8 Fun RSVP Card Questions

We’ve all seen the boring RSVP card that everyone expects… chicken or fish, attending or not-attending.  Since you’re already paying for the return postage, why not use your RSVP cards as an opportunity to ask your guests questions that they’ll enjoy answering, and you’ll love reading.  Here are 8 fun RSVP card questions! Read More

20 Beautiful Reasons to Have a Summer Camp Wedding


Summer Camp Wedding - Via Wedding Party App
Elizabeth Messina Photography

Whether you’re inspired by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, or get all of the nostalgic feels thinking about your childhood summers spent at sleep away camp, there are tons of reasons to opt for a summer camp wedding!  Not only can it allow you to have all of your friends and family present in one place for the entire wedding weekend, but camps can also provide a beautiful backdrop with an added bonus of tons of activities to keep your guests occupied (swimming, canoeing, archery, fire pits, etc).  Keep in mind that not all summer camps host private events (and if they do they are mostly limited to spring and fall weekends) and you’ll want to double check about alcohol and catering rules.  Here are 20 photos that prove summer camp is the way to go for the rustic, outdoorsy couple!

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Wedding dance songs to start the party

new girl wedding dance gif

Weddings and dancing go hand in hand, but when you’re getting together a bunch of people who don’t know each other, how can you be sure everyone will let loose and get jiggy with it?  Alcohol can help, but so can group dance songs that everyone already knows!  We’ve compiled a list of the best wedding dance songs for you to share with your DJ or add to your playlist to ensure that your guests have a blast on the dance floor all night long.  To make things even easier, we’ve included video links to the dances themselves so you can brush up on your moves ahead of time!

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