Personalized DIY mug & hot cocoa wedding favors, perfect for a winter wedding!


While most of us aren’t too happy to see winter coming, there are a few benefits. First and foremost: hot cocoa season! What better way to welcome your wedding guests than with their very own mug of cozy hot cocoa wedding favors that you can simply DIY in just a few minutes?!

You’ll need just a few supplies, and a bulk supply of hot cocoa. You should be able to create these sweet DIY favors for less than $3 each – perfect for an intimate wedding or even your Secret Santa!

Let’s get started!

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Someone generously offered to pay for your wedding? Here’s how to maintain your creative vision!


One Love Photography

The moment you get engaged there are a million things swirling around in your head. Happiness, excitement, and love are probably a few. When all the craziness settles down the thought “how in the world am I going to pay for a wedding” might cross your mind.

If someone offers to pay for your wedding or at least supplement your own funds, your immediate reaction might be “OF COURSE.” I would caution you to take a moment before formally accepting this incredibly generous offer. Often when someone is paying for your wedding or at least helping, they believe that it entitles them to some creative control. It is one thing to deal gracefully with wedding suggestions when someone isn’t paying, but when they are it can get even more complicated! Follow these easy steps to make sure that while accepting the gracious offer, you still have your dream wedding. 

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A romantic seaside engagement by O’Malley Photographers


We’ve got quite the gorgeous treat for you today, brides! As the weather gets colder and skies become grayer, engagement photos not only get cozier, there’s an added air of romance that you just can’t capture with the summertime! This romantic seaside engagement is a perfect example of cold weather engagement photos that really do capture the heart. Chad and Emily’s engagement session took place at Gig Harbor in Washington state, and was captured beautifully by the talented Scott and Ashlee of O’Malley Photographers. Co-starring a rustic rowboat and a fall-colored blanket, this engagement session is one for the books!

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10 Clever DIY Projects for the Tech-Savvy Bride + Groom


Micha Dahlberg Photography via Polka Dot Bride

Creating DIY details for your wedding day should be a fun and rewarding experience. They should say something about you and your fiancé, enhance your theme and your guests overall experience at your event. Today’s round-up focuses on ideas that the tech-savvy bride and groom will love! Here I am sharing 10 of my favorite DIY projects that will take just a little extra know-how in the technology department. Let your tech-nerd-flag fly as you get inspired by the ides below.

1. Let’s start with the QR Code:

Short for “Quick Response Code”, this digital barcode is then scanned with a smart phone and the reader is instantly taken to a specific url. The ultimate detail for a tech-savvy bride and groom. You can create a unique QR code to share your wedding website or specific information and print it on your invitations, programs, thank you cards and more. Create yours for free at

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