A DIY Wine Country Wedding by Tim Halberg Photography


Ready for some well-deserved weekend wedding inspiration, brides? There’s so much we love about today’s wedding, shared with us by the talented Tim of Tim Halberg Photography. In the heat of summertime, there’s nothing I love more than wine tasting around California wine country and taking in the breathtaking scenery. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of grapevines and rolling hills, Lauren and Thomas’ wedding day took place in a particularly stunning venue: Soda Rock Winery in Sonoma!

It’s clear that these two are meant for each other, as they’re completely adorable together — the proof is in the photos! Lauren looks stunning in her flowy strapless wedding dress, and Thomas looks just the picture of handsome, head-over-heels in love groom. We also love the classically rustic vibe of their wine country wedding day, paired along with special DIY touches like their wedding arch decor, table settings, and place cards! Ready to see more of this incredibly special day?





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Bridesmaid Dress Rentals: Everything you need to know


Teale Photography via Wedding Chicks

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little secretly squeamish over the thought of potentially waking up one day and having a closet full of atrocious bridesmaid frocks, 27 Dresses style. Luckily, the latest trend in the wedding world is helping us get over that fear, one dress at a time– rentals!

That’s right, they’re no longer just for the boys. Bridesmaid dress rentals are on the rise, and a (budget friendly) concept that we are so on board with! But are they right for your wedding? Here’s how to decide if renting is up your ally:

Renting might be a don’t if:

  • You have a vivid picture of what you want your ‘maids to wear. (Hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of!) Renting means being limited to a certain number of designers and styles.
  • Your gals are on an uber tight budget. Most rentals start around $50-$75. If you find a similar dress at H&M for half the price, by all means, go for it!
  • Your ‘maids want to get more than one wear for their money.
  • You are a perfectionist. There are no alterations allowed with a rented dress. If your day will be ruined if your MOH’s gown is too long, this option is not for you.

Renting might be a do if:

  • You never want your bridesmaids to hear the phrase, “shorten and wear again!” come out of your mouth.
  • You have a vocal bunch, and you know you won’t please everyone. By going the rental route, they won’t have much to complain about — the dress won’t burn a hole in any wallets, take up closet space, and offers plenty of options for girls to choose a style they like.
  • Easy-going is your middle name. You don’t have a specific vision in your head for your bridesmaid frocks, and you think the best solution to your MOH’s too-long dress is another mimosa.
  • You’re overwhelmed with so many choices out there. How is a girl supposed to choose?

So, which one are you? If you’re the latter, welcome aboard the rental bandwagon, lady! We’ve searched the internet far and wide, and here’s the scoop on our very favorite rental companies. Relax and pour yourself a glass of bubbly, we’ve even done the shopping for you!

1. Little Borrowed Dress


Rachel May Photography via Geomyra Lewis


Elizabeth Millay via Little Borrowed Dress

With dozens of color and style options to choose from, Little Borrowed Dress is perfect if you’re going for the “mix and match” style. The budget babes out there will be happy to know, any dress from this site will only set you back $50 (for shorter dresses) or $75 (for floor length gowns). All dresses are LBD’s own designs, made in right here in the USA (the Big Apple, the be exact). They’re made with crinkle chiffon, and designed to flatter ladies of all shapes and sizes.

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Fine Dining & Details: The Basics of a Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal dinner

Eric Kelley

Don’t you ever get so tied up in something that you totally forgot that there was something else to do?!? [A: Yes, and I still hate my biology teacher for giving me a "mini-assignment" that ended up becoming an all-nighter.] Well, rehearsal dinners are that “something else” to weddings. They just kind of sneak up on you out of nowhere, and then you’re forced to read ANOTHER post on rehearsal dinner etiquette (like this one, hah).

Well, fear not! Because this guide is going to answer all your questions about rehearsal dinners in one go and save you some stress from actually planning it. So let’s get started!

rehearsal dinner

Jessica Burke Photography

Q: What is the rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally a dinner that takes place after the wedding rehearsal. It’s a great way to unwind and relax after a hard day of hammering out wedding logistics as well as a time to spend with your loved ones.

Q: Who’s in charge of planning it?

Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner as the bride’s family foots the bill for the wedding. However, times are a changin’, so planning should go to whoever wants to do it really. There is a lot of overlap between the responsibilities of the bride’s family and the groom’s family, so it might be useful to have a sit-together or phone conference to delegate tasks amongst both families. Typically though, whoever pays for the dinner has the last word on how the dinner is planned.

Q: Where/when should I hold it?

Honestly, you can have your rehearsal dinner anywhere you want! People like to host it at their favorite restaurants, and I mean, why wouldn’t you? A favorite restaurant usually always means a guarantee of great food. You can have alternative rehearsal dinners at your home where you prepare and cook the food with your companions or have a dinner catered to you! The possibilities are limitless and only limited by budget.

Try to reserve your rehearsal dinner venue as early as three to six months in advance to get planning out of the way. There is no hard and fast rule about when the rehearsal dinner should be held, although it has traditionally been the night before the day of the wedding itself. However, if you plan to imbibe more than a few drinks that evening, you might want to push rehearsal and rehearsal dinner a day earlier. That way, you can really let loose, nurse your hangover the next day, and get ready wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for your wedding!

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The best new vintage wedding trend: stylish serpents!



While flowers, pearls, and lace are some of the most iconic motifs you’ll find in weddings past and present, there’s one that’s making a huge (and somewhat surprising) comeback. A vintage wedding trend dating back to the Victorian era, serpents symbolize love and new beginnings. In fact the very first engagement ring can be traced back to a serpent ring designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria. Regarded as a symbol of eternal love, it sparked numerous replicas and knockoffs (such as the one pictured below) and has inspired jewelry makers ever since.


Low Brow Events

Love this look? You might want to check out some of these stylish serpent rings if you’re looking for alternative engagement ring options:


1. Pamela Love Bronze Serpent Ring | 2. Pamela Love Gold Victorian Snake Ring | 3. Erica Weiner Double Headed Snake Ring | 4. Anna Sheffield Serpent Bridal Set | 5. Talon Brass Endless Serpent Ring | 6. Mania Mania Gold Serpent Knuckle Ring | 7. Bittersweets NY Ouroboros Ring

Though I’m thrilled with my engagement ring and not looking to change it, I definitely want to bring something to my bridal aesthetic that’s a bit edgier while still romantic and somehow traditional. Here are some of the options I’m exploring that incorporate our more slithery symbol of love into bridal wear:

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