DIY Do’s and Don’t’s for A Perfectly Balanced Wedding Day


Jordan Weiland Photography via Wedding Chicks

First of all, let us just squeal for a minute because we are so excited to collaborate with Wedding Party as a guest blogger! Wedding Party is such an amazing resource for couples and their guests to capture and remember their precious wedding moments; if only we had known about it for our wedding 3 1/2 years ago…

We are Carlen + David, owners, designers, and makers at host & toast, an online wedding decor shop for creative brides. Each one of our products is designed and produced in our Denver, Colorado studio by combining laser-cut, handmade, and hand-finished methods. Our intention at host & toast is to help couples with some of the many distracting details so they can focus on each other and their future together.

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Wedding planning tips: How to communicate with your groom when planning your wedding


Ryan Ray Photography

Planning your road to wonderful wedded bliss with your groom is an exciting time, but it’s not always a walk in the park. The wedding planning process is your first huge task together, and is not without challenges and stress. During this special time, effective communication between you and your groom is key to not only having the wedding of your dreams, but starting your marriage off on the right foot.

Our ten tips for how to communicate with your groom when planning your wedding isn’t a definitive list all the tactics you can employ, and every couple is different. But, it might give you some good ideas on how to start thinking about your wedding as a team and work with each other in the most productive and drama-free way!

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Break tradition with these 5 unique and memorable bouquet toss alternatives

bouquet toss alternatives

Jana Williams Photography via Style Me Pretty

The bouquet toss is one of the most anticipated moments of any wedding reception. All the single ladies can’t wait to line up and duel it out with each other to grab the coveted bouquet and be deemed the next to be married.

However, with the rising rates of women choosing to stay single longer or boycotting marriage altogether, brides have chosen to get more creative with the bouquet toss as a way to celebrate all the women in the room, rather than highlight those who don’t have a significant other. (And you know we’re all for it, because breaking wedding traditions are fun!)

This doesn’t mean that the bouquet toss should be boring or forgotten altogether; rather, think of it as an opportunity to tweak tradition to better suit your and your guests’ needs! By involving all the ladies in the room (married or not) in a special way, or including both male and female attendees, your guests are sure to remember your twist on tradition as a way to get everybody in on the fun.

If you want to have a bouquet toss alternative at your reception but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Tribute to Marriage

bouquet toss alternatives

Jonas Peterson via Polka Dot Bride

Have the DJ or band leader invite all married couples to the dance floor. While a slow song of your choice plays in the background, married couples will be eliminated as their years of marriage are announced by the emcee.

The last couple on the dance floor will be married the longest and the recipient of the bouquet – who better deserves it than a couple that has demonstrated for several years what a loving marriage looks like, right?

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A Hip Brooklyn Wedding by Lev Kuperman


It’s just so clear from today’s wedding that the bride and groom, Lauren and Greg, really knew what they were doing when it came to wedding planning. Their winter wedding in the Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn was sophisticated and classic, but still personal to them — from Lauren’s stylish Claire Pettibone wedding look to their guitar duet at the reception, this couple created a wedding day that their guests are not likely soon to forget.

Captured by the incredibly talented Lev Kuperman, you’ll want to take in this hip Brooklyn wedding and it’s quintessential New York backdrop. Read on, brides!








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