellent ones. And regardless of what you feel or think, this rule trumps all:


I get it. Some people don’t like speaking up their minds, and that’s fine. At the very least, bring a close friend or relative who will be able to communicate what you want very clearly to your tailor. Your idea of adding a ‘small, modest bustle’ to a dress could result in a Bjork-a-la-swan-dress affair if your tailor has no idea what ‘small’ and ‘modest’ means to you. Now that we’ve established the most important rule at hand, it’s time to move onto the next steps.

Consult, consult, consult the reviews and testimonials



Nothing speaks better about someone’s performance than those who have experienced it firsthand. Yelp is a good place to look for reviews for a local tailor/seamstress, but places like WeddingWire tend to be more wedding-focused. It’s worth checking both out and see whether or not reviews cover the tailor’s ability to do specifically what you want done on your dress. One time, I read a story in which a bridal salon doing alterations had gotten into some shady business and essentially shut down and held dresses hostage, refusing to let anyone pick up their dresses. And lord knows how many stories I’ve read about girls ask a tailor to replicate their dream-but-too-expensive wedding dress online just to find that it shoddily put together.  Don’t be that girl.

Send in less expensive, more casual clothes to get tailored

You know the clothes that kind of sit sadly and limply in the back of your closet because you bought it on a whim? Yeah, take those to the tailor. Think of it as a test. If the tailor is able to produce satisfactory results on your clothes, not only does he/she get a feel for your body, but you will also be convinced that his/her performance is of superior quality and consistency. Plus, you get some awesome new additions to your wardrobe just because it fits your body right! Sometimes, the initial work maybe impeccable to create a good first impression, but don’t let up just in case the seamstress ends up getting sloppy over time.

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A California Beach Engagement by Steve Cowell Photography

Stuart & Daena-12

Recently engaged? Thinking about taking some engagement photos in the near future? Or, do you just like really pretty and romantic photos? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you’ll have to check out this gorgeous beach engagement we have on the blog today!

Stuart and Daena are a gorgeous couple whose engagement session was inspired by their favorite things to do — picnic, be on the beach, sing, and hang out with each other! These gorgeous photos captured by Steve Cowell will make you want to frolic on the beach with your love, all day everyday. Ready to see more? Read on!

Stuart & Daena-1

Stuart & Daena-5

Stuart & Daena-4

Stuart & Daena-3

Stuart & Daena-7

Stuart & Daena-10

Stuart & Daena-13

Stuart & Daena-15

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