An Australian Winery Wedding by Izo Photography

Australian Winery Wedding

Ready for another does of gorgeousness to round out your week? We have yet another gorgeous wedding by Izo Photography, which takes place among the vineyards and verdant rain forests of Australia. Nicole & Peter were married on the jaw-dropping grounds of Wise Winery. Their ceremony was intimate, their reception details were DIY, and we must say, Nicole’s bouquet was stunning.

Need we say more? Read on to see more of this totally perfect Australian winery wedding and amazing photos by Izo Photo!

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

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Lauren Conrad’s wedding photos are here! You’re welcome.


They’re here! They’re here! It feels like Christmas. We’re clearly obsessed with Lauren Conrad and if you aren’t already, you will be after seeing her beautiful wedding photos. Okay, we’ll shut up now so you can move on to Lauren Conrad’s wedding photos. Prepare yourself for lots of pinning!






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Should you really hire a wedding planner? 4 questions every bride should ask before hiring a planner

hire a wedding planner

Jacqui Cole Photography on Elizabeth Anne Designs

When I got married, I was most definitely not in the market for a wedding planner. I had barely been to any weddings, so I really didn’t know what I was getting into, and I’m fairly certain there were no wedding planners in the greater central Maine area. But if I was to get married today? I’m fairly certain I would at least want help on the day and here’s why.

On our wedding day, the morning wasn’t terribly relaxed. It wasn’t overly stressful, but the morning’s focus wasn’t on spending time with my family. Instead, we all had jobs and so were separated until right before I walked down the aisle. You can absolutely plan a wedding without a wedding planner – I did, and it was fine! But there’s a lot to be said for spending the day of your wedding just enjoying the company of the people you love.

I’m curious what you all think – do you really need to hire a wedding planner? Here are a few questions to help you decide.

What kind of bride are you?

I think this is the most key question. Are you the kind of bride who needs and wants to be in charge of the whole wedding process? Are you super organised and excited about making and crossing off to-do lists for the next several months? Some people are, I was just that kind of bride, too. And if that’s the kind of bride you are, you might not need a wedding planner.

hire a wedding planner

Sarah DiCicco via Junebug

But if you aren’t, there’s no shame in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and adjusting accordingly. Some brides have more time or interest in the wedding planning process, and some have less. If you’re on the less end of the spectrum, you might consider a wedding planner to cover those bases for you.

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10 Best Shopping Resources to Buy DIY Wedding Supplies

DIY wedding shopping guide
Image courtesy of: Something Turquoise

Paper trimmer? Check. Apothecary jars? Check. Twine? Check.

There is nothing better than planning and carefully crafting a unique DIY wedding, at least in my opinion. But the task of finding those absolutely perfect items to create your special day can get daunting. Especially if you have a very specific theme or color scheme. So today I am sharing a list of my 10 best shopping resources for DIY wedding supplies. Some stores sell the same or similar items, but part of being a DIY bride is shopping them all and finding the best deal or the easiest way to get those items. Shop one or shop them all, hopefully the list below will help you find something you’ve been looking for!

1. Amazon

Yes, Amazon. Because you will be buying so many different things – always check Amazon first. You never know if that paper trimmer you need or the watch you wanted to give your fiancé as a wedding gift might just be a little cheaper. If you have Prime it’s even better. $99 a year for free two-day shipping on most items and so much more. Before you buy – check Amazon first just to see. Especially if you don’t need it ‘today’.

2. Etsy

The craftiest place to shop. Did you know that Etsy is the largest marketplace devoted to handmade sellers of all kinds? The items sold on Etsy actually have to be handmade, vintage or supplies for handmade – isn’t that cool? What’s terrific about Etsy is that shops that sell supplies will often make specialized listings just for you. Let’s say you were looking for 75 wooden spoons instead of 50 or 100, you can contact the seller and most times they’ll work with you. But that goes for so many different types of listings, from custom bridesmaids gowns (wedding gowns even!) bow ties, personalized jewelry, unique wedding stationary, amazing wedding decor – and loads more. Sometimes being a “DIY bride” means being smart with your time. If you want that handmade look – or something ultra personalized but don’t have time to make it; have someone on Etsy make it for you. One of my absolute favorite wedding items for sale on Etsy are inexpensive printable designs. Purchase a printable design and print on anything you want! From wedding invitations to favor tags – there are so many options. Check it out.


Think of as your discount (but not lame) craft warehouse. From chandeliers and candy bar jars to tree bark, paper lanterns and loads of candle holders – they almost have too many things, and they are all at discounted prices. The amount of faux flowers is mind blowing. You’ll just have to stop by to see what I mean.


Visit for all your cutesy needs. Darling washi tapes, little patterned paper bags, adorable stamps, a rainbow of bakers twine and more. They have awesome on trend supplies that are perfect for your favors, escort cards and more.


Their tagline is ‘simply beautiful packaging’ and they are so right. has packaging for everything! Tubes, boxes, bottles, cups, and everything you’d need to tie up a super sweet package. Great for hotel welcome gifts, food favors, bars of all kinds (coffee, candy, dessert) and everything else you want to wrap up. You can also shop by color – which of course when you are planning a wedding is very important!

6. Paper Source

Ohh, my absolute favorite. If you are lucky enough to have a Paper Source store nearby you have to go, period. This is a stationary lovers dream come true! If you are making your own wedding invitations this is the place for you. Their color options are on point. Their paper quality is unbeatable. And their in-store help is terrific. No matter your skill level, they will help you create unique one of a kind stationary items for your wedding day. From printing on your computer, hand stamping, and more. They will even print and make your invitations for you, for a pretty penny – but you don’t need that right?


Another awesome wholesale event website. Since Koyal Wholesale designs, manufacture and distribute all the products they sell – they can keep the prices low. They are similar to Save on Crafts but have a much different style. They follow trends and sell just about everything you’d need to plan your wedding start to finish.


High quality tablecloths, runners, napkins and more that you actually purchase – not rent – and they are SO inexpensive. I have several of their tablecloths and I cannot believe what great quality they are for the price. For some brides, purchasing linens might be cheaper and easier than renting and dealing with logistics.


Wholesale flowers shipped to your door in 2 days. If you are considering DIY-ing some of your florals, you need to check out Fifty Flowers’ services. From centerpieces bundles and bouquet bunches, to color and style themed kits – they have you covered. But it’s their customer service that really shines. They truly care about your event and will help you with every aspect of your flower order to ensure your happiness.

10. Your local craft store!

As a DIY bride I’m sure that you are already familiar with your local craft store but you might want to take a second look. You will most likely be purchasing and making things you’ve never made before, so you might not know exactly what they have to offer. And there are certain items that are just better bought in person. So make sure to save on shipping by checking your local craft store first. Don’t forget to look for coupons!

11. Bonus tip!

Flea markets, thrift and antique stores! Ohh… but you already knew that right? As a DIY bride I’m sure you’ve already been. But did you know that many stores do discount days (like senior discount Tuesday) ‘happy hour’ sales? Make sure to ask before you buy (and bring Grandma if you need to!), just in case you can save!

Wishing you all happy shopping and happy crafting!

jencarreirobioJen Carreiro is the turquoise crazed, master crafter and editor behind, a creative wedding blog that truly embraces the DIY bride. Known for her detailed wedding DIY tutorials, Jen is hoping to rid the wedding crafting world of the term ‘craft fail’, and hopes to share techniques that will ensure ‘craft wins’ for you every single time. Follow her and her trail of turquoise into wedding crafting heaven. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.