The true cost of wedding flowers: Why wedding flowers are so expensive

Gorgeous navy and marsala wedding color decor

There’s always a big part of the wedding budget that brides underestimate — the wedding flowers. The surprise that most brides feel when they discover the true cost of wedding flowers can also be mystifying — I mean, how on earth can wedding flowers cost so much?! If you’re wondering the same thing yourself, then prepare to have that question answered today! We’ve invited Audrey Chaney from Botanica Floral and Event Design in Sacramento to tell us all the secrets of wedding flowers: what goes into creating a dream wedding floral arrangement, how to make a wedding vision a reality and (most of all) why you might need to allocate more than you thought to your floral budget. Take it away, Audrey!


I’m sure a lot of brides are shocked to find out that their $1500 allotted floral budget isn’t going to cover the wedding of their dreams… and there’s good reason why! It seems like such a cliche question, but really, why are wedding flowers so expensive? I’ve broken down a few key points that you might not know about the tedious world of flowers, to share just why exactly your wedding flowers are so expensive:

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A whimsical retro pink and gold wedding by Lovers of Love Photography

Retro rocker bride and groom wedding photo

There’s always something about Palm Springs weddings that are effortlessly hip and vintage. Maybe it’s just in the DNA of the place, or the couples who choose to get hitched in Palm Springs have similar aesthetics — but whatever it is, we’re on board with it!

Tony and Cara had their special day at The Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, in a celebration filled with whimsical, retro pink and gold wedding details. This couple is truly one of a kind — their own style and personalities shone through in all aspects of the day, which was captured beautifully by the talented team at Lovers of Love Photography! Our favorite part of the big day? The impromptu rock concert at the end of the reception, complete with the groom on electric guitar.

Keep scrolling for more beautiful retro pink and gold wedding inspiration!

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How to give a wedding toast: speech writing tips for wedding guests

Wedding toast tips for nervous wedding guests!

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Need to learn how to give a wedding toast? Giving a toast at a wedding or event is a big deal, and for a lot of people, public speaking evokes feelings of extreme terror… which reminds me of this quote from Jerry Seinfeld.

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

It doesn’t have to be this way! I promise, by then end of this article, you’ll be raising a glass to toast the success of your own future toasting (that is meta).

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Celebrity wedding hair inspiration: 3 gorgeous hairstyles inspired by the stars


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Celebrities can serve as a really great form of inspiration for brides! From red carpets events to even their own wedding day looks, celebrities offer a different take on some styles you may not have thought to try for yourself! When it comes to picking a wedding hairstyle, you have more options than just the ones you see on Pinterest and Bridal Magazines – just look to your favorite stars for the ultimate celebrity wedding hair inspiration!

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