A Charming Winery Wedding by Hanh Nguyen Photography

What happens when you combine two people crazy about each other, their loving friends and families, and a charming private estate in beautiful Napa Valley? This scenic wedding.

With a pink and purple color palette set against the natural greenery of the winery and clear blue sky, the sweet moments in each photograph stand out beautifully. If you weren’t obsessed with weddings already, prepare to be after seeing this charming winery wedding by Hanh Nguyen Photography.

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9 Unique DIY Wedding Garland Ideas

couple's reception chairs
Brosnan Photographic

Over the past decade we have seen the trend of DIY weddings give couples a special chance to express their creativity. From DIY invitations, dessert tables, photo booths, and general reception décor, these personal touches give weddings a special and authentic twist. We can’t think of a better way for you to show off your own originality than by taking one of the most traditional aspects of wedding décor, the wedding garland, and giving it a 2015 spin.

Wedding garlands are the perfect ornament for any type of reception. They can adorn anything from cake toppers to bouquets, pose beautiful backdrops, and accessorize table centerpieces. Unique DIY wedding garlands are the perfect opportunity to showcase your imagination and individuality. Do you want to know the best part? They can be made on any budget!

Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started:

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How To Create a Seating Chart That Works For Everyone

Wedding Reception-1Docuvitae

Anyone who has ever hosted a wedding will tell you that one of, if not the, most dreaded task of planning is creating the seating chart. Perhaps it’s because it can only be done towards the end of planning when couples have a ton of other things to attend to and are frankly over it. Or, maybe it’s that they’re dealing with family and friends that love them, but not each other, and are struggling to avoid tumultuous tables. It may simply be that it’s not fun to rank your loved ones – as many couples feel they’re forced to do – and would rather not tell someone, “I want you to attend my wedding, but only as much as my crazy aunt I don’t speak to… she’s to your left”. While we can’t take all the pain away from creating the seating chart for your wedding – think of it as a right of passage – we do have a few steps to follow to make creating a seating chart that works for everyone hurt a little less.

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Intimate at home engagement by Lauren Louise Photography


We have such a special engagement session to share with you brides and wedding lovers today! The lovely bride is no other than the fabulous Jenny Preston, one of our regular contributors and the genius behind Jenny Does Weddings. This intimate at home engagement session is totally unique and cozy — it’s almost like getting a glimpse into the life of Jenny and her now-husband Glen. We can’t put into words how fantastic this engagement shoot by Lauren Louise Photography is, so we’ll just leave it to Jenny to tell us more!

How did you choose the mood/theme of your engagement photos?
Lauren wanted to do something different, and we are best friends — so being in our PJs around her is pretty standard. Plus, we just bought our new home so it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate our love, friendship, and the major life moments we have enjoyed this year.

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