A preppy downtown restaurant wedding by M Kay Photography


I’m so excited to wrap up this week with a wedding that is very special to our hearts! We’re sure you remember our bridal blogger Gina, who shared many a helpful wedding planning tip during her days in blogging with us? Well, today we’re featuring her wedding, which was an intimate, fun restaurant wedding in downtown Boise. Besides having a lot of wedding wisdom to share, Gina is also a freelance graphic designer who used her design skills to create fun touches like their wedding signage and monogram on favors.

Even more unique? Gina and Matt had a cocktail hour before their ceremony with guests, to make the rounds and give the entire event a fun, casual cocktail-party feel. With fun pops of green and navy, this is one unique wedding day photographed by M Kay Photography that you don’t want to miss!

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A hip country engagement with a sweet touch by Kaytee Lauren Photography

A hip country engagement...with a sweet treat!

Is it possible to have an engagement shoot that’s equal parts romantic, lighthearted and fun? It might seem like a hard thing to pull off, but today’s couple, Rebekah and Josh, totally nailed it! From the gorgeous country scenery to their stylish, casual outfits and (literally!) sweet moments with their favorite donuts, this couple sprinkled a little bit of everything into their hip country engagement photos. And it totally worked!

Captured beautifully by Kaytee Lauren Photography, Rebekah and Josh’ engagement is one you’re sure to be inspired by. Keep reading for more pretty pictures…and don’t blame us if you’re hankering for a donut after this!

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10 unique bridal shower ideas that bring the fun factor!

Adorable gold bridal shower style

Kendi Everyday

If you’re a bride to be, chances are you’ve got an army of amazing bridesmaids, friends and family members behind you to help support you throughout the journey. Part of their job is to throw you a bonafide amazing bridal shower, but if they’ve never thrown a shower before, it can be hard to figure out step one. Especially with an event that’s a little bit traditional (and dare we say outdated sometimes?) the stakes are high to make it awesome.

So how do you throw a bridal shower of your dreams? Well, this blog post is a great place to start! We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite fun and unique bridal shower ideas to make the day memorable for everyone. Read on for more tips!

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25 keyhole wedding dress ideas for a subtle & sexy bridal look

Beaded jenny packham keyhole wedding dress style

lavish and light

There’s been a lot of hype about some of 2015’s newest bridal styles, from crop top dresses to plunging backs and other daring wedding dress looks. These trends are perfect for some brides who are looking to add a little more drama and style to their wedding day. However, there’s one open back wedding dress look that’s quietly becoming more popular and is perfect for a timeless bride who wants her wedding day look to combine classic style with today’s trends: the keyhole wedding dress!

Keyhole wedding dresses feature a look that’s classic in front, but exposes just a little bit of the bride’s back for a sexy yet elegant look. From delicate lace to vintage beading, the keyhole wedding dress style is totally versatile, and brides who are shopping for their dresses will probably be able to find the style in a range of looks. We’ve rounded up our 25 favorite real brides who sported this feminine and subtle look for their wedding day. Get ready to fall in love with this wedding dress style!

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