Bridal deals: shop & save for your wedding during the holidays

Bridal steals & deals: shop these sales to save for your wedding during the holidays

Lauren Conrad

Tis the season for gift giving, incredible savings, and saving on wedding must haves. Yes, those Black Friday and holiday savings you’re seeing pop up in your email inbox, across Facebook, and in your local mall are great ways to save on gifts for everyone on your list, and perfect when it comes to saving for the wedding. Read on to hear more about these incredible bridal deals!

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Matching tattoo ideas for couples (and a cool alternative for you & your guests if you don’t want to get inked!)

Matching couple tattoos for the bride and groom. So sweet! Would you get inked for your special someone?

We all know that making taking the plunge with your significant other is the ultimate commitment — after all, vowing to spend a lifetime together is a pretty big deal.  But you know what else is a big deal (and maybe even a little more permanent)? Tattoos!

Increasingly, I’ve seen couples get inked for the other person, or even coordinated together on matching tattoos to symbolize their love. I actually think this idea is kind of awesome, especially when couples get super creative and incorporate symbols or quotes that mean something personal and special to their relationship. After all, if you’re getting married, might as well go ahead and exchange ink after you’ve exchanged rings!

I’ve found some of the most adorable and cool matching tattoo ideas for couples from real couples — and I have to say, they’ve definitely made me think about taking the other plunge! Some couples have gotten really creative with the way they symbolized their love for the other person, and it’s kind of awesome. Read on to see more! Also, if you’re not sure about getting inked permanently but like the idea, we have the perfect solution for you after the jump…

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4 stunning winter flower crown styles that will convince you they aren’t just for summer brides

Gorgeous white and pale green, winter flower crown! Check out the post for other gorgeous winter flower crown styles!

Flower crowns are one of many gorgeous ways to wear flowers in your hair at your wedding! Often when we think of brides wearing stunning flower crowns, we think of warm summer weddings where there are lots of bright flowers in bloom. I am here to show you though, that flower crowns can be just as stunning and breathtaking on brides having a winter wedding.

In order for your flower crown to look wintry, try an all-white and green flower crown or one with lots of greenery and pale pinks. Another option is to focus more on deep ruby red blooms, combined with greenery such as pine needles. You can also turn to more fall colors such as yellow and burnt orange for a more autumnal wintry feel. Hopefully we can help you find the winter flower crown style, that will make you stand out as a bride!

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Our favorite marsala wedding inspiration, in honor of Pantone’s new Color of the Year!

A groom in a marsala colored suit jacket. So great! The bride's bouquet has marsala colored flowers too!

Anna Delores Photography

Hard to believe it’s already been a full year since Pantone announced Radiant Orchid was the color of the year for 2014! Well they’ve done it again, and this time I have to say I am much more excited this time around for the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala!

I’ll be the first to admit that the word Marsala conjures up yummy images of rich, hearty chicken pasta. However Marsala as the color itself is a gorgeous, deep and earthy jewel tone that immediately catches the eye and makes a statement. It’s dramatic, romantic, and of course, totally perfect for weddings. We’ve gathered up our favorite marsala wedding inspiration ideas from past brides that were a bit ahead of the curve and already incorporated this pretty color in their big day! From bridesmaids dresses to grooms style and gorgeous statement floral design, marsala looks good on almost any aspect of your wedding! See for yourself after the jump…

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