Wedding advice: Tips for planning your wedding bar, and 5 fun cocktail ideas


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Let’s be real. This is the part of the wedding that everyone REALLY looks forward to — cocktail hour. And what would a wedding reception be without some boozey mixed drinks. Drinks + dancing + good friends = guaranteed good times. But too much alcohol and your big day is sure to be more Jersey Shore or college frat party than a William and Kate royal affair. So first, let’s get some things cleared up. Like, for starters, how much alcohol do I buy? This is an important question to ask. One thing you definitely don’t want to run out of is drinks. At the same time, though, you’re not trying to be a Vegas nightclub serving bottomless margaritas.

So then, how exactly do you estimate the number of drinks to be consumed? Well, if your venue provides a bar or you opt to hire your own bartending service, then you’re mostly in the clear. Sure, it may cost a little bit more, but you may decide that the ease and convenience more than make up for the extra dollars spent.




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Here’s some quick and easy tips to get you started. For a Friday or Saturday night wedding, estimate that:

1 bottle of wine = 5 servings

1 case = 12 bottles

750 mL bottle of liquor = 18 servings 

1 bottle = 1 serving of beer 

1 keg = 165 beers 

Now that that’s cleared up, where do we go from here? Ratios.

Full bar = 20% liquor, 15% beer, 65% wine

Beer and wine only = 20% beer, 80% wine 


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Okay, we’re halfway there. But now we have to start doing the math. So let’s assume one drink per guest per hour of reception. Planning for a Saturday night wedding with 200 guests and a reception that begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 12 a.m., that’s 6 hours of drink consumption. So, for a beer and wine bar:

200 (guests) x 6 (hours) = 1200 drinks 

1200 x 0.2 = 240 beers 

1200 x 0.8 = 960 glasses of wine, / 5 = 192 bottles of wine, / 12 = 16 cases 


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Now that the hard part is over, we can get to the fun part. What kind of alcohol should I buy? Typically, a full bar includes the following: two beers (one light, one dark), white wine, red wine, champagne, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and assorted mixers. Seem overwhelming? You’re not alone. Most weddings tend to go for a wine and beer only bar. Too much choice can be overwhelming for guests, and wine and beer tend to be the most consumed beverages anyway, so you may as well make things simple for yourself.

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A simple guide to bridesmaids duties and etiquette

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If you’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaids (or MOH!) at an upcoming wedding, congratulations! You’ve been invited to help a friend experience one of the most fun, exciting and significant times in his/her life. Even if it’s your zillionth time being a bridesmaid, it’s still a big deal and a big honor.

However, as with most things in the wonderful world of weddings, doing a great job at being a bridesmaid is a bit of a mystery. Chances are within your experience as a bridesmaid, there are going to be etiquette questions, unclear responsibilities, and conflicts in communicating that might put a damper on all the festivities. That’s why we decided to help demystify some of the process for brides and bridesmaids alike with a handy infographic! We’ve covered everything from the bridesmaid basics to extra credit duties to MOH responsibilities — so Pin, Tweet, or share this infographic away with your best ladies. Hopefully you guys find it helpful!


Thoughts on the infographic, ladies and gents? What bridesmaids or MOH duties did we leave out? Anything here you disagree with? Let us know in the comments, or tweet your thoughts to us @wedding. Happy bridesmaid-ing!

The info in our infographic was originally posted by our friends at A Practical Wedding.

5 Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessories


Style Me Pretty

It’s out with the old and in with the new! The days of only wearing veils are gone. Here at Wedding Party, we’ve put together a list of modern, updated twists on the old classics. These aren’t your grandmothers’ veils. Fun, funky and fresh, there’s sure to be something for every kind of bride! Take a look below for some wedding day inspiration:


Brooches are an easy wedding to add some sparkle and flair. Since brooches tend to be heavy, it’s best to wear them with hairstyles that are at least partially pinned for extra support.





Birdcage Veil

Perfect for the vintage bride, the birdcage veil pairs best with a simple hairstyle, placed slightly at a diagonal across the face.


100 Layer Cake


Jannie Baltzer

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Win $250 for your Wedding Invitations and Stationery from Crafty Pie Press!


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We’re firm believers in starting the week off right here at Wedding Party. From gorgeous weddings to awesome giveaways, we want to make sure each week we’re putting our best foot forward! Which is why…we’re excited to announce we’ve got another great giveaway for you lovely readers! Our fantastically talented friends at Crafty Pie Press are giving one lovely bride $250 to spend on anything in their adorable shop! Specializing in unique, modern and vintage wedding invitations, save the dates and all other wedding stationery, whoever wins this giveaway is going to be spoiled for choice at their amazing online wedding invitation boutique!

The list of reasons why we love Crafty Pie Press is pretty much endless. But if you’re looking for some deets on why they’re awesome, look no further:

  • All their designs are completely customizable. You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts and update your wording to match your wedding or event without any additional cost! Click here to see some of their custom work.
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  • Trying to keep your special day green? Well that’s perfect, because Crafty Pie uses eco-friendly cardstocks in a variety of textures and weights: 110lb premium matte, 110lb felt textured, 120lb cotton and 220lb double thick matte.
  • Crafty Pie makes sure you love their stationery: front, back, and down to the last detail. They boast a variety of backer options, from patterns to solid colors, that can be printed on the back of the cards.
  • Did we mention they offer FREE shipping to ALL orders being shipped in the U.S.?!
  • Wedding Party readers get an exclusive coupon code for 15% off at Crafty Pie! Enter WPA2014 at checkout. It’s good for a whole month so don’t snooze on this!

So if you’ve stopped reading right about now and are planning on hopping over the Crafty Pie to check it out like, now, we won’t blame you. BUT, we do have a sneak peek at some of Crafty Pie’s newest wedding invites for 2014 right on this post. Scroll for pretty paper goodness…and instructions on how to win $250 to their shop!


Modern Nautical Invitation Suite


Modern Love Save the Date

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