Wedding processional and recessional song ideas to walk down the aisle to!


Joey Kennedy Photography via Style Me Pretty

I knew what I wanted for my processional music for a long time before my wedding. It took me at least a few months to get the courage to tell anyone my idea, but when I finally Googled “Color Blind” by the Counting Crows paired with “wedding music” I was thrilled when I realized I was far from the only one who wanted something a little unusual to walk down the aisle.

So about an hour before our ceremony, I found my husband’s aunt and asked her if she could just play the intro to Color Blind over and over again as I walked down the aisle. You know the part, that beautiful piano part at the beginning. She was a little confused at first, but once she realized how simple it was, she was on board.

When it comes to wedding processional and recessional songs, it’s a really special moment you really only get to do once. You need a little drama and a little gravitas, something to make your guests pause and your groom catch his breath as you walk down the aisle. Whether you have a string quartet, a single piano player, or a DJ, your wedding processional and recessional songs will set the tone for the day of celebration to follow. So add it to the top of your list when you’re choosing your wedding music!

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A guide to wedding veil lengths: choose your perfect style with these pros & cons!

Long Wedding Veil

Ellie Asher via Hey Wedding Lady

For some brides wearing a veil on their wedding day is a no-brainer, but for others it’s more of a process. Any bride considering wearing a veil on her big day will be answering questions like, “Does the length of the veil match with the venue where I’m getting married?”“Does the wedding veil length match the style of my dress?” and most importantly: “Am I going to be wearing the veil all night, or will I take it off after the ceremony?”. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what category you fit into, because this post will guide you into the direction of the right wedding veil length for you!

bridal veil graphic

From the wedding infographic above, it’s clear to see there are a variety of different veils to choose from. Today, I’m going to be delving into the five most common veil varieties and do what any bride does: go through a list of pros of each! That way you can obviously make the most informed decision without breaking a sweat. The best (and probably most cost effective) place to search for these types of veils is on Etsy, so I’ll share the best Etsy retailers to buy your wedding veils from without breaking the bank!

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Plan a perfect honeymoon in Hawaii with these essential tips & ideas for newlyweds


1. Planning first steps

Is there anything that sounds more idyllic than a relaxing, luxurious honeymoon in Hawaii? After the stress of a wedding day, a vacation to Hawaii is the perfect way for newlyweds to unwind in paradise before returning back to the real world. Hawaii isn’t just a top spot for its beaches, sunshine and beautiful landscape, but as part of the United States it eliminates the hassle or need for newlyweds to trouble themselves with customs or renewing their passports.

It’s completely possible for newlyweds to plan a honeymoon — scheduling, ticket booking, itinerary-building and all — beforehand during wedding planning as another set of tasks. But really, how many brides and grooms want to put yet another set of tasks on their endless to-do list? Many engaged couples don’t realize that having your honeymoon planned and booked for you is a lot more accessible and affordable than it might seem, and it eliminates the stress of planning a trip on top of a wedding.

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A boho vintage-glam styled shoot by Edward Lai Photography



When you think about your wedding day, what do you picture? Do you see a urban loft with lots of twinkly lights and rich colors? A boho farm reception or a glam ballroom affair with luxe accents? The wonderful thing about living in the internet age is that brides are able to find inspiration for their perfect wedding theme (or unique wedding themes they’ve never even heard of!) with the click of a button. The other wonderful thing is that as a wedding blog, we get to deliver the amazing photos and ideas right to your monitor — and it’s hard not to love our job on days like today when we have an extra-special dose of inspiration to share!

Today’s styled shoot from Edward Lai may mix a few themes together — think art-deco opulence with an urban loft backdrop and a woodsy, boho feel — but guess what? It works, and we’re sure that after seeing today’s beautiful shoot you’ll be inspired to mix and match a few wedding themes of your own to create the perfect combination! The planners, A Day To Remember Weddings & Events, and their A-team of vendors behind this shoot used the brick, wood and leather elements of the loft to their advantage, mixing in sequins, lots of greenery, a cigar bar and even a pair of moose horns!

Are you intrigued yet? We bet you are, so keep reading to see more of this vintage-glam boho wedding shot by Edward Lai Photography!

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