A sparkly and cozy Brooklyn wedding by Martina Micko Photo

Time for another gorgeous wedding to share with all you lovely brides and wedding lovers this Monday! I’m all about gorgeous, and this couple really did it perfectly — with glam gold touches and a laid back ceremony, their DIY day featured fun pinatas, tons of twinkly lights, and an adorable couple — Rachel and Evan — who make the sweetest match! Read on to see more of their beautiful day photographed by Martina Micko, and to hear what the bride and groom have to say about their special day!
From the Bride & Groom:
What words would you use to describe your wedding? I’d call it sparkly and cozy
Wedding colors? We didn’t really pick colors, but Evan is a huge fan of black so pretty much everything was black and white, with a little bit of gold. Other than that, really the only planned color was the red in Rachel’s bouquet
Tell us a bit about your love story! We met in a running group in 2010 and had some of our first “dates” during 20 mile training runs. Since then, we’ve bonded over music, bad puns, our two dumb cats, and falling in love with each others friends and families. We only decided to make it official in November after Rachel accepted a job in Los Angeles. We knew we wanted to get married in Brooklyn before we go, but Rachel’s brother (a naval officer) is going overseas in February so we had to move fast. Neither of us had ever really thought about what kind of wedding we wanted, so it was a three month sprint starting from scratch.












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Wedding advice: 4 important tips for invitation planning and etiquette


Mademoiselle Fiona

I need to put a disclaimer on this post before I lead anyone astray. I am, by no means, the Martha Stewart of wedding invitations. As I reviewed her tips, I was a little overwhelmed with all the must dos.

Some of my wonderings about the great lengths of invitation etiquette included:

A) Is it necessary to distinguish between a Miss and a Ms. for an adult? Will we cause some sort of Bridget Jones style ice cream eating breakdown when a friend gets our invitation and resigns herself to a life of cat lady Ms.-ness?

B) How do I know which of my far away relatives should have the title of Dr.? Does Love Doctor count?

I get it. Niceities shouldn’t be totally abandoned. This may be more practical invitation guidance though.

As a double-ceremony bride (Hindu for my fiancé and his family, Christian for me and my crew), the invitation process of 2 invites, like Extra Sugar Free Gum, doubled the fun. Our Indian invites kept the beauty and tradition of the Hindu wedding whereas we chose our American invites to reflect our panache.


Here are a few tidbits I learned along the way.

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6 Simple Tips for Brides to Plan your DIY Backyard Wedding

backyardweddin2 copy

Sarah Kate, Photographer

We all know that wedding planning can be stressful. And we all know that every bride wants her big day to be perfect and go off without a hitch. There is a LOT that goes into making a wedding happen, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

Sure, it’s easy to be seduced by all the glitz and glam of televised celebrity weddings and bridal magazines and Pinterest boards. You could drive yourself crazy with ideas, trying to out-do every wedding you’ve ever seen or been to. But you don’t have to have a Kardashian style wedding or budget to make your day special.

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you, your fiancé and your loved ones. Yes, shiny, fancy, expensive things look pretty and are nice to have, but they aren’t must-haves. So here at Wedding Party, we’re suggesting that simple is better and less is more.


The Budget Savvy Bride

A DIY backyard wedding is a perfect alternative to a venue wedding, and it can save you lots of money! Another plus–you can personalize and customize the wedding to your needs and personality.

In order to get your backyard wedding day ready, follow some of these tips and ideas for a magical, picture-perfect venue:

1. Make Use of the Natural Scenery: Your backyard already comes equipped with built in natural decorations, meaning you can save lots of money on pricy floral arrangements! To set the mood by hanging lights from trees and over tables, or placing tea light candles in mason jars for a charming, rustic feel.


Green Wedding Shoes

2. Include a Wedding Sign: Hand paint or stencil a fun wedding sign leading your guests in the direction of the ceremony.

3. The Cake: Decorate your cake and tables with handpicked flowers or sprigs of lavender from your backyard to give your wedding a natural, earthy look.


The Knot

4. Centerpieces: Don’t over think these. Stick to your theme by using flowers or other plants from your garden.


The Knot

5. Reception Decorations: Keep it simple and rustic by hanging paper lanterns or fairy lights around the yard. It will give it a romantic feeling at night when it starts getting dark.


My Wedding

6. The Food: Again, simple and classic is the way to go. Try a BBQ, slider bar, or buffet table for minimum stress and maximum deliciousness.


My Wedding

What do you think of our simple tips for planning your DIY backyard wedding, brides? I think it’s certainly something that anyone could throw together in a pinch, and would be a fun, down to earth way to celebrate! Let us know if you’re planning a DIY backyard wedding, or if you’ve ever been a guest to one! What did you think?

Wedding Planning: The complete guide to your wedding day timeline


Sara Lucero Photography

Planning your wedding is tough enough; what with vendors and coordinating your family and friends and all. We’re sure you haven’t yet given a thought to how the actual wedding day is going to pan out. After all, who has time to figure out the timeline and make sure everything’s running smoothly?

Well, luckily for you all we know you’re busy brides, so we’ve put together a little something to help you out. A guide to your wedding day timeline! Though this obviously doesn’t work for longer ceremonies or say, morning weddings, it’s a great general outline of what a wedding day will look like for most of you. So take a look and if you think it’s helpful, we think you should Pin it to your planning Pinterest boards!


So what do you think brides? Helpful or no? Let us know if this gives you a good idea of your own wedding timeline; maybe we’ll make more! :)

Thanks to A Practical Wedding for creating the original guide and inspiring us! Thanks as well to Elisa Bricker and Darcy Benincosa, whose images are featured in this infographic.