Photograph your dream international destination wedding with Foto Studio Lorenzi

It’s our pleasure to introduce all you lovely brides to one of our favorite international photographers today! Giovanni Lorenzi of Foto Studio Lorenzi is a photographic artist who specializes in evocative images of the living world. If you’re having a destination wedding in Italy or any of the surrounding countries anytime soon, you should absolutely consider this talented photographer for your wedding day.




Although he focused primarily on documenting everyday life at the beginning of his career, in the early nineties he began photographing weddings, couples, and children, and within a short time he had swapped his established city career for the precarious life of an international traveling photographer. His photographs of people reveal a compassionate understanding of his subjects, as you can clearly tell by his lovely photos. It’s clear he loves capturing the emotion and joy behind weddings!


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Wedding Day Style Guide: Mother of the Bride


Wedding Ideas Mag

Moms, this one’s for you! It may be your little girl’s big day, but it’s also your time to shine. Your mom has to look her absolute best on the big day, and that means finding the perfect mother of the bride dress. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime outfit, and you want it to be memorable!

Just make sure you choose a dress that makes YOU feel comfortable and that flatters your figure. Here’s some inspiration to help you make your decision:


Wedding Ideas Mag


Wedding Ideas Mag


Wedding Ideas Mag


Wedding Ideas Mag


Wedding Ideas Mag


Style Me Pretty


Inspired by This


Ros Bride


Ros Bride

A Rustic Outdoor Winter Engagement by Bethany Small Photography


If there’s one silver lining to the apocalyptically cold winter weather this year, it’s gotta be this engagement photo shoot! Set in amongst the winter chill in the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington state, Jon and Whit’s engagement photos not only captures the beauty of their relationship, but the striking winter scenery as well.

With a romantic yet folky rustic vibe, these two lovebirds were shot by the talented Bethany Small (whose wedding we actually featured a couple weeks ago here). Bethany perfectly captures Jon and Whit’s love for each other and the outdoors. Even though spring is around the corner, I’ve gotta say that this engagement session has me craving snuggling weather! Take a peek and prepare to have your mind blown!











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5 tips for throwing the best wedding DIY party ever!

DIY party

Brian Leahy Photography

I admit it. Pinterest has lit my crafty-cooking-fashionista fire. But there’s one issue. I’m not the crafty type, so the idea of doing DIY wedding stuff definitely requires calling in the troops.

Picture this as case in point:

Not so long ago, I decided to fix the strap of one of my casual dresses. This endeavor — nay, epic journey — included:
1) Wandering through the craft aisles for an hour like I had a paper bag over my head
2) Buying iron-on Velcro to fix my strap
3) Burning through the strap and staining the iron with red dress goo.

Results! Dress falls off with any slight movement. True story.

You can see my hesitation, right?

It’s totally not my intention to go raggedy DIY for our special day so I had to organize a compelling party atmosphere to lure the true crafters to my house to create my David Tutera dreams.

And thus ensued… the best crafting party ever with my maids of honor, bridesmaids and one groomsman thrown in for good measure! You can do this too with the right elements.

1. Get your projects prepared. This takes some time if the craft store seems like a parallel universe to you. I made 4-5 trips to Joann’s and Michaels. I also suggest phoning a friend for crafting advice. I called my mom, sister and sister in law: all much more versed in the world of tulle and buttons than I. Best advice: Balance time and energy expended with cost. Is it worth wrapping tiny muslin tea bags for hours when you can buy pre done ones for less money and work?

2. Provide a new experience (and possibly adult beverages). I managed to snag an in-home wine tasting voucher at a previous bridal expo and laid out the VIP treatment. *Be mindful not to have too many adult beverages. Crafting tools may look innocent but they tend to be sharp or pointy.

3. Have plenty of food! We rolled out the honey goat cheese, fancy raspberry peach jam and gourmet crackers. My friends were awesome enough to bring extra goodies and even make chocolate covered strawberries. We ran out of chocolate quite early though ( extra chocolate, it calms down your volunteers).


4. Have your craft plan ready and let people choose. We had three tasks at hand: a heart garland made from old music books, table numbers shaped like state silhouettes, and homemade tea bag favors. My party peeps showed their skills and picked tasks they were comfortable with.

5. Finally, take lots of pictures of your hard work. Haha screw you pinterest. We had no fails!



Well no craft fails…I did learn that I am not allowed near a hot glue gun. Ever. Again. Told you I’m not crafty!! Thanks and hugs and love to my wedding party for the help. You’re not free yet though (mwahahahaha).


biopicAbout Kate: Kate is a recently engaged gal living in Chicago. Her fiancé, Raja, is her blogging coach, fellow Netflixia sufferer (Walking Dead!) and adventure twin. Tune in every other week to hear about her personal wedding planning experiences and advice! You can follow her on Twitter, or read more on her and her best friend’s blog, Chi Organic Girls.