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Ah, wedding favors. If you’ve planned a wedding or are in the process of planning one, you’ll know this is one of those small reception details that you can spend days agonizing over. Questions like “Do I even need favors?” and “What favors will my guests actually like?” often arise, and many brides these days opt to skip favors in favor (no pun intended) of using that money for other parts of the wedding.

Well, I’m here to say it once and for all: Brides, don’t skip the favors. Really.

While the wrong favors can certainly be a waste of money, the right favors will not only be a sweet token of thanks to your guests, but will be the last impression your guests will have of your wedding day. The trick is to find something with that wow-factor. Luckily for you, we’ve seen our share of wedding favors and know EXACTLY what will pack a memorable punch.

Candy is truly one a no-fail favor for your guests. Not only is it a sweet end-of-the-evening treat, but it’s guaranteed that by the time the bar closes and your guests are being ushered out the door, they’ll want something delicious to snack on. We love the idea of personalizing your candy favors in a fun way to bring together the entire look and feel of your wedding in this last little impression of the big day. Don’t worry if this is starting to sound a little complicated — because it’s actually not! All you need is personalized candy bar wrappers for your favors from Sweet Paper Shop!

sweet paper shop

Sweet Paper Shop is an online boutique that provides unique and custom candy bar wrappers in a variety of colors, designs, and fonts at a surprisingly affordable cost. How does it work? Sweet Paper Shop provides you with your custom paper and foil wrappers, and you supply the Hershey’s chocolate bars. The paper comes with double-sided adhesive, so all you have to do is wrap up the candy and voila — your instant wedding favors! Best of all, the makers behind Sweet Paper Shop are real people who take care of each and every one of their customers, so the candy bar wrappers are picture-perfect for each celebration.

sweet paper shop

And now for the kicker — one bride can win $75 to Sweet Paper Shop for her own personalized candy bar wrappers for wedding favors! Here’s how to win:


Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

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2. Comment on this post & tell us why you want to win custom candy bar wrappers from Sweet Paper Shop!

3. That’s it — you’re entered!


Want to see more of Sweet Paper Shop’s custom candy wrapper creations? Make sure to visit their boutique, and follow them on Pinterest and Facebook for the inside scoop and latest news.

Don’t wait to enter this giveaway — as always, it closes in one week, so you have until next Thursday, Sept. 11. We’ll announce the winner that Friday the 12th, so stay tuned and check up on this post to see if you are the lucky winner! Good luck!

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Bridal Gowns for Today’s Bride

Vintage Bridal Gowns

Duston Todd 

It’s Thursday. If your social media newsfeeds look anything like mine, they are full of Throwback Thursday posts. Everyone has a few favorite moments they like to share: classic portraits, cherished candids, and nostalgic recollections of times gone by. Many brides and grooms choose to pay tribute to years past by tying in time-honored traditions, celebrating loved ones both living and deceased, and incorporating family heirlooms. One great way to make your day a timeless event is to rock a vintage bridal gown in a classic cut on the day of your nuptials. Alternatively, you could style your wedding day to be a blast from the past with an era-specific gown.

There are a multitude of upsides to wearing a vintage gown. First, they are unique! It’s easier to style a totally individual wedding look when you’re looking for a dress outside of the last five years’ design. Next, they are often less expensive than retail gowns. (Many of the gowns below are available for less than $1,000.) Translation: you can choose to spend less money overall OR spend the same amount for a better quality fabric. Speaking of fabrics, it’s much easier to find vintage gowns in a variety of fabrics. To start, take a look at historically popular wedding gown styles by decade to find a style you love for less.

When looking to find a vintage gown, start by looking for gowns saved from family members’ past weddings. Ideally, you’ll find a family member (a mother, grandmother, etc.) who had their dress cleaned after their big day. I had visions of wearing my mother’s dress with alterations (sorry, those 80s power sleeves don’t do it for me). Regrettably, she never had her dress cleaned… which means that a night of sweat has had more than twenty five years to yellow and stain the gown. Cleaning an antique or vintage gown can be challenging because you need to rigorously clean the gown without damaging the integrity of the fabric. If you’ll be cleaning or restoring a vintage gown, find a professional cleaner you trust implicitly. The biggest challenge in finding a vintage wedding dress is handling cleaning and alterations without damaging the gown.

Vintage gowns are not for everyone but they are a fabulous option for those seeking unique bridal wear, those throwing an era-inspired event, or those who want to honor a close friend or family member. If you’re purchasing a vintage gown from an online retailer, here’s a short and sweet guide to purchasing a vintage gown. In the meantime, check out the following gorgeous vintage options for a modern bride.

Vintage Bridal Gowns

Dress: Shareen Vintage via OnceWed listing / Photography: Veronica Lola Photography

Vintage Bridal Gowns

Dress: Family Heirloom / Photography: Docuvitae / via Style Me Pretty

Vintage Bridal Gowns


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5 wedding rules you can break, according to the experts


Katch Silva

You know what they say — rules were meant to be broken! As a bride that might be a little hard to feel okay about; after all, many wedding traditions have been around for centuries, and some more “proper” guests and family members might not be on board with ditching traditions that they find essential to a wedding. But you know what, brides? It’s time to break some rules and blaze new wedding trails. Especially when in the scheme of things, many wedding traditions can be quite trivial. Who will really care and remember if you had five bridesmaids and three groomsmen? And we promise, Aunt May won’t keel over and die if you don’t freeze the top layer of your wedding cake for the anniversary.

Lauren Conrad, who’s positioned to be the modern girl’s new Emily Post, has a few thoughts about wedding rules you can break for the big day. With her wedding in the works, you can bet that her fete will be a completely classy wedding, sprinkled with modern touches. And we totally agree with her most recent post on the 5 wedding rules that are okay to break.


What do you think of ditching these 5 traditions for your own day? Which rules will you follow and which rules (if any) will you break that are not highlighted here?

Infographic content via, photo via Sarah Waggoner Photography

Simple Wedding DIY: Watercolor Table Numbers

Watercolor Table Numbers

Wedding table numbers are one of my favorite ways to add personality and color easily and inexpensively. These watercolor table numbers are just about the easiest and the most inexpensive version of table numbers. The idea of painting with watercolors can sound intimidating, but I have a few tricks for taking any of that fear away.

watercolor table numbers supplies



  • Gouache paints
  • A thin paintbrush
  • Water color paper
  • Picture frame (optional)
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Printed fabric (optional)
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

First, buy a few tubes of gouache paints, they’re like watercolor paints but they’re just a little less translucent so you’ll have more control with the colors. And because they’re a little stronger, they’ll stand out on your tables more.

Second, invest in a nice thin paintbrush. Paying just a few dollars for a good quality paint brush means your strokes will be smooth – and this is half the battle!

You’ll also need water color paper, and for this version I framed the finished numbers in white Ikea frames surrounded by this pretty Liberty print fabric and embellished with polka dot washi tape. But you could easily get away with just making the numbers – the water color paper is thick enough that it will stand up on its own, so you can lean it against your flower arrangement or slide it into one of those metal table number stands that most hotels or venues have on hand.

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