There’s More?!?: A Guide on Tying Up Loose Ends After the Wedding

after the wedding

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For those who have just been wed — congrats, you did it! You just pulled off an amazingly spectacular wedding and married the love of your life! Now you can wipe the sweat of stress off your brow with a hankie and throw it to the ground in triumph. Okay, now pick it up again. Why? Because wedding etiquette doesn’t end with just the end of the wedding (sadly and surprisingly enough). There are a lot of tasks that you need to accomplish after the wedding, so make sure to do them and do them well to ensure a great start to your marriage! It might add a bunch of unneeded stress, but at least you conquer these tasks while commiserating/celebrating with some much needed apple pie.


after the wedding

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Hopefully you and your significant other have already established what name you want to share when you’re both happily wed. And hopefully you’ve already deduced it by the time you’ve registered for your marriage license so it saves you the trouble of having to contact your county clerk for one.

Now, your new name is not just the symbol of your new shared bonds — it is also the biggest indicator that your marriage is an ironclad confirmation of your commitment to one another, which is why you’re going to have to change your name on all your important, all-secret official documents. This includes your Social Security card, bank account names, insurance policies, and essentially any sort of card that is issued by the state but you don’t really need for anything but annoying grown-up stuff. It can be a lot of tedious work, but better done now than never!


after the wedding

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Hopefully you’ve appointed someone close to you to be in charge of salvaging some of the awesome things at your wedding to keep them as memories. Cake, flowers, programs — the list can go on, so be sure to really keep account of what you want to preserve.

For cake, you want to 1) prevent loss of moisture and 2) prevent it from going bad. Take out any unnecessary adornments like sugar flowers and try to cover over bits of the actual cake itself with frosting if you can in order to prevent moisture from leaking out. Chill it in the refrigerator until the frost firms up a bit (so you don’t accidentally smush your cake’s frosting), and then neatly wrap the cake with several layers of seram wrap. Then place it in a box, seram wrap that box as well, and your cake should be able to keep for a good while (or until your first wedding anniversary at least!).

For flowers, you can either dry them yourself or you can take them to a specialist and have them preserved specially. If you choose to DIY-dry your flowers, I really like either drying them upside down or using a book. I take a small bouquet of flowers, trim the excess leaves, tie them at the end with a small rubber band, and hang them upside down from a door knob or a hanger of some sorts. Flowers can take a couple of weeks to dry, and I find that roses dry the best for me. You can also take a really REALLY heavy book (think atlas heavy) and place individual flowers in between each page. Close the book and let the weight really press down on the flowers to flatten them and dry them out effectively. Pile on more books for more effective pressing. Flowers that are more fragile like peonies or lilies can be more difficult to dry by yourself, so consider taking them to a specialist if you want to preserve more delicate flowers.

For programs or other paper goods, ways to convert them into really cute keepsakes is to frame them! I personally love the idea of a wedding album (and somehow integrating your photography prints and guestbook), so that way you have one collective resource of wedding memories that you can keep throughout the years.

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Something Blue: A Unique Twist on Classic Wedding Traditions


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Weddings are all about traditions. Like this one. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. You know how the saying the goes. This one is one of the most time honored wedding traditions around. You’ve seen it before–in the movies, in other weddings. But now it’s your turn. So, herein lies the big question. What to choose, what to choose? What will your something borrowed be? How about your something used? Your something old? Your something blue? Well we can’t give you all the answers, but we can help you out. Today, Wedding Party is all about something blue. Blue shoes. Blue flowers. Blue rings. Blue, blue, blue. Below is our list of favorite ideas for the something blue part of wedding traditions. Which ones are your favorite? Have you used any in your own wedding? Let us know what you think by liking, commenting on and sharing this post. And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more wedding planning tips, tricks and ideas. Happy planning beautiful brides!



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Lessons From A (Very Recent) Newlywed: Part I



Bells rang, vows were exchanged, music played, and your wedding day is over. After all is said and done, you’re left with endless wonderful memories that will go down in history as one of the best days, and times, of your life.

If you’re lucky, everything went smoothly, but regardless there are always pieces of advice that you’ll put in your back pocket for future brides. With my wedding just a month behind me, my experience feels like it was just yesterday, and all the planning and to-do’s remain fresh. Though I hear that “just yesterday” feeling never goes away, I did feel it was necessary to pass along a few little tricks of the trade that I learned while they’re still top of mind. After all, there’s no one better to give advice than someone who just went through it!

Doug and Emily Charron Wedding

1. First things first: Book your venue.

This can’t be overstressed as it all stems from the venue. Within a week of being engaged, I had picked out countless dresses to try on, decorations to explore and colors to combine. While it was fun to dream up many different themes, the fact is that you only get one wedding day, and many of my initial efforts were wasted as a result of not being focused enough.

Truly, I was all over the map — one day trying on beaded dresses fit for winter, and the next pinning summer-themed floral inspiration — which ultimately led to unnecessary frustration until a venue and date was decided upon. Had I started with the venue (which typically also means securing a date) I would have been much more productive in the beginning stages of planning.

2. Make an inspiration board.

Inspiration boards are helpful for many reasons, the primary being that they help identify common ideas you’re gravitating toward. Until you see all the pieces of the puzzle in one place, it’s so hard to visualize how everything will come together, which is why they’re so helpful when planning an event like a wedding.

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A Preppy Beach Wedding by Dear Wesleyann Photography


Welcome back from the long weekend, brides and wedding lovers! Are you ready for a fresh dose of inspiration to start this Monday off right? Luckily, you know by now that we’ve got you covered when it comes to Monday morning wedding prettiness — and today is no different! We’re absolutely head over heels in love with this preppy beach wedding by Dear Wesleyann Photography, and we know you’ll love it too.

Bill and Blair got married in a sweet little chapel with a gorgeous beachside celebration in Alys Beach, Florida. With hints of aqua and gold, this seaside celebration was preppy perfection with a few fun touches — like custom beer coozies, a fun monogram logo for the bride and groom, and awesome light-up foam sticks that guests used to help send the bride and groom off in style! Read on to see more gorgeous photos by Dear Wesleyann









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