How to organize wedding information and keep on top of planning

How to organize wedding info

This Love of Yours Photography via Style Me Pretty

Nobody can quite prepare you for the amount of paperwork that comes out of wedding planning – between vendor contracts, bridal party contact sheets, ceremony checklist requirements and so on, it is easy to quickly get overwhelmed and lose track of details.

This is where Type-A personality organization comes into play. For me, this was simple – between an organized electronic folder on my desktop and a hard copy binder divided into each section of the wedding weekend, I developed a system that was clean, organized and easy to reference at a moment’s notice.

However, I understand that organization and details is not everybody’s passion or strong suit. But, when it comes to wedding planning, you will need to dig deep to find your inner-planner and organizer so you don’t – quite simply put – lose your sanity.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! I’m here to help in offering my best tips for how to organize wedding information and stay on top of the details throughout your months of wedding planning.

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4 cool bridesmaid bonding ideas so your bridal party can meet each other!

Adorable bridesmaids in pink

Amy Arrington via Snippet & Ink

When you’re choosing your bridesmaids, you’re likely to be thinking about the ladies in your life who are closest to you, who you’ve grown up with or grown close to in various stages of your life. You make a selection of your dearest friends from throughout your life. What you’re likely not thinking about is how well your bridesmaids will get along with each other, but of course, that is an important part of a peaceful and enjoyable wedding experience for you and everyone in your wedding party.

While we’re not suggesting to choose your bridesmaids based on who will have the most in common, we are suggesting that once you choose them, you think about how to help your bridesmaids get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other before your wedding. Just a little thought and time spent on bridesmaid bonding ideas will save you from worrying about your bridesmaids getting along on your wedding day when you should be focusing on getting married!

When I got married, I had four bridesmaids who knew each other relatively well before our wedding day. One sister, one sister-in-law and two college friends. They got along swimmingly despite the fact that the four of them weren’t together until the day before the wedding! But I’ve had two sisters-in-law get married with large and varied wedding parties of nine ladies each, so I know first hand what works and what doesn’t!

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An Art-Deco inspired Gatsby wedding by Deep End Imagery

Gatsby inspired wedding style

A wedding day is truly perfect when a couple makes it their own, and today’s wedding is the perfect example of two people who bucked tradition and mad their big day unique. Romeo and Mylene were married in a Chicago, in an art-deco inspired Gatsby wedding that looks like it time-traveled straight from the 1920s.

Of course, no special day is complete without personal touches, and this one is full of them! Mylene’s dress and veil were hand-crocheted by her grandmother, and the flowers (from Cotsco!) were arranged by the friends and family of the couple. Even their invitations and escort cards were DIY by the best man. How’s that for a team effort?

From the sweet DIY art-deco details to the couple’s dapper 20’s style, this is one wedding you have to see for yourself. Read on to see more of this beautiful wedding captured by Deep End Imagery!

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Unique bridal boudoir photo ideas & how to feel confident during your boudoir session

Lacy bridal boudoir photo with high waisted lingerie

Elizabeth Messina

Bridal boudoir shoots have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and it can be a fun way to capture that bride-to-be glow you’ve been sporting since the day you said “yes!” And while boudoir might suggest sexy lingerie or sultry poses, it doesn’t necessarily have to. Sexy means a different thing to everyone, and this type of photo shoot should really about what makes you feel beautiful right now.

Before asking a photographer friend to shoot my photos, I did a little research on my own and stumbled upon one 80’s-inspired bedroom shot after another. We’re talking teased hair, heavy makeup, and high-waisted thongs. They may or may not have involved satin sheets and a bride-to-be with a rose stuck between her teeth. Needless to say, this wasn’t for me.

For my boudoir shoot, lingerie wasn’t really my thing. I wanted something more sweet than sexy, more Old Hollywood than modern bombshell. We opted for romantic shots of my wedding day accessories (The veil! The jewelry! The shoes!) and added vintage props like suitcases, old clocks, and books. Sophisticated, whimsical, pretty – and no cleavage in sight.

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